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Ballet and Sissies
Ballet boys. Male ballerinas
[Image: 93b8a8ffc0a0e3dc854bf260a5f2a6a1.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_nogny0jmF11ryp4gjo1_1280.jpg][Image: tumblr_o06vcr7HpX1ryp4gjo1_1280.jpg]
i would love to go down the catwalk as a sissy ballerina with eveyone smiling when i walk by in my pink long sleeved leotard pink ballet tights short pink tutu and ballet slippers i love peoplle commenting on me especially on my videos and photos.pleaee view and comment on my video( vimeo sissy ballerina ) also tutu leotardia vk and tutu leotardia flickr I love my sissy long sleeved leotards dancing around in my tutu like a fairy The public seeing me laughing humiliating me is what I like exposing myself to the world as a ballerina. i love people looking at my photos and videos smiling. Going to female ballet classes and being accepted as a leotard clad sissy
Pictured are youthful males - angle of photo not showing any puberty arm pit hair or other body hair.
That noted the absence of body hair except for the head is to be admired and expected to present a
clean virgin like skin surface.
I never actually did ballet, but I was made to wear my sister's ballet tutu on occasions.

It was silvery white, with layers of net skirt. I remember it being quite tight on me, and it had a zip up the back and a button at the back of the neck that I couldn't undo - so I was effectively trapped in it. If I had ballet tights on as well I couldn't even go for a wee-wee while I was wearing it.
Ali, what were the circumstances when you were made to wear your sister’s tutu?

I lost a bet with my sister on one occasion, and she and her friend told me they wanted me to wear her ballet tutu. I really wanted to wear it, but not in front of them. It was deep pink velvet, with long sleeves, quite a high neck and a zip at the back, and layers of pale pink net skirt. Somehow I escaped having to wear it for them, but I did try it on in secret later, and then nearly got caught in it because I had underestimated how hard it would be to unzip it once it was fully fastened.
There is truth in what you say many of the problems with males learning to curtsey correctly could be addressed by having lads learn ballet at school. I think that today's (well mostly yesteryears) male led society has traditionally had an issue with males doing ballet is because it does even out the playing field and males don't like that, they prefer power based on illusions, all participants wear tights and so insecure males have nowhere to hide their inadequacies and Females are under no false illusions as to the fact that they are at least equal if not superior to their male counterparts.
This is why ballet is such a strong tool in gender role reversal and has been used so successfully in Swedish schools to expose the myth of male superiority.!
I SO wanted to be a ballerina when I was a little kid! I believed I would wear what the girls wear, not realizing boys have a different outfit. This was the late 80's, so no chance someone would "understand" and let me wear the girls outfit, unlike today when I am certain it would be perfectly fine.
The center photo clearly shows the boys wearing girls' leotards, and the tights are very feminine (they have a nice shimmer). It would appear that they are rehearsing for a production that blurs gender lines, since boys usually dress more like in the last photo. A nice find, thanks for sharing.

(07-27-2017, 05:45 PM)Lssy Wrote: Ballet boys. Male ballerinas
[Image: 93b8a8ffc0a0e3dc854bf260a5f2a6a1.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_nogny0jmF11ryp4gjo1_1280.jpg][Image: tumblr_o06vcr7HpX1ryp4gjo1_1280.jpg]

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