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That went badly...
It's not related to being a sissy or anything. It's part of being a homeowner. I was trimming a frond off the queen palm in the backyard by our pool today, up on the ladder because the pole saw isn't long enough. I get the frond cut off and it hits the ladder, causing it to twist under me. I'm above concrete and river rocks, so I don't want to fall backward and land on my back or head and just wrap my arms around the palm tree trunk. My youngest jumps out of the pool (she's 13) and tries to find something for me to get up on to avoid hitting hard.

The ladder twisted the rest of the way and slid out from under my legs. I dropped straight down and landed on my feet--HARD. My left foot took the brunt of the impact, and screamed in pain. I can't put any weight on it now, so the wife announces I'm to be taken to the emergency room. I can feel every bump in the road on the way there, and firefighters that were outside got me a wheelchair and helped me inside when we arrived. It takes a couple big doses of pain meds to take the edge off, and they do X-rays.

They come back in and discuss what I did. I broke my heel bone in half. Chipped another bone or two, but it's hard to see on the X-rays. I need surgery, but it has to wait for five to seven days for the swelling to be controlled. In the meantime, they offered to keep me overnight for pain management, I declined with as well as I tolerate pain from my cluster headaches. That may have been a bad choice.

I'm hurting, but I'll be back in a few weeks.

OW! Rough accident. My sympathy. I hope you recover well. Please keep us informed.

Don't be a martyr. Take dope.
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micheleFFS  Cool
Hope surgery goes well.  I would suggest you buy a longer pole saw.
It really isn't worth the risk of falling.  I paid less than $200.00 for a 
cheap 27' pole saw and it was well worth it.  A good saw would probably
cost at least $400.00, but you do get what you pay for, imo. 

take care,
Oh, my!  Such a nasty, HARD fall!  Yeow!   

Here's hoping that swelling goes down quickly, your surgery goes well and is successful, and that you quickly recover.  

And, as Michelle recommended, take your pain medication, at least for bed.  It will help you get better (and hopefully more healing) rest. 
My thoughts and prayers for your complete recovery.
Ouch!! Your injury is very much like what happened to my brother-in-law several years ago, he was coming down from a ladder and missed the last two steps and landed on his heel breaking it in several places. One would think from that height there wouldn't be any damage but it was just how he landed. Anyway he was laid up for more than a month after surgery and my Mistress/Wife decided he should stay with us since he could not manage on his own. That meant I could no longer be a sissy maid and all my girly things had to be kept in the closet. I don't know who it was tougher on, him or me. Get well soon.
Well, it's Monday now and I was able to get in to see the podiatrist/orthopedist this morning. I broke this thing but good. The heel bone (calcaneous) on that left foot is in two or three pieces, and I chipped a bit of the talus bone above it as well. It's swollen like crazy right now, and they need to do a CT scan to determine just how badly bones are displaced to see if surgery is needed or not. So, a couple days waiting for the CT scan, talk about whether to do surgery or cast from there, and then move forward.

I'm on some heavy pain medications, we will see if I need to get more from the doctors or not.

Ugh! Incapacitated and in pain while you wait to find out how bad it is. That's pretty bad in itself. I'm glad you have the meds and are taking them ‚ÄĒ some people don't.

Pssttt... This old hippie recommends a little bit of alcohol and some weed as well. But I don't know your body, and I'm not your doctor.

And I don't have responsibilities for children.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Do well.
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micheleFFS  Cool
I'm able to head to work for a few hours at a time until the pain gets bad (it's not my driving foot) at which time I head home and get plenty of pain meds. Aaand......I take a few shots of this really nice rum that I have at the same time. The doctor says I shouldn't mix alcohol too much with the opiates, but the painkillers on their own aren't quite enough as of yet.

Thankfully, my youngest child is 13, so responsibilities there are lower. I'm waiting to see how soon I can get the CT scan scheduled and then go discuss options from there with the doctor.

It hurts like hell, yes, but things could have been a lot worse. One of the guys I work with is married to a woman who is an ER nurse. Just a couple days ago someone came in who fell off a ladder and hit his head--he didn't make it. I think my choice to grab the tree trunk and go down on my foot instead of back or head was a good trade-off.

The trade-off was indeed wise. And you are fortunate it's not your driving foot. As a "veteran" of both an Achilles heel rupture and a complete Quad rupture and surgeries on my right leg, I can assure you that not being able to drive for months is no fun.

Well, it did allow us to host a "You gave R__ a Ride" party!

Thinking about you!


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