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Barbara's New Baby Girl
Thank you for the update, Bobby. Emptying a full bladder into a nappy at once really isn’t such a good idea (far better to wet a smaller amount and more frequently) - but I am sure he will learn this.
Barbara soon returned with the bottle of warm milk and she guided me to my crib with stern admonitions to drink it all or I'd start off tomorrow with another sore bottom. As soon as the pacifier was out of my mouth, I began squealing for an end to this.
"When's my mom gonna come get me?" I whined, "I don't wanna play baby anymore."
Barbara was very patient and she sat me down on the edge of the crib mattress while she picked up the teddy bear that was lying there.
"Chrissie, it's time for you to face a few facts. Your mommy isn't coming to get you...not tonight, and not anytime in the future. We've talked about your behavior and it's been decided that you'll be staying with me from now on."
My jaw dropped open in shock as I tried to digest this devastating news.
"I know this must seem like a lot to take in one day, Chrissie, but believe me, it's all for the best," she continued.
I shook my head in disbelief as I struggled for words to say.
"I can see you're upset but there's nothing to worry about, Honey. Nothing at all. Because I'm going to make sure you're the cutest, best behaved little baby girl any mother could hope for.
"Don't you see how this is what you really need? We both know that deep inside, you're just a little sissy that's dying to get out. And I'm going to make that happen for you. You don't have to worry about being a tough little guy anymore, trying to act like something you're not and you don't have to be responsible anymore...I'm your new mommy and I'm taking away all your responsibilities from now on.
"I've got lots of fun toys for you to play with, some cute dollies and coloring books, some big plastic building blocks and tomorrow, I'm getting a big playpen so you can play in the living room while I'm entertaining my girlfriends."
She told this to me like it was something I really wanted but it was all horrifying news to me. All this time, I had been waiting and counting on my mom to come rescue me from this domineering, controlling woman. I still couldn't believe she wasn't coming.
"But I don't want any of that!" I whined strenuously, "I'm not a baby and I don't wanna wear diapers anymore."
Despite my best efforts to give the appearance of being strong, hot tears, brought on by panic, began brimming in my eyes.
"You poor little sissy," Barbara said soothingly, "I know this must seem rather unfair and a bit overwhelming...after all, just this morning you were a big teenage boy in class and now you're a diaper wetting baby being put to bed in your crib.
"But it's really all for the best, honey, believe me," she repeated, "Your mom and I talked it over and we agreed this is just what you need. You don't belong in school, wearing your jeans and trying to fit in with the other guys. Where you belong is in a nursery, wearing diapers and dresses and that's just what I'm going to do for you. You won't have to figure out what to wear anymore because I'll do that for you. I'll dress you in the morning--after I've changed your wet diapers that is--and I'll decide what to feed you. I'll decide where you can play with your toys and I'll decide when your naptime is."
I was shaking my head silently as the tears spilled down my face. My shoulders began to shake as the finality of my situation came crashing down on me like an iron portcullis. Barbara was too strong for me to face physically and she'd already shown that I was no match for her mentally either.
Taking the bottle out of my hand, Barbara gently stood me up and led me over to a plush love seat situated in the corner of the room.
"There, there, Baby," she said in her soothing voice, "Don't cry now...tell you what--I know just what baby needs, you come right over here."
I didn't want anything to do with her but I didn't fight her as she sat down and guided me into a lying position over her lap. As I looked up into her pretty eyes, her massive bosom was just inches from my face and I sucked my breath in as I gaped at its fabulous shape. Barbara smiled down on me as she saw I was momentarily distracted and I watched as she slowly undid the first button on her top. I knew she was manipulating me--it was only too obvious, and I hated her for it. Yet, there was no way I could resist her either. Even as the tears trickled down my cheeks, my penis was hardening and becoming erect within the soft, comforting folds of my diaper. I was angry with her for what she was doing to me but I was completely powerless to hold back my libido.
I watched in captive fascination as she undid the next straining button, and then the next, until her clinging top was pulled aside and the front of her white lacy bra was exposed before me. I had never seen a bra this close, not even my mom's, since she made a point of hiding them from me. Of course, I'd masturbated to pictures in magazines before but this was the real deal!
I found my breath becoming labored as I greedily took in the unbelievable sight before me. The smooth, satiny cups of her bra were so sexy, and my eyes were riveted, taking in every feminine detail for the first time.
My lips were dry and I licked them nervously as Barbara used her lovely manicured fingers to undo the clasp that held her two huge cups together.
"Don't cry, Chrissie...Mommy's going to give you something all little babies need."
Having been shy all my life and having never kissed a girl prior to this morning, I was quite overwhelmed with my present circumstances. My face was flushed and my heart was pounding in my chest as I squirmed uncomfortably on her lap. As she eased her right cup away, I stared dumbfounded as she pulled it back, revealing more and more of her incredible plump breast. It was as big as my head!
"These are just bursting with milk, Chrissie," she beamed down at me, "And I'm going to make sure you get your fill every day."
I whimpered weakly, pleading with her that I wasn't ready for this. She smiled warmly and cupped her big round mammary in her small hand, positioning her large pink areola in front of my face.
"This is what you need, little sissy, a nice warm nipple and mommy's milk to sooth you."
I shook my head and closed my eyes in panic but I felt the damp tip brush against my lips.
"" I whimpered as I blinked back more tears.
"There, there, little baby, open up for mommy now..." she urged me softly, "Take mommy's pink nipple...time to up my little sissy."
I felt her gently pressing it against my lips as her other hand reached around to cradle my head, effectively trapping me. I squirmed and squealed but I couldn't escape. I felt her firm, urgent nipple between my lips and as I struggled and pleaded with her, she gently pushed it into my mouth, filling it and muffling any further complaints. A sob was stifled as I tasted her warm nipple on my tongue. Still trying to speak, the movements of my jaws flexing around her breast brought forth a stream of strange tasting liquid to my mouth and my eyes popped open in surprise.
"That's right baby," she said as she smiled down on me knowingly, "Mommy's got her own milk for you."
I whimpered weakly as she gently stroked the back of my head and without thinking, I began nursing like an infant.
"Thaaat's a good baby," she whispered softly to me, "That's mommy's little baby."
My face was red with embarrassment at this uniquely infantile act but despite that, my penis was rock hard in my diapers.
"This is what you're going to get everyday from now on, because all babies need their milk," she cooed gently in my ear, "And guess what? Some of my friends are lactating too so you'll get the chance to nurse from them as well."
I sucked feverishly now and was rewarded with a steady stream of her maternal nectar. I swallowed it and hungrily sucked harder, my head spinning at what was taking place. Never in my wildest imaginings would I have pictured what I was doing. It was humiliating in the extreme, yet my heart was pounding with excitement. Barbara's big breast tasted wonderful in my mouth and the scent of her skin was like ambrosia. As I nursed like a baby from her bountiful bosom, I felt a sexual wave swelling within me and my penis throbbed mightily. I could feel my blood coursing through me like electricity and I was breathing heavily through my nose. At the same time, my cum was bubbling up, closer and closer and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
With an inevitability I knew I couldn't resist, I climaxed with an explosive force in my diapers. Howling noisily, Barbara kept my mouth firmly in place with her big nipple filling my mouth like a gag as I moaned deliriously. My eyes crossed and my head swam as I tried to cope with the magnitude of my incredible orgasm while my body convulsed and shuddered in ecstasy. I could feel a big gooey wet spot forming in the front of my diaper and I marveled at the fact I hadn't even touched myself.
Barbara smiled down on me with what looked like pride on her beautiful face. Or maybe it was the smug look of her knowing she'd bent me to her will but either way, I didn't care. Right now, I was riding the delightful wave of post-orgasmic bliss, feeling my hard-on gradually beginning to soften slowly as it began shrinking down to it's usual limp form.
For a moment, Barbara pulled her breast out of my mouth as I lay there, gasping for breath. My face was flushed and I looked up at her through half closed eyelids, suddenly feeling very sleepy.
"Well, I think that took all of thirty seconds," she told me, "You really don't have much control do you?"
I swallowed and looked away, extremely embarrassed with myself. It was true I had very little staying power but I'd never really given it much thought.
"But that's okay because with aunt Melissa's help, we're going to take care of that little problem next week."
"Wha-what do you mean?" I croaked as my breathing began to become normal again.
"No need to worry about that, Chrissie, Mommy's got everything under control. And very soon, you will be too," she giggled.
I sensed danger in her vague statement and felt I should press her further.
"What do you mean? What's going to be under control?" I asked again.
Without answering, Barbara reached over and brought the baby bottle to my mouth, easing it between my lips as she shushed me.
"Hushhh little baby," she whispered, "It's beddie bye time for mommy's sissy girl."
I hated being denied anything, and her ignoring my questions left me frustrated and resentful.
Standing me up, she led me back over to the crib and tucked me in, placing the teddy bear under my free arm as she pulled the soft fuzzy blankets up around my chest.
"There, there, Chrissie, Baby's had a big day but it's time to go to sleep now."
Raising the side of my crib, she smiled down upon me with a look of superior satisfaction.
The Barbie clock on the dresser read 7:32 pm.
What a delicious experience for the poor boy. Exquisitely humiliating making a sticky mess in his nappy while he’s suckling his tormentor’s beautiful breast.
(09-03-2021, 03:41 PM)Bobby1111 Wrote: Barbara soon returned with the bottle of warm milk and she guided me to my crib with stern admonitions to drink it all or I'd start off tomorrow with another sore 

xxxxxxxxx snip cut

The Barbie clock on the dresser read 7:32 pm.

Was this supposed to be Chapter -4- ?
Or a continuation of Chapter -3- ?

Another ? ? ? issue - - - posted earlier

A continuation of Chapter -2- ?

In my observation appears to be a some content continuity by Chapter ?

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08-24-2021, 09:50 AM (This post was last modified: 08-24-2021, 09:56 AM by Bobby1111.)

 "Stop it!!" I shouted angrily as I spit out that accursed pacifier, "I'm not wearing any damn diapers and you can go to hell!" I shouted indignantly.

xxxxxxxxx  snip cut

 complete sissy would be caught wearing these! And yet, they felt cozy and wonderful. I was so confused! In my angst, I cried myself to sleep.
@Babylock; These are long chapters so I've divided them up into two parts. The examples you've cited are just continuations of the previous chapter(s).
(09-03-2021, 08:43 PM)Bobby1111 Wrote: @Babylock; These are long chapters so I've divided them up into two parts. The examples you've cited are just continuations of the previous chapter(s).

And then there are the restrictions on the amount of content material that can be posted at one time - - -
No where to post an entire story in one posting - two of your chapters reaches the limit for one posting.

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