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Getting a sissy to confess further and further
There is a technique that has been applied to me over the years and I don't see this mentioned anywhere, although several women have used this on me to get more of the facts regarding my sissyhood and femdom / feminized fantasies out of me. It's like edging, but a bit different.

I have been made to stand before a seated woman who knew of my sissy side, made to lower my panties to above knee level, spread my legs as far as I can with the position of the panties, squat, and have her grab, squeeze and manipulate my sissy bee-bee's while interrogating me to reveal more about my deepest sissy desires and fantaisies, beyond which I would normally share, pushing my limits and getting me to confess things I wouldn't normally share. Sometimes a woman has told me it might be easier for me if she just ripped them off, to make me the girl I really want to be, just a bit frieghtening.

A few times while this has gone on, I've been made to massage and squeese my nipples or massage my sissy bottom and move my hips a bit.

Women are my superiors and yet sometimes, it's been difficult to let all my thoughts, desires and fantasies come out, yet in these moments, my tongue gets really loose and anything she wants to know will come out, all of it the unfiltered truth. Things like, "no I really don't want to be with men, I adore and serve women" -- If I could be a woman, would I? Would I serve any woman she sent me to? How much further would I like to go?

I have read where some women don't allow sissies to have any private thoughts, this is one way of coaxing out the truth and the hidden.

With this information, a woman has the ever more powerful upper hand and guide and train her sissy to be exactly as she wants her to be.

I've also been edged for an extended period of time and made to confess my deepest fantasies as well.

Has anyone else experienced this or something like this? Heart
I am a sissy, I serve Women, renounce my silly attempts at false maleness, and surrender to my sissyhood as who I am best to be.
I wish you could be treated as the woman you apparently long to be, rather as someone inferior and a target for abuse.

However, if this is something you enjoy, that's what counts.
One thing my wife has me do if she is not home is to write out my deepest fantasies. The very act of starting puts me in deep sissy subspace, and I write and confess extremely humiliating things. I have to save them, then at some point in the future, while I am in garters, stockings, bra, and panties, she makes me read my “stories “ to her. Though she knows I am a sissy, having to read to her is extremely humiliating, and I can only imagine what goes through her mind as I read. Even though it is an audience of one, it is still extremely emasculating and humiliating.
Wow! This would be an incredible set up for a TG Fiction story. One can only imagine living this reality! So many potentially psychological depth if developed into a tale.
I have to admit that writing out the fantasies takes me deep into a submissive mindset, which makes me delve deeper into the humiliation aspects of my fantasy, which makes me feel ever more submissive... so it is a downward spiral. Sometimes I get so engrossed that my clit leaks pre cum through its cage and panties, and I am literally shaking. This is only enhanced by knowing I will be reading it to my wife at some point.

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