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Little Bo Peep
Hello everyone.

There is one costume which I would love to be forced to dress up in - Little Bo Peep. Imagine the humiliation as  your Mistress/Auntie/ Nanny drives you out to the middle of the countryside with some female friends. After finding a quiet, secluded spot, you are made to dress up in the Little Bo Peep costume they have brought with them. One of the women has a camera, and before long you are being made to pose for a sissy photo-shoot. The women are all laughing at your humiliating experience.

Which makes me ask the following - if you had to dress up as a female Nursery Rhyme character, either voluntary or by force,  who would you choose?
Little Bo Peep?, Little Miss Muffet?, Mary, Mary Quite Contrary?

Who would you choose? Smile
Alice in Wonderland!

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Hi Ali,

I agree! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite characters I like to dress up as.  In fact, I am in the process of getting a new Alice Dress, and hope to have it within a couple of weeks.

I've been lucky that this year I have been able to see two very different theatre productions in Norwich. The first was "Illuminating Alice" at the Norwich Art Centre. It was a one man show featuring a character called "Alice Lumiere", the pseudonym of the Writer/Burlesque compere , Darren Gooding. He spent the entire show dressed as Alice, relating his own personal experience of cross-dressing as well as performing poetry, a song and even showing some slides of himself as his alter-ego. The whole thing was positive; his wife Tina even helped with the music. It was refreshingly angst-free and afterwards I left with a positive vibe.

The next production couldn't be more different. "Alice Back in Wonderland" was a an original production by the Norwich Theatre Royal Youth Theatre Group. In the story, the White Rabbit gets Alice to try and save Wonderland which has been invaded by the Red Queen. So after watching the Norwich Gay Pride Parade make it's way along Theatre Street, I went to see the Musical. Unlike the "Illuminating Alice" audience, which consisted purely of adults, this time there were families with young children. The production was great. The young cast and original music was excellent. There was a rapturous reception at the end. But I also spent the entire show looking at the wonderful dress the young Actress playing Alice was wearing. (I confess that I felt jealous. "I wish I could wear that lovely dress" was the thought that kept popping into my head).

You have great taste, Ali! I always enjoy reading your posts/threads.

Keep up the good work! Smile

(P.S. The whole Nursery Rhyme theme was because at Primary School , I was once made to dress up in  a sissy "Little Boy Blue " outfit by a strict
Female teacher which explains why I became a Sissy...
I love these posts i am a new member Cheryl who is being dominated by my Mistress Debbie and Gail. I would love to be Velma from Scooby Doo i love her short skirt and cute glasses maybe if I'm good they will let me be her. LOve Cheryl
I do love all the outfits mentioned and to be photo shot in country must have been so humiliating i am gonna be Velma for Halloween Cheryl
I would like to be dressed up as dorothy from wizard of oz!! with gorgeous shiney satin red hair bows!
Hi Tiffany,
You have good taste! - I have a Dorothy dress that I love to wear. Blue gingham is so cute! I feel so girly when I'm dressed up as her.

In fact, I think that I will put on my Dorothy dress outfit over the weekend and watch the 'Wizard of Oz', after all, a Sissy Girl needs something to look forward to!

(10-10-2017, 12:54 PM)cheryl Wrote: I do love all the outfits mentioned and to be photo shot in country must have been so humiliating i am gonna be Velma for Halloween Cheryl

Hi Cheryl, 

If there is one character that I would dearly love to dress up as, then it would be Velma the from the 'Scooby Doo' cartoon series. 

Like her, I'm a bit 'geeky'. I wear glasses, so that would fit in nicely with the overall look.(And I love wearing skirts!) 

Well Cheryl, I hope that you do get the chance to dress up as Velma and tell us how things went 

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