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(01-11-2017, 12:10 PM)nancy Wrote:
(01-11-2017, 10:29 AM)sissyjamieanne Wrote: So wonderful to hear Nancy!  Service to our Superiors is such a wonderful privilege...and if we always keep that in mind, we can serve, work, toil and obey with a glad and happy heart...knowing we are doing what we are meant to do.  I've heard it said that "some are born to serve, and some are born to be served"...I know which side of that equation I belong on!  When you perform a curtsy for your Superior Wife, do it with pride, joy and servitude...make clear to Her that your curtsy is a way of acknowledging Her Superiority each and ever day!


sissy jamieanne

I do love the motivational curtsey poster!  If a sissy has her own room or broom/cleaning supply closet, this would be lovely framed as a clear reminder of her status and the requirement to render a proper and joyful curtsey when encountering Superiors!
Wow,sissy jamieanne, I think what you have to says is awesome, yes I should at least try and have a copy of the curtsey motivation poster and put it somewhere where I can see it. Yes I love all your feed back ,and words of wisdom.I will continue my curtseys to my wife, and tell the reasons you gave me. Yes and I should focus on real curtseys with pride.
hugs nancy

Oh yes thank you again sissy Jamie Anne,  you are a big help in having the opportunity to communicate this to my wife, I shall explain to my wife that I want to,and I should have to be like you, for me to become a good sissy as well. My wife been away all day, therefore I study this thread as much as I could today.i already send her an email about the curtsey rules you live under. I will spend a few days explaining this is a must for me in our relationship. I find this forum a great help, in some ways it is like a club.
Nancy training to curtsey
Oh nancy! How very exciting for you! You're finding your true calling as a sissy maid...and if you do it right, your wife will benefit in ways she likely hasn't begun to realize. In short order, you'll be taking over ALL of the household chores...from cleaning to laundry to cooking to serving meals...etc! And, you'll do the chores like a pro...the quality of housework from a sissy maid is always of the highest caliber...not only are you cleaning house, you're serving your Superior, and thus, you'll strive for perfection. Of course...if you're on your knees scrubbing the kitchen floor or polishing the baseboards and your wife walks into the room, you'll quickly and courteously jump to attention or render a proper curtsy...whichever She prefers! I suspect your Wife will adore Her new nancy!


sissy jamieanne
Hello Sissiejamieanne, I have been trying to tell my wife about you and show her, your posts. She even helped me make a copy of that curtsey motivation poster, and I already have it in a picture frame. My wife was even suggesting we make a special room for nancy. I really don't think I am anywhere as close to being as great as you are. But thanks to your communicative skills, I am really further on my way to becoming a real life sissy gurl. She was even getting mad at me for not putting my nancy outfit on as soon as I came home with her today. I think she not used to the lifestyle of being a mistress yet. But I think she will prefer me as nancy, and training to be obedient for her. She seems to look forward to assigning me chores to do, and she is giving me chores to do. Maybe one day I will get into this over my head after all. For many years I thought it not possible to get caught up in being a sissy more than I can handle. Well I just needed to tell you and any one else who cares to listen, this is very exciting for me. I mean it is many feelings, but I am now expected to be so much more obedient now too. It is a wonderful feeling to get this far, and I really want to fall further into the depths of submission to my wife/mistress. I am rather older now, and most of all, I always wished I could have begun this lifestyle from such a younger age. It may be very humiliating, but this is what I desire, learning to obey my wife is how I feel complete and fulfilled. My life has been a long hard journey for me to have gotten this far in this world. If I was born in todays world of computer, it would had been so much easier for me to find my direction in life with a Mistress. I still have co workers and associates confront me to tell me the man is the boss. I politely listen to them and sort of agree, I can not bear to speak the truth and tell them I prefer women to be the boss. But deep inside me, I only want and wish for women to rule the men on this planet.
Hugs nancy, who is learning to be a curtsey champ
Hi nancy!

Your communication skills are just've done an amazing job of explaining you feelings just now! I'm so very happy for you, and I have no doubt your Wife will discover the joys of having Her very own sissy servant to attend to Her every need...obediently and joyfully. Age makes no've discovered something you've found your place and your true look forward and be the best servant you can be...make that Woman proud! Please do keep us informed of your progress!


sissy jamieanne
Wow, Nancy! The floodgates have opened and you're on a slippery slope! It sounds like communication is just what was necessary to place you in the role you so desperately desire.
Well thank you all ,( I think it a small crowd but also exciting), well I do believe I have made solid progress, in becoming so much more of a sissy. I made breakfast for my wife and I after we both had a nice sleep in. I went out after to do some banking and errands, then came home and played outside an hour, which was like checking the air pressure on our two cars and oil, and refilling the windshield fluid, all in my boy clothes.
I then told my wife I wanted to remove the hair from my legs. She found me some Nair I believe, and this the first time I remove hair from my legs. I never wore a skirt or dress today, but I wore some really skimpy jean shorts from a girly store called Ardene. I wore a black tube type shirt with a built in choker collar on it, just got this top last weekend, and I was wearing my 3 inch pumps silver glitter in colour. Most the day was perfectly calm, until I had to cook dinner, my wife was supervising but she on her phone too talking to her niece. Well my wife not happy how I cooked the dinner. I really think it her fault, but what can I do if she blames me fully. I thought I needed more one on one instruction, while she gives all her attention to her niece. She was getting upset with me over the dinner.
Well I was reluctant to curtsey after when I seen her, but she made sure I did curtsey for her and I did. She even said if I want to be a sissy, it better be worth it to her.
Well later this evening she did say I talk to her nicer when dressed as nancy. (I probally am more humble gurled up). I think she prefers me as a sissy. Well she wants me to mop the floors first thing in the morning and wear my lip stick. Last night was the first time I wore lip stick, and I felt like a little kid the way I had applied it, Im sure I will learn to get good at it in time. She asked me if I feel more femmine after I removed the hair from my legs, I would say yes, but I also feel branded too, shaving my legs, I will keep a secret from anyone I know, but I feel more femmine and branded in the sense that I am property of my wife. Well I really feel as if I continue to ask for the real deal in me becoming her sissy maid, that will happen soon enough. Otherwise yes I will continue to say yes I want to be her sissy maid. This is just the beginning for me, I have so much to learn and work on.
Hugs nancy who has to curtsey
Nice update, nancy...thank you. I'm sure as you become more submissive to your Wife, you'll find your attitude about your service changing. You'll learn that your "failures" are never Her fault, and you'll strive to improve and please her. Also, remember...curtsying is not something you only do when you feel like's a gesture of respect and deference to your Superior, and She's entitled to it! Congrats on the shaved legs...they'll go a long way to making you feel more sissy and obedient...I'm shaved "nose to toes", and I love it.
Well thank you Sissyjamieanne, and everyone else on this site or forum , because you have all been in a big help in me finding my self or discovering who I am. Being the sissy I want to be ,and actually doing it, is not easy. I still want to be a sissy for my wife but it can be hard. Well the next two weeks are a little different, we will have a visitor for two weeks starting tomorrow. That means me dressing in m Nancy outfits will be stopped temporarily. I can still wear panties under my clothes and learn to be a sissy under cover more. Well I felt I needed to say something just because I kept my mouth shut a whole week on this site. I am on here because I wanted to be good for at least one woman, and I always find great advice on here, to help improve my relationship. I was really want to help women help rule the men in this world and make it a better place for us.
nancy who loves to curtsey
(07-18-2016, 10:24 AM)sissyjamieanne Wrote: Much has already been said here in regards to the curtsy and its place in showing proper respect and decorum to our has already been stated, the curtsy clearly demonstrates the role of the person performing is a feminine and submissive gesture and so very appropriate to a sissy.  I've loved reading all of your input into  the curtsy, and I love seeing that the practice of this time-honored demonstration of respect and obedience is still being practiced in Female Led households!  It is both an honor and privilege for a sissy to be allowed to curtsy to her Superiors and as such a curtsy should always be performed to precision and with the proper frame of simple a gesture as it is, a well-performed curtsy demonstrates that the sissy has been well heeled/trained by his Mistress, and is a credit to Her household.

In my Wife/Mistress's home, I am expected/required to curtsy when entering or leaving a room She is in and when acknowledging an order from Her...this honor is also always given to Female Superiors who are aware of our lifestyle.  I curtsy whether is sissy/femme attire or in jeans and t-shirt (I am always pantied and brassiered even when in "male" attire)...the rule always applies.  I'm also required to immediately stand to attention when my Wife/Mistress enters a room I'm in and remain in that position until She gives the order "carry on" which point I respectfully thank Her and continue on with my chores or whatever I was engaged in when She entered the room.


sissy jamieanne
Wow, you are really living my dream.  It must be fantastic to be under total control.  Have you handed over all finances to your superior or does she allow you access to a bank account?
I have very much enjoyed the curtsy posts. I believe curtsying to one's Mistress is the ultimate expression of submission, reinforcing with every bob, sissy's proper position. To be able to curtsy beautifully and automatically to one's superiors is what we sissies are required to do and should attain.  A curtsy when not "dressed" is silly, a low bow should be performed. As often expressed here in the posts, "the way it should be".

I should love to know how many the "way it should be" relationships are out there. I for a time had a wonderful Mistress and we were working towards such a situation. I was kept chaste as much as was possible using tight pantie girdles (this was before affordable cages), dressed as a parlour maid when at home, with firm boned foundations garments, black seamed stockings, a good quality 30s style black satin uniform (Madame wanted Her maid well presented to Her high standards, especially in front of guests) moderately high heeled lace up shoes and lace trimmed apron, cuffs and cap) with immaculate maquillage at all times on which Madame insisted, not dressed as a frilly french maid except when Madame humiliated me at parties. I did all I was required to, working bringing in a salary, paid into Madame's account, performing all household duties, including haute cuisine cooking and maintainance on house etc.  I was very busy!   Punishment was corporal of course.  Madame loved using the cane and I would do anything to avoid the strokes.  Release was infrequent, had to be earned and made as humiliating as possible. I was allowed two special releases, one on my birthday and one at Xmas. The birthday treat was being allowed to hump to release, between Madame's black high heeled leather boots (worn with spurs for this occasion) from behind as She mocked me, laughing, watching in the mirror.  The Xmas treat was really special, Madame wanked me to conclusion with a leather glove, of course not one of Her gorgeous kid gloves but a cheap pigskin one kept specially for my once a  year "special".

Looking back, I was happier than I had ever been and since. To be controlled and humiliated by a clever determined woman, loving every minute, watching the satisfaction on Her face, heaven! If required I shall post more on this all to short association.

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