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Unruly Teen Boys
(01-12-2018, 05:02 PM)Babycakes Wrote:
(09-06-2017, 02:01 PM)melodie Wrote: Usually boys under 13 are made to dress as little girls but with todays older boys becoming more unruly it should be applied to them as well.  Mothers and sisters can devise their own ways to accomplish this.  A nice dress like the one in the thumbnail (attached) would e great.  It is so girlyl but not quite in a the usual sissy styles.  Once the boy i sin the dress he should be made to wear them at home daily.  His boyish drab clothing should be put under lock and key except for school.  Mom should also take pictures of him to ensure his compliance or risk having his friends see him on Facebook ot other social sites.

Not being argumentative but I've always wondered how do you keep an older boy (12+) in dresses.  Never happened to me or anyone I knew so I'm in the dark.  I'm a "self made" petticoating enthusiast.  Average size and growing strength of a male of 12+ would enable such a lad to defy his mother and physically resist petticoating.  Exposure to friends/extended family, including through social media, is minimal threat at best.  Once exposed, where's the threat?  At that point, as the saying goes, the boy has nothing (e.g., pride, friends, even caring family) so he has nothing to lose by doing anything he wants to secure what is left of his manhood.  Also, certainly in mid-teens and beyond, there is nothing to stop a boy, who can't physically resist petticoating, from taking off from school in his male clothes and never returning.  Runaway options seem to be pretty high.  Yes, risky and very difficult to survive, but certainly an option.

Would love to hear from those who were petticoated why/how they felt compelled to knuckle under and submit to petticoating.

Thanks Huh
Forced petticoating at that age doesn't always work as you have pointed out . When dressed , a boy should be lavished with praise and encouragement . But ignored while in male dress .
Everyone wan't to somethig specai and be the center off attention in a positive way . Even an older boy should be praised when they get a stiffy in their panties .
Sexual rewards will also make the boy want to wear .
Make him feel like a girl with all the positives that has to offer .
Everyone likes being the center of attention in a way . Everyone wants to feel special and be loved . You can always catch more flies vinegar .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel

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