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Put into his proper place
Big Grin 
I can not stress enough the time has come for all males to put on their knees and taught to serve females. As a society we risk our destruction as long as any male is allowed to behave as a macho jerk. The time has come to rise up, take over and put males in their proper place.

[Image: 337716516_04430c2c8f_b.jpg]
This sissy is willing to take a stand (or knee) with you, Ma'am. I know where I belong.
I agree. My schoolgirl stays in her uniform, speaks only when spoken to and does nothing without permission and supervision. It is a delight to see her with her hands on her head, knickers round her ankles with her shirt, pinafore and school cardigan pinned up with a well striped behind thanking my sister or myself for punishing her.
good morning, may I agree with you males need to be put into their proper place but also placed under tight control from birth so the male way of thinking does not even start
I fully agree. males should be kept under the control of a women from birth.  not allowed to have any of that macho male BS fester at all.  they should be trained and petticoated right away and shown their inferiority to women.  Idealy they should never own "male" clothing.  panty's stockings dresses should be their attire. Serving women should be their desire.
I do agree with most here but think boys should be made to wear dresses and skirts. Men's and boy's wear is just so drab and boring. There is only so much you can do with pants and shirts but the color choices are to limited (black, navy blue, tan or khaki) also limiting their tops is also harmful. Contrary to belief boys like pinks and other pastel colors. Boys do need some support but can be accomplished with panties not those heavy Y-front undies. Did you know it is recommended that boy's and men's tighty-whities should be boiled just like diapers to kill off the bacteria clinging to the padded Y-fronts and leg holes. This bacteria is killed of in panties because of the thinner material used. The other advantage is that panties come in a great assortment of colors as opposed to male undies. These colors will give great choice and allow the panties to become more color coordinated like girls do with dresses and skirts. Boys can wear a dress or skirt as well. In other countries boys war dresses or jumpers to school, I have the pictures to prove this.
Why should boys be forced to wear suits to church when they too would look just as nice in a dress or skirt. Some mothers insist that their boys look like girls when so dressed by fixing their in a girlish style. A boy in a dress or skirt should look like a boy in a dress or skirt with an appropriate hair style or cut unless the boy wants to look like a girl or a sissy. I wore dresses as a boy and long hair was allowed in the 1960s and I looked good in them. Once however my mom did give me a perm and I did look more girlish.
I couldn't agree more.
I would like to humbly add my agreement, Ma'am. You've provided a photo that clearly demonstrates the proper position of the modern, sissified male...on her knees, in feminine, sissy attire with eyes properly lowered in the presence of her Superiors(s)...I was taught that this is my proper place in the world at an early age, and I am most happy when allowed to be in my proper place.


sissy jamieann
100% Agree, petticoating should happen right from birth. I actively help mothers in RL use petticoating on their brats turning them into docile prissy princesses. The world is a better place every time I introduce a new mother to the benefits of petticoating.
Actually mothers should take their sons out shopping for their dresses and skirts. Telltheir sons they get to choose which dresses they get to buy for themselves. For younger boys ages 5 to 11 Super Kmart is a wonderful place as is Walmart. AT Walmart they can even try them on for fit.

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