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Girls & Boys
Girls & Boys (2015)
Alexvy - Great link THANKS!
interesting info. WOnder where you can watch this.
(10-22-2017, 12:36 AM)subjami Wrote: WOnder where you can watch this.
English subtitles

Girls & Boys is a highschool parody that takes place in a world with reversed gender roles. But it's also a film about friendship, betrayal and the desire to fit in.

The story follows the 16-year old girl Nour and her best friend Gry - two horny geeks whose greatest desire is to loose their virginities. But non of them dare to even talk to a boy, how the heck will they ever get a boy on his back? When they finally manage to get invited to a gigantic house party, where all the cute and sexy boys from school will get drunk and go crazy - they hope that their chance to strike might finally have come. But it doesn't exactly turn out the way they planned.

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