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Going out
Below is something that I wrote a while ago (2009), hoping to have it recorded by a female voice, but alas that never did happen. I think it was probably too long.

In any case, I hope that it is appreciated here.


Going out

I've been really enjoying our dates too, honey, especially the other night. That was fun.

Do I think of us as "going out together"? Well, I would have to say almost. What do I mean, almost? Well, there is one thing that would change it for me to consider us as "going out together". You want to know that that is? OK, for me, going out means that we are being really close, intimate, if you know what I mean, only with each other. You see it that way too? I thought you might.

You remember the other night, when we were playing with each other? It felt really good when you were sliding your hands all over my satiny panties. You seemed to like it too, didn't you? Yeah, I thought so. Well, if we are going to be going out together, then no one else will be touching us like that, will they? Of course not.

I've thought about this for a while, and I hope that you don't think I’m being too strange, but if we are to be going to go out together, then I would like you to wear my panties as a way of us being close and intimate. That's right, I think it would be great to see you wearing my panties, kind of like a symbol of our new closeness.

Think about it. If you are wearing my panties, there is no way you would be getting close to anyone else, now would there? Of course, I know that such a thing is not necessary, and I believe that you would be faithful to me. You are so sweet, you wouldn't hurt a fly. That's part of the reason I like you so much. You care, and you are so wonderful at pampering me, I get a thrill from all of your attention.

No, no, I won't think you would look silly wearing panties. In fact, I get a little bit hot just thinking about it. Here, give me your hand and let me show you under my skirt just how warm and moist my panties are between my legs with us just talking about this. Hmmmm, nice, isn't it? Mmmmm. Now, be good, no more of that. We haven't settled it yet whether we are going out together or not.

You're worried about the panty line that you see on women? You think people might notice it on you? Do you see a panty line on every woman that you look at? No? Well not all panties have such a noticeable panty line. So we can make sure to get you ones that won't show, too much. But there might be times when we want to make it a bit more exciting and have you wear the silky ones that do have the prominent panty line, and you'll just have to be careful who you walk in front of.

Oh my, now how long have you had this hard-on in your pants? Has it been since we started talking about my panties? Don't be so shy. You look so sweet when you get all embarrassed like that. I could eat you right up. Well, we seem to be making progress. I see you are at least considering doing what I want so that we can go out together.

You want to know if you would have to wear panties all the time? Well, let's see now. When would you feel you would need not to wear panties? When you are out with the guys? What do you do with them now that you are showing then your underwear? You're not playing sports with them anymore, where you are showering with them, are you? Yeah, I thought you stopped that a few years ago. So when was the last time you needed to show your underwear to your guy friends? You can't think of a time? Well, then no worries there.

Going to the doctor? Well, yeah, I see that that could be a time you might want to not be wearing panties. When was the last time you saw your doctor. That long? Do you still see him? No? Oh, so you are looking for a new doctor then. Well that's great. I could see if my doctor could take you on as a patient. She has been wonderful, and I know that if you saw her in a pair of plain white cotton women's panties, that she would be fine with that. I can take care of all of that for you, if you want. So no worries there.

Hmmm, so you can't really think of any time when you would need to not be wearing my panties. How about we leave it at this, then, if something comes up, you just talk to me about it and if we can't figure out a solution, I will have no problem with you wearing male underwear for that occasion. Sound good?

Well, it is starting to sound like you are ready to cross the line and we can say to everyone that we are going out together. How wonderful! I am so looking forward to being able to be together with you, knowing that we are a close, intimate couple, and having everyone notice how close we are. Just think of it! We can even plan on wearing the exact same panties together on the same day. How much more close can we get?

So are you ready to be officially going out together? Sure, of course I mean now. Here stand up. Now don't do anything. Let me help. Just stand there. That's a good boy. I'll just unbuckle your belt and undo the button. There we go. No, just leave your hands by your side, I'll take care of this. Oh, your zipper is a bit tight. There, I'll bet that feels much better. Your penis has been cooped up so tight all this time. OK, you can help a bit, but no hands. Help me slide your pants down. It's not that easy, over your cotton male underwear. Just you wait and see how much easier they are to slide down over nice slippery nylon panties. There we go. Now step out of them. Very nice. Now take one more moment to feel what it is like to wear your cotton male underwear. If we are lucky and there are no emergencies, as long as you are going out with me, you may never have to feel that ever again.

Let me get my fingers under the waist band. Pop! There, you are free. Down we go. Step out again. You are so cute with that little embarrassing grin on your face. I kind of like it, with you naked in front of me and me fully clothed. Just stay there a moment and don't move. I want to walk around you and take you all in. I mean, now that we are soon going to be going out and all. Use your hands to hold up your shirt, I want to get a good look at you. Mmmm, very nice. I especially like that way your hard penis is sticking out in front of you. I like you this way. I think I'm going to try and keep you like this a lot, nice and hard. Do you like that idea? I thought that you might. I'll be much easier for me to do that, now that you have agreed to wear my panties. Panties are so soft and they slide so much easier than your cotton underwear, especially the ones that I am thinking that I can't wait for you to wear.

So are you ready to make it official? You are? Oh, I am so excited. My panties are so wet. Now stand there and don't move. Watch me as I reach up under my skirt and slowly take down my warm and moist panties, sliding them down my legs. You see them now? They are a wonderful powder blue. Just for you! Won't it be nice to feel the warmth and wetness from my body all snuggled up between your legs?

OK, raise your foot up. Now the other one. Spread your legs a bit. That's right. Watch as I slide my panties up your legs and you start a new chapter in your life, going out with Me!

Wow, look at your hard penis, straining at your new panties. No, now, don't touch. Not yet. I want to get a good look at you. The fabric is so sheer in the back, almost see-through, at least as compared with your old male underwear. And I can see your hard penis much more easily through your panties. Much better. I do think I like this look on you very much. There, see, you don't look silly at all. I think you look sexy.

Now let me feel you through your panties. There, see how nice it feels against your penis? You like that, don't you, my fingers lightly stroking the front of your penis through the panties. Not too much. I don't want you to cum, at least not just yet. Let me feel the back of your panties. Doesn't that feel nice? You can see how much easier your pants will slide up and down your pantied butt. OK, take a few moments to feel your new panties, but be very careful. I don't want you cumming in your new panties just now. Nice, aren't they? I like the smile on your face.

OK, I am way too hot. I need you to kneel down over her and eat me out. No, there is no need to put your pants on, I want to see you in your new panties as you eat me out. Come on now. That's right. Oh, that feels so good. I am so hot, I don't think it will take long at all. That's it, keep doing that. Now go down lower for a bit. That's right. Now more of that, Yes. Keep it up. Yes. A little slower. Oh my God. Oh… my ….. Oh… Oh…  OH….. OH…..  YES.. YES, YES. Ooooooooooooo. Oooooooooo. Ooooooooo. Oooooooo. Don't move! Oooooooo. Oooooooo. Oooooo. Oh my. Stay there. Wait a bit. Feel me pulsing? Whoa. Ok, you can move now. Wow. That was so great! Come here, let me hold you. I don't think I have ever had such a powerful Orgasm with another person. See what you wearing my panties does to me? Aren't you glad that you agreed to go out with me?

Oh, do you want to cum now? Why, are you ready to leave so soon? The evening is still young, don't you want to stay around a bit longer? Well of course you could cum now, but remember when I said that I like to see you hard and hot? I know what happens after you cum. Your penis gets all soft and doesn't want to play for a while, right? Well, I would like to spend the rest of the evening with you, with your penis nice and hard in your new panties, and with you paying all kinds of attention to me, snuggling up to me, maybe massaging my feet and shoulders, and fixing me a drink or things like that. Maybe, if you are really good, I will let you help me get undressed and ready for bed before you go. Would you like that? OK then. Me too! This will be so great.

Thank-you so much for thinking of me and the whole evening, and being willing to wait for your cum until we enjoy all of our time together. I knew you were a wonderful find, someone who would is so caring of people that you would wait for your own pleasure for the greater pleasure of the both of us. Now in the bathroom, on the top shelf, you will find some very wonderfully feminine smelling massage oil. If you want, you can put your pants back on. It will be so much easier this time to slip you out of them when it is time to do that.

Ohh, wow, does that ever feel good on my neck. You do know how to use your hands, and in many ways. Hmmm, I wonder what your finger will feel like pressed against my G-spot. Something we should to try out on the weekend, I think. Now down further a bit, on my shoulders. Oh, yeah. I bet you could be one of the best massagers they have in the massage class. Would you do that for me? Take a massage class? You are a real natural, and I bet you would have a great time learning all of the possible techniques.

That massage was so relaxing, I think I am ready for bed now. Let's go into my bedroom and I will show you what I do to get ready for bed. And you can help me! Won't that be fun? You can learn all about what I do to keep myself looking pretty for you. How much more close and intimate can people who are going out get, especially when they are wearing the exact same panties? I am going to change into the same kind of panties that you are now wearing, to sleep in. That way, when you are in bed tonight, you can think of me and know exactly what I am feeling between my legs, the wonderful silky panties that are so nice to rub and caress.

I was't wearing any make-up tonight, so I won't get to show you how to take that off just yet. Come here and unhook my bra. That's right. Oh, that feels nice, to let them out for the night. Nice, aren't they? Now, now, you got me all relaxed, no more of that tonight. I know that you are turned on. I love you this way. It is so great. You seem to love it too. Don’t worry, I know that you have to have some release too.

So now that I am ready for bed, we can focus on you, and have you cum in your new panties for the first time! I know you have been waiting for this all evening. You certainly deserve it and I am happy to help you cum in your nice new panties.

I am just wondering something. You did such an amazing job with the massage of my shoulders that I simply forgot that I really wanted my feet massaged tonight too. I wore heels today and they are sore. You liked my heels? Yeah, I like them too. Next time, I will wear stockings for you when I wear heels. Would you like that? I thought that you would. I can't wait.

So, I am so tired now that I would only want to either take care of your orgasm, or have you massage my feet. I don't want to do both. You have been so amazingly good tonight, that you do deserve to cum, and if you want to choose to do that, I am absolutely fine with it. My foot massage can wait until tomorrow night. I'm sure they will need it after we go shopping at the mall.

Oh, didn't I tell you? Well now that you will be wearing my panties, we need to go shopping to buy me some more. I don't have enough right now for both you to wear them and me to wear them too. Won't it be fun? We can shop together for panties for the both of us. We can look at all the different kinds to see what you like the best. I do want you comfortable, and sexy, and perhaps we will get a couple that are not quite as comfortable but which are super sexy. You will get to see what it is like for us girls to sacrifice a bit of comfort to look sexy for our mate.

I know that you are so turned on that if you do decide to massage my feet you will probably want to cum yourself after you get home. But I want so much to be present when you have your first cum in your panties. So I would like you to wait until the morning. After I wake up, I will give you a phone call. Then over the phone, I will be present when you have your first cum in your new panties. Doesn't that sound like a good idea?

You're worried that you won't be able to make it until the morning and might have a wet dream? Hmmm. I bet I know what can help for that. Here, let me see. Yes, just the thing. Here is a panty girdle that you can wear over your new panties that will hold you ever so nice and tight, so your penis won't slide around in your new panties, possibly making you have a wet dream. So with this idea, what do you choose? Shall I stroke the front of your panties slowly and rhythmicly, bringing you closer and closer to your first cum in your new panties, and then wait for my foot massage until tomorrow night, or do you want to see how well you can use your hands on my feet to sooth them from a long day of wearing sexy heels? Either way, I am ok with whatever you decide. You have been so good all night long. So what do you think? What do you choose?

You want to feel my feet in your hands with slippery massage oil? Even though you know that you will have to wait a bit longer before you feel your own sexual release in your new panties that I have given to you? How sweet can that be; you are so wonderful. We are going to be so happy together, going out together.

What? Oh, what a wonderful way of looking at it. You are giving me a gift of a foot massage since I gave you a gift of my panties. Well if you put it that way, how can I not but accept your generous gift.

Now, do you want to put your new girdle on before, or after the massage? What do I think? Well, after the massage I imagine that I will be mostly asleep, and I would love to see how the girdle looks on you, so why don't you put it on now? This time, you go ahead and do it and I will just watch. That's right, pull up one side and then the other. See? What did I tell you, it slips right up when it gets to your new silky panties. Can you imagine how much more difficult that would have been had you been wearing your old male underwear?

Now let me see, turn around, slowly. Oh, I like. Except for that very hard bulge in the front, it slims you down very nicely. Hmmm, what do you think of the idea of you wearing your new girdle when we go shopping for panties and stuff tomorrow? It will make your hard penis much less obvious, won't it? OK, it is decided then. I will come over and pick you up and I will bring over a new pair of my panties that you can wear under your new girdle. Tomorrow though, I want to be the one to dress you in the panties that I bring over, and then slide that tight girdle that hugs you so nicely up and into place. I like being the one to dress you up, without you lifting a finger to help me. It will be fun to be the one to put you into your panties, and now, your girdle. Think of it as the feminine touch that is now entering your life.

Now, you beautiful man, who is so strong and confident that he he will accept wearing panties and girdles for his new girlfriend, time for you to see what my feet feel like in your soft and powerful hands. I am going to like this too. After you are done, please just let yourself out and drive safely home and think of me tonight. And be sure to wait for my phone call in the morning before taking off your girdle.

Ahhh, does that feel ever nice. Oh, yeah. Hmmmm. I wonder. Maybe if when I call you, you might be able to wait until I come over to pick you up before you have your cum. Mmmmm. I would so much like to be actually there with you. Oh, that's nice. Let's see tomorrow when I call, if you’re certain you can't wait any longer, I'll be so happy to tell you a story over the phone to help you to cum. Let’s decide then. Mmmmmmm. mmmmmmm. mmmmm. Have sweet dreams tonight my sweet, lovely, girl.
This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing with all of us, Bobbie.
You are welcome! Glad that you enjoyed.

I enjoy stories of loving couples who are supportive of one another and that contains a strong firmness on the part of the female to have the male in her life eventually feeling and looking feminine and girlish and following her loving, clear directions on how he can best serve her needs and wants to make both of their lives fulfilling and close.
(09-13-2017, 01:18 AM)sgbf Wrote: You are welcome! Glad that you enjoyed.

I enjoy stories of loving couples who are supportive of one another and that contains a strong firmness on the part of the female to have the male in her life eventually feeling and looking feminine and girlish and following her loving, clear directions on how he can best serve her needs and wants to make both of their lives fulfilling and close.

Very good. Lovely sustained mood. Nice couple dynamic.

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