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1000 Members!
Congratulations to Aunt Helga, the Mods and all wonderful posters on the board.
Hardly a troll has been seen in all of the 15 months of existence of this forum.
Not to mention no lost posts or heavy handed moderation as was seen on the 
predecessor forum on VOY( what ever it was called).

Personally, I've learned a great deal about people, life, tolerance...
This forum is truly limited only by the quality of the posts on it.  
This board like many, if not most, has a high number of lurkers, I also lurked
when on many different boards over the years and that was fine.  
Perhaps for some it's just as well to lurk, but I encourage the others, and you know 
who you are, to contribute a bit of yourself to the forum.  Please feel free to
join in, imo we need your views whether we or you know it or not.

So, many thanks to Aunt Helga for the gift of this forum.

I'd like to echo, MM here...thank you to the Mods for making this board possible and keeping it's the very best of its kind anywhere. And, thank you for all of the active participants as well as the "lurkers"...we all contribute to the success in some small way!


sissy jamieanne
Thanks to you both, Melonman and sissyjamieanne!

Operating this board has been a joy to me. Richard and Baby Sam help out a lot, though with less to do since we beat off the spammers. Tongue

The people who really deserve the credit are the readers and posters. On fewer than 5 occasions I've had to delete images and in all cases except 1, the poster understood and was cooperative. I've seen polite disagreement, but never an insult. No one has ever complained about or reported a member's online behavior. Heart

It's funny when you think about it. For a group that's pre-selected for those who enjoy meting out or receiving humiliation and punishment, we're a pretty well-behaved bunch! Wink  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Stamp out useless scrolling! To reply to posts, click Reply, then Control (or Command) + A, then start typing. Or, to focus on one part of a previous post, delete the unneeded sections, then reply. Add a similar message to your .sig if you like.

Your forum maid,

ModeratorM Cool
I positively luv this place and am ecstatic to hear of this milestone. Congratulations to Auntie Helga, ModeratorM, Michelle FF and everyone here. A great place to learn and get to know and have fun.

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