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Man's position at woman's feet
[Image: young-woman-with-foot-on-man-picture-id520391230][Image: 9004630_f1024.jpg]

Men under women's feet

[Image: ca9ffd7bd8d7fd54bb9d6f927a7928af.jpg]
[Image: 226119bd400692b550c7a500f2ce900f.jpg]
[Image: 34006f3bf823c66bc2af9e742e973169.jpg]
[Image: 7ec672af161c6a77c1a31728980cfa5a.jpg]
[Image: MV5BMTgwNDUxMjY2Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODI3...@._V1_.jpg]
Certainly a position we should be ready to assume at any time! Miss B. expects me on my knees to greet her as she comes in the door. Heaven help me if I am not in the proper position.
(09-25-2017, 03:12 PM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: As I am sure you know, I do have a little bit of an interest in foot/shoe worship.

Starting on a negative note, the Second picture, (yellow shoes), is the stuff of nightmares.
A heel that long and that sharp should not be anywhere near a face.
One sudden movement, loss of balance etc. and a very serious injury could suffice.
While it is a very powerful image, it really does frighten me. Remember the Dominant is the one in charge and she is solely responsible for the safety and well being of the submissive.
Never let it be said that I am not a caring Mistress!
Her shoes are a horrible colour as well!!!


I really love the timeless beauty of the penultimate picture.
A Lady wearing a beautiful, elegant dress, a bowl of water, nice soft towel and the joy of having your feet kissed and licked. What could be better?
Dear Maitresse Yvette-Louise,

Thank you for the appreciation of this and also thank you for being so caring. The lady is the protector and the provider. And you are that my Maitresse! Thanks for the love. Barefoot ladies are preferred by myself. One of my personal favourites is this:

[Image: tumblr_owszgoxm4i1wcupfqo1_540.jpg]

Kind regards,
Very nice photos! I like to worship a woman's feet and shoes. It is such an intimate, respectful and submissive gesture.

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