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(01-01-2017, 10:41 PM)nancy Wrote:
(11-12-2016, 03:22 PM)alexvyaz Wrote: One of Mistress Renee's Motivational Posters for Mistresses, Wives & Lovers

[Image: curtsey.jpg]

I love this motivational poster and have already showed my wife, I don't think she understands how powerful this can be at helping train me to be a better sissie for her. I told my wife I want to be committed to having to curtsey for her many times on her command any way she see fit. Well as long as it is a secret. I really plan to try and explain to her again very soon. I am a new member and want to evolve and become entrapped into becoming a more obedient sissie. I think learning to communicate better may help. I think it would be great if my wife could make friends with other Mistresses and Dominant women so she can understand all the benefits of this lifestyle. Many times I practice curtsey when I am alone and admiring my female attire and high heels. I keep waiting for her to take the lead, but I think it only lasts a couple days and then she forgot about it. I am thinking maybe I should be learning to make video confessions of me wanting to be such an obedient sissie that curtsey for her many times. I should be told I have to curtsey whether I like it or not, if we want to keep my sissie games a secret.Then I shall just curtsey on command then.

Just a reminder for me, I have really been slacking off with my curtseys to my wife/mistress, and I really want to push myself into further depths of my servitude to my wife, I really should be trying harder to please her in all ways possible.i am rereading this thread and many others to help educate myself and councill myself more in serving and obeying my wife and all women. I should be reviewing my vows and doing everything  my wife tells me to do. I have a picture of this motivation  poster in our bedroom. I best to start practicing my curtseys  many times per day, so my wife and everyone else can be proud of me.
From nancy, I want all the help I can get to keep me in my place.
This is something that I also have to do a better job at. Surprisingly, Mistress Brenda does require the curtsey to be done properly, with her female friends, but usually doesn't enforce it very strictly otherwise. That being said, I need to take pride in my duties and need to be self motivated to be sure to do the curtsey at all times whether she enforces it or not.
(11-12-2016, 03:22 PM)alexvyaz Wrote: One of Mistress Renee's Motivational Posters for Mistresses, Wives & Lovers

[Image: curtsey.jpg]

Alexvyaz... what a gorgeous training poster.  And a very dangerous one for the male sex.  Cannot imagine any Woman who might ever see Her or any male engage in a curtsey such as this that would not immediately have Her spirit lifted, sense growing pride in being Female and wish to see this repeated by males over and over again.  Truly believe it would be a benchmark event forever imprinting on Her belief in the superiority of Her sex.  Nevermore would the archaic false 'masculinity' of males be of any meaning for after having seen this girlish and submissive  deference in men any pretense of macho posture would be rendered nothing but a ludicrous farce.

And as for males, for whom this sign of feminine passivity shall be increasingly required... their self-image and ego shall not be able to recover assuring a future of proper second-class status.

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