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21st Century Fashion
No doubt helps that Federico has not peaked at puberty with facial hair requiring intense shaving and masking make-up.

All I can comment further on is WOW a superlative job of transformation !
(02-22-2018, 03:24 AM)Conway Wrote:
(02-20-2018, 05:59 AM)Izabeusz Wrote: Another beautiful boy in a dress

Thank you for the reference. He is cute, but Francisco is my all time favorite. He really stepped into the role and loved the attention more than anyone, I think.

BTW, the price is $1500-$2500 USD, more with a quincerana party, less with just the transformation. This includes ear piercing and lessons walking in heels. A bargain in my opinion.

I hope that at some point they will start doing themed transformations - debutante, bride, wonder woman, playboy bunny, hooters girl, football cheerleader, Elvira, supermodel, entertainer, sexy librarian, lolita, schoolgirl, ballerina, can-can dancer, stewardess, pussycat doll, etc.

They are located in Chile and, since they don't celebrate Halloween in South America, they might not see the potential for costume-themed transformations or know about our comic-con and how beautiful some of the costumed females are.

They could use henna tattoos and do Angelina Jolie or Nicki Minaj transformations, for example.

The price is what i read and I have ask if they were in Chile. I agree with the theme photos too. I love the older bride one but wish she had gone outside. Do you believe they are all boys and no girls are use for appearance?
Next client

(02-28-2018, 04:30 PM)Izabeusz Wrote: Next client

So delightful to see boys in dresses and makeup!   The New Age is Wonderful!
Feminine men make the best spouses for independent women. Feminized  Male wives for Empowered women is the future!

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