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Sissy/Fetish Magazines - Gone but not forgotten?
Hello everyone.

The Internet is a wonderful thing - This Forum wouldn't be possible without it. However, there has been a downside to this; a lot of Fetish magazines have ceased publication, including ones of interest to Sissies. The following titles are ones that I can remember:

Okay, let's start with the obvious:

"Sissies on Parade" (Sabre Publishing): A definite favourite of mine. Each issue contained stories about males being turned into Sissies and Big Babies. There was plenty of Fetish Art, including work by Prissy, etc. Also plenty of photographs, mostly black and white, but with a colour centre section. (Later issues increased the amount of colour photographs, not confining it to the centre pages). A very much missed publication.

" The World of the Male Maid" (Sabre Publishing): This magazine followed pretty much the same format as 'S.O.P', but was dedicated to males who had been forced to become dominated Sissy-Maids.

"Dominated Transvestites" (Sabre Publishing): Again, following the same format as the previously mentioned titles. The title says it all.

"Madame in a World of Fantasy" (Publisher?): A black and white publication, it dealt with Femdom in general. But it would also include stories of males being turned into big babies and Sissy-Girls. It also included quite a bit of Fetish art and photos. (I think that this title has cropped up in previous "Petticoat Discipline Monthlies").

"The Governess" (Publisher?): Unusual as it was in A5 size instead of the usual magazine format. It dealt with domination of both genders, usually in a school setting. Black and white, including photos and drawings. I have one issue, which includes a chapter called "Shame Clothing", which involves using items of schoolgirl uniform to humiliate and punish males. (There is also a wonderful drawing of a young boy in sissy clothing being escorted by his Nanny).

"The Instructress" (Imprints): A Femdom magazine dedicated to the use of CP on males, who were usually dressed in Schoolboy uniforms.

"Strictly  Uniforms" (Imprints): A similar format to "The Instructress", but this time with females in schoolgirl uniforms. (I used to like looking at all
the gymslips, etc,  and imagined that I was the one being punished).

I am pretty sure that there were more (now-defunct) Fetish Magazines which used to be of interest to Sissies. Does anybody know of any other titles, or use to have a particular favourite? Are some still being published? I'd love to know if you can still get them. Smile
Hi Sissie Leslie

How about Miss Sadie Stern's Monthly.
I probably still have some copies of it somewhere.
There was also the American magazine Centurion.

You are right about the internet killing them off though.

Sabre Publishing used picture that were borrowed from people without attribution or payment. I know this as was in touch with some who  had posted images to find them used, and had to watermark their images. I think their magazines as still available 

Madame in a World of Fantasy was published by Swish - I know I have every copy bar 1 and think I have a copy of that electronically

The Governess, was short lived only available for 6(?) issues - too niche and not widely taken up. I think I still have my copies somewhere
Adult Baby looking for Nanny/Mummy/Friends

Also suffer from ME/CFS so if I'm slow to post it's because I probably don't have the energy
"Forum" magazine A5 size format, covered lots of stuff, bought it for years before the internet got going.
anyone looking for support or LadyLike magazines or FMI or other magazines or support group newsletter . Here is a link......
Leslie, thanks so much for the ride down memory lane.

In newsstands and in stationery stores in the 70s and 80s, the fetish magazines were always hidden below the newspapers. Visible, but not obvious. Luckily, then no one cared how old you were. You could buy adult material so long as you had money to spend!

I am so grateful to the publishers then for making me aware that my desires and interests were shared by many, even though they were not mainstream. I met some wonderful people and had some incredible experiences that I cherish to this day, simply by answering some of the grainy ads and reading some of the articles.

And the resources were incredible. Gentlemen-friendly lingerie shops, toy stores, clubs, chatlines, the value of these publications was enormous.

I don't know what I would have done if I lived in a small town and had no access to fetish material. Perhaps I would have gone crazy.

My favorite was "Dominant Mystique", though there were many others. Luckily many are archived on the web.
My aunt had a pile of Janus magazines in a suitcase under her bed .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Just noticed Madame in a World of Fantasy - by Swish - I think I have every issue!

Went from A5 to A4 size and had a variety of covers styles over the years. I think it was put together by hand as there often was a mix of typed and dot matrix print in the later issues.
Adult Baby looking for Nanny/Mummy/Friends

Also suffer from ME/CFS so if I'm slow to post it's because I probably don't have the energy
Does anybody in the UK remember Halcyon Publications from the late 80s/ early 90s? I discovered them through an advert in a newspaper which said something like "ALL Male Maids Phone 0800 xxx xxx". I phoned the number and found they published monthly magazines in 3 strands: "Apron", which usually had stories of males being caught crossdressed; "Apron Strings" with stories of forced feminisation, and "Petticoat Pages" with stories of male maids (now called sissymaids).

If I remember right they were in an A5 paper format, about 20 pages, with a card cover and always advertised their coming issues as being "lavishly illustrated", which meant 3 or 4 fairly good pen and ink drawings with lots of emphasis on the stockings and suspenders of the unfortunate males and Dominant ladies. There was usually a main story, a couple of shorter stories and a letters page in each issue. The main stories were usually starters for longer stories which you needed to order and pay for separately in subsequent sub-issues. I remember one story in an issue of "Apron Strings", called Boygirl, which ran to 4 or 5 sub-issues.

The address you had to send your order to was, I think, in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. I lost touch when I married in the early 90s and have been unable to find anything about them on the internet.

Oh I also seem to recall that the editor was called June and there was also a Dominant lady called Auntie Olga
Rose's Repartee was one of my favourites. One of it's regular features was Pampered in Panties in which Dianne Kendal wrote true stories of boys dressed as girls. 

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I had quite a few books in which Peter Farrer prints excerpts from such publications as London Life, The Staylace and Borrowed Plumes et al.  

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