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Teacher and Child Disciplinary Model
I have been asked how old Harvey is.
I did mention this in an earlier posting but it's not easy to find.
He is 28. He has been with me for three years but he has, and will always have, the status of a 16 year old.

Mary J.
(09-16-2017, 04:41 PM)Mary J Wrote: Images
I have had difficulty inserting images from my PC into my posts, so this is by way of an experiment.
I am hoping to show you part of Harvey's school uniform! These are from Albert Prendergast:

Mary J.

Very nice.  The gingham dress looks suitable for either school work or casual housework/chores...and the knickers are very practical.
Hi Mary: Thanks so much for joining up here and sharing your thoughts and experiences.

More than anything else, I loved hearing about Harvey's "Receiving Visitors and Walking Out" attire, that I believe is a ladies' pantsuit worn with black pantyhose underneath. If his pants have no pockets, and he has no visible panty lines, you must enjoy his appearance as he walks away from you! Lightweight trousers float over nylon legwear; the wearer just glides across a room. Harvey must certainly love the sensation.

I thought about that when I saw an article in today's New York Times, detailing the new uniforms worn by tourguides at the United Nations.

I love the simple but elegant look of the first two women in the display. Feminine, but not entirely gender-specific, a tailored look that is clean and flatters. The look fits into and silhouettes the body, it doesn't hang off it and make the body hook hulking and clumsy, like most menswear does.

Perhaps at some point you might consider moving Harvey beyond black to sheer, nude tights, and replacing the necktie with a more feminine ascot. It is not uncommon today for men in business wear to forego socks, and ascots are worn by men as well. Your female clients, especially, will like his look.

I know exactly how Harvey feels when he is exposed to your clients and friends for the first time. A pit in the stomach, a bit of trembling, and maybe a tear wells up. But you are correct to be firm with him. He knows he needs all this, he just needs you to help guide him. The prettier he looks, the better he will feel. He will have more energy, be sweeter, and be far more eager and attentive. That is the Harvey you have earned, and deserve.

Kudos to you for being strong, smart, and successful, and for finding a man who isn't intimidated by any of that.
(09-18-2017, 07:57 AM)Mary J Wrote: I have been asked how old Harvey is.
I did mention this in an earlier posting but it's not easy to find.
He is 28. He has been with me for three years but he has, and will always have, the status of a 16 year old.

Mary J.

I think he will struggle to meet the standards of uniform and school work you are quite rightly setting so I think a 16 year old is the maximum you might hope for.  I would suggest you treat him like an 11 year old until he earns being moved to a more senior year.  I would also recommend putting his hair in pigtails if possible and the wearing of some girly hair clips and an Alice band.
I find the psychology of the teacher/child relationship fascinating but unlike Gemma, I don't want to live with a sissy!
I want to live with a young man, who is subservient to me, who performs a useful function in my life, who dresses exclusively as a female but is clearly not! - and who also has to live part of every week as a schoolgirl.
It is not the fantasy world he was expecting. It is the reality that I have imposed and which he now accepts.

The interesting thing about this forum is the number of variations one finds under the petticoating umbrella.
We have to find what works for us and no one else can predict what that will be.

This thread is getting difficult to navigate so I'm going to start a new one: Teacher and Child Lifestyle
I will continue to respond to comments on this thread.

Mary J.
(09-09-2017, 08:07 AM)Mary J Wrote:
(09-08-2017, 08:43 PM)mellonman Wrote: That it a unique approach, at least to me it is.  How old is Harvey, how long has this relationship been going on?
How severe do the punishments get?  I really do look forward to more of the details.  I have many other questions but let's what other on this board have for questions.  Leave it to a marketeer to come up with a novel solution to an unmet need.  Welcome to the board Mary J and I hope to learn much more of what you speak of.

Harvey (not his real name - we have agreed that I will never identify him to outsiders!) has been with me for about three years and is now very compliant. He is 28. He lacks self-discipline - although I think I have achieved some improvement - and he needs a structured life. Before we met he fantasied about having to dress as a woman. The reality and the conditions that come with it are rather more onerous than he expected but, like many men, he is at heart a big child!

There is no passion in our relationship. My status is rather like that of a guardian or governess and this is reinforced by my use of his surname at all times, in company, at work and with friends. The only form of address he is allowed to use is "Ma'am" as that completely defines our relationship. No "Mistress" or "Miss Mary" or any of that. He is an employee and what I might call a "conditional friend". I set the boundaries and the conditions. He knows his place and I keep him there and, psychologically, I think it's where he wants to be, despite protests from time to time.

As for punishment, yes, I have a cane, a beech hairbrush (from Amazon!) and heavy three-fingered tawse (my favourite instrument) made by M. Campbell of Renfrewshire. Punishments are not severe, to my mind, and not necessarily physical. It's achieving contrition that matters. I think ritual is important, so we have a dedicated punishment room (my spare bedroom) now empty apart from a desk, a wooden upright chair and an easy chair for me! There is no clock in the room and he is not allowed to wear a watch when undergoing punishment. There is a dedicated naughty corner in the room, where he stands waiting for my attention. I usually send him to the room about 30 minutes before I intend to deal with him, which really focuses the mind! Written punishments take a minimum of one hour and a maximum of three hours. A caning is six to twelve strokes at fifteen second intervals - the number is never announced in advance.

Because it appeals to me to keep him as a sixteen year old, I frequently award traditional school punishments such as I endured: lines, dictionary work, comprehension exercises, learning passages in French and so on.

I hope that fills in a few blanks.

Mary J

Madam Mary J,

You are a great woman! The taming of males is essntial to keep the world in order. Thank you for doing so. I am a male but I believe that the woman is far far superior than the male.

In subordination

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