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Barbara's New Baby Girl
Another great chapter - Barbara certainly knows how to pull his strings.
 "Stop it!!" I shouted angrily as I spit out that accursed pacifier, "I'm not wearing any damn diapers and you can go to hell!" I shouted indignantly.

  Barbara's face registered genuine shock, but she quickly recovered and steeled herself for a confrontation. It was only then that I noticed she was blocking my way to the door, to say nothing of the fact that my pants were still on the ground.

  "Chrissie, you'll learn that I do not tolerate misbehavior or any cursing of any kind in my house.

  "I was hoping we could get through a day without you going over my lap but I guess I was wrong," she told me sternly. Standing before me authoritatively with her slim hands on her hips, her big breasts seemed to thrust out defiantly.

  With a swiftness I was unprepared for, she suddenly clenched my wrist in her hand and jerked me over to the crib which had one side already open. Taking a seat on the edge of the plastic covered mattress, she flung me over her lap and yanked my Batman underwear down.

  "NOOOOO!!!" I cried as I saw her reach in front of me to snatch her wooden paddle.

  "Chrissie, I hope your little tantrum was worth the tears you're about to shed," she said tersely, "I'm going to give you the spanking you so richly deserve."

  Before I could think how to respond, I felt her paddle slap my bottom with the scorching wallop of buckshot.


  I howled out and kicked instinctively just as she swatted me again even harder.


  Unable to maintain my composure a second longer, I burst into tears just as her paddle rained down on my defenseless cheeks again and again. With crisp, angry swats, she spanked me with a vengence, turning my pale cheeks from pink to a bright fire-engine red in a matter of seconds. She peppered my bottom, swinging her wooden paddle in a punishing rhythm as I wailed helplessly and shook my fists in frustration. I saw now how foolish I had been, thinking I could stand up to her. Her sexy nature automatically made one inclined to underestimate her but I wasn't underestimating her now!

  Bawling like a baby, my legs scissored in the air as I my underwear went flying into another corner of the room. Through eyes brimming with tears, I gazed back at her high heeled sandals, spread slightly apart to support my weight as she held me securely with one hand and spanked me mercilessly with the other. Every cruel slap of her paddle on my soft, tender cheeks reduced my will to resist her until I was willing to do anything--anything in the world, just to make the terrible spanking stop.


  Her fearsome paddle seared itself across my cheeks like a swarm of hornets as I sobbed and cried helpessly against her superior will and strength.

  At long last, she stopped my painful punishment.

  I lay over her lap, too weak to get up, my face wet with tears as I bawled like a naughty toddler.

  "Are you ready to behave yourself now?" she asked patiently.

  Howling miserably, I did my best to respond in the affirmative.

  "That's a good little boy," she said, all traces of anger suddenly gone.

  Helping me to my wobbly feet, she hugged me to her big cushiony bosom, rubbing my back and speaking softly into my ear.

  "There there, Baby, its all over now, everything's going to be okay...."

  I shifted my feet from one to another as I practically danced in her arms but my buns stung so much I couldn't stop crying. My tears splashed down onto the exposed buttery skin of her soft breasts, trickling down the deep crevice of her cleavage.

  "There there, little sissy," she cooed as she kissed my ear, "Go ahead and cry, it'll do you good."

  I hated the fact she had such complete control over me and I bawled in frustration, even as I felt her big, warm, soft breasts pressing against my chest.

  She continued to stroke my back and comfort me, occasionally kissing a tear from my cheek tenderly.

  "Thaaat's it, Chrissey," she whispered, "Get it all out....cry like the little sissy you are..."

  She talked to me warmly and without anger, although I found her words extremely humiliating to have to hear.

  With the loving care of a mother, she started gently rocking me as she began softly singing a lullaby in my ear; "Mommy's going to put her little baby in diapers...diapers...diapers to keep her dry..."

  I certainly didn't want to wear diapers but I wasn't about to try and stand up to her again.

  Stepping back from her, I wiped the tears from my face with a swipe of my arm as I gazed at her pretty face. Still sobbing uncontrollably, with my breath heaving in my chest, I looked into her deep, captivating eyes. I saw nothing but love and affection, motherly love that I hadn't felt for many years but the pain that was raging across my backside still filled me with anger and resentment towards her.

  "Come along Chrissie, it's time for us to get you changed into your diapers and plastic panties now."

  Gently, she led me over to the wide vinyl covered changing table and set me down where I winced in pain as my hot bottom came into contact with it. A fresh set of tears burst from my eyes and Barbara responded by smiling understandingly and pushing my pacifier gently back into my mouth.

  "Now, I know you want to act like you don't like this but we both know you do," she told me in no uncertain terms, "All sissies love their diapers and in no time--you'll feel naked without them.  

  "But don't worry--I want you to know that from now on, you'll never be without them. And you are never to touch them either--understand? The only ones who have permission to change you or touch your diapers in any way are adults--okay, Chrissie?"

  I nodded miserably as she smiled with satisfaction down on me.

  "That's mommy's good little girl," she said to me.

  She took a trio of cloth diapers that were stacked neatly next to the table and positioned them below me. Lifting me up easily by the ankles, she slide them under and began working them around beneath me for a proper fit.

  I protested weakly and incoherently as she smeared diaper rash creme across my hot, stinging buns, then set me down on the soft, pillowy mass of cotton.

  "You don't have to worry about wetting anymore Chrissie," she said cheerfully as if it were a big problem for me, "See the extra soaker pads that are sewn into these? They'll be sure to hold all your pee, even after a long night of wetting. They're even called Bedwetters, and they were specifically designed for big sissies like you that wet a lot."

  I felt so childish as she sprinkled fragrant baby powder all over my loins  and even up onto my chest. The infantile scent assailed my nostrils and breathing deeply of it, I felt transported back to my childhood.

  "Here's one pink bunny pin," she announced merrily as she held the bulky sides together and pushed the safety pin into the cloth to secure it.

  "And here's the other," she said, doing the same with the other side.

  "There! Look at you!" she exclaimed as her long-nailed creamy hand gently patted the front of my now thickly diapered crotch, "Your very first diaper since your mommy potty trained you. Now, all you need is a pretty pair of plastic baby panties!"

  Sucking anxiously on my pacifier, I squirmed nervously as she leaned over and began sifting through my new dresser for a covering.

  "Here we are!" she said brightly, "Perfect for a sissy's first day in diapers!"

  Holding them before me, I gazed in dismay at the white translucent plastic panties decorated with blocks and rattles. Pink birdseye lace lined the legs and waist and without delay, she began working them over my feet and down my legs towards my hips.

  "See how these are partially clear?" she asked, "That way, Mommy can tell when her little baby girl has wet herself."

  I shuddered at the thought even as I noticed her subtle change of pronouns when she referred to me.

  Bending over me as she went about her business, I gazed absently at her big sexy breasts within her tight top as they swung ponderously before me.

  Tugging the soft waterproof panties up my legs, she worked them over the thick, bulging diaper until the elastic waistband was hugging my skin. Taking the baby powder, she powdered between my legs and then softly rubbed it into my tender skin.

  "Oh my, you look soo cute," she gushed happily, "So completely natural in diapers, just like a perfect little sissy girl."

  I blushed hotly and whimpered around my pacifier as she helped me to stand up. The thick bulk between my legs felt awkward and I was forced to stand with my legs slightly apart.

  "Come take a look at yourself in the mirror, Chrissie," she said as she led me over to a full length mirror in the corner of the room, "You're so cute I just want to eat you up!"

  She emphasized her point by squeezing the thick seat of my diapers, making me squeal with surprise like a girl.

  Looking at my childish reflection, I blushed fiercely as I beheld myself for the first time. My legs, which had always been smooth and free of any hair, only added to my babyish appearance and with my pink sissy top and bulging diapers, I truly looked like a toddler. And the fact that I was still sniffling around the big rubber pacifier stuffed in my mouth served to complete my humiliating look.

  "Now I'm afraid since you acted up earlier, Mommy's going to have to put you down for your naptime now," Barbara said, a trace of disappointment in her voice.

  Leading me over to the crib, she helped me in and tucked me in tenderly, pulling the baby blankets up and putting a teddy bear under one of my arms. She raised the side bars and smiled down at me.

  "That should keep baby in her place," she said, "Now you just hold still, and Mommy will get you your bottle, Honey."

  Instinctively, I reached out and felt the wooden bars that surrounded my new prison--they were pink and glossy,  reminding me of the crib I slept in right up to kindergarten.

  Before long, Barbara returned with an extra large baby bottle in her hand.

  "Here you are, Chrissie, a nice big bottle of warm milk. Now I want you to make sure you completely finish that before I come in again for you," she warned me with a wag of her long nailed finger, "Little sissies that do what they're told get treats but those that disobey get spanked. Okay Sweety?"

  I nodded my head sullenly as I took the bottle from her.

  Reaching over the bars, she pulled my pacifier out and pushed the big rubber nipple of the bottle between my lips.

  "That's a good baby," she cooed musically, "Nurse on your ba-ba."

  She stood there to watch me for a bit, just to make sure I was going to do as I was told and then she turned to go, making sure the Care Bears nightlight was on.

  "Sweet sissy dreams, Chrissie," she sang out as she softly closed the door.

  Quickly removing the bottle from my mouth, I set it down next to me, pouting miserably in frustration. Never in my entire life had I been so completely humiliated! Oh, how I hated this woman! She'd punished me far worse than anyone had ever come close, and yet, I was so helpless before her! My cheeks burned with shame over my babyish outfit, even as my bottom cheeks burned from the recent paddling. To think I was wearing diapers and plastic pants! How had this ever happened to me?

  One thing was for sure--as soon as my mom found out, there would be hell to pay. I intended to explain everything to her--well, maybe not everything. I'd do my best to down play certain things. I had no intention of describing the diapers I was forced to wear for instance. But I'd be sure to tell her this crazy woman had done everything humanly possible to humiliate me. She'd be as indignant as I was and then I'd never have to see Barbara again.

  Lying back in the semi darkness, I sighed in frustration.

  On the other hand, who was I kidding? My mom would probably applaud Barbara for so thoroughly punishing me. Maybe she'd even agree to some long term arrangement for me to stay here. God, how terrible would that be?

  Pouting to myself in misery, my mind began wandering and I found myself once again thinking about Barbara's tremendous curvy breasts. Man oh man, they were huge, I thought to myself. Her skin was so soft and her round boobs so plump and sexy. Without warning, my pen-is sprang to attention and I reached down to it without thinking. Unfortunately, my hand was separated by the snug plastic panties I was wearing and several thick layers of cushiony cotton diaper.

  Impatient to stroke myself, I began rubbing the soft pliable front of my diapers, which resulted in a wonderful, pleasurable massage of my aching pen-is. Waves of ecstasy washed over me as I used the other hand to join in. Much as I hated my humiliating new underwear, I had to admit they felt fantastic between my hands and my hard on. Spreading my legs, it only took a moment before I had one of the most powerful orgasms of my entire young life, making me shudder with joy in the crib. It left me gasping for air and it was several seconds before my eyes finally uncrossed.

  As I lay there, coming down from the high of my climax, the full weight of my shame hit me like a stack of bricks. Here I was, dressed like a little baby girl and I had just used my diapers to masturbate into. Worse yet--it had felt better than anything I'd ever experienced. As hard as I tried to, I couldn't stop Barbara's words from ringing in my head: "All sissies love their diapers and in no time--you'll feel naked without them...All sissies love their diapers and in no time--you'll feel naked without them..."  

  Was I really a sissy? I despised myself for proving her right. Looking down in the soft light at the shiny plastic of my bulging diapers, a new wave of humiliation swept through me. Only a complete sissy would be caught wearing these! And yet, they felt cozy and wonderful. I was so confused! In my angst, I cried myself to sleep.
Crying for joy (without realizing it of course), Chrissie's strings are truly pulled now.
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Well done
(08-23-2021, 01:16 AM)Bobby1111 Wrote: Chapter Two   Chris' New Home

I want you to understand that this is your very own pacifier and you must never take it out. Ever. Okay? Do you understand?

Never take my new pacifier out? Ever? Never? Nooooo! She can't do this! Can she? OMG, I don't want another one of those spankings. Never? Noooo!

(08-24-2021, 02:50 PM)Bobby1111 Wrote: ...
"All sissies love their diapers and in no time--you'll feel naked without them.  

"But don't worry--I want you to know that from now on, you'll never be without them. And you are never to touch them either--understand? The only ones who have permission to change you or touch your diapers in any way are adults--okay, Chrissie?"


Here I was, dressed like a little baby girl and I had just used my diapers to masturbate into. Worse yet--it had felt better than anything I'd ever experienced. As hard as I tried to, I couldn't stop Barbara's words from ringing in my head: "All sissies love their diapers and in no time--you'll feel naked without them...All sissies love their diapers and in no time--you'll feel naked without them..."  


Never be without them? Never? I can never touch them? But I touched them and it felt so good. Oh no, she will find out. Nooooo, I don't want another spanking. From now on, I will never be without my diapers! My diapers! How can she do this to me? How could I stop her? I can't. Never be without them? Diapers. My diapers. Noooo!

(08-24-2021, 11:39 PM)martha82 Wrote: Well done

Yes. Because secretly, yeeeessss! :-)
What a deliciously humiliating tale.

Masturbating into a nappy as a teenager is a truly wonderful, and yet shameful, experience. It feels great at the time, but you know your mother, or in this case babysitter, is going to find out when she changes you.
Beautifully updated, Bobby. You have truly captured the conflict of emotions that nappies can bring in such circumstances. I suspect that mantra will be ringing in his head for some time to come.  Big Grin
Chapter Three   A Visit From Melissa

            I slept the better part of the afternoon, despite the unfamiliar, awkward bulk between my legs and the crinkly vinyl waterproof mattress cover I was lying against.
          In my dreams, Barbara was letting me kiss her wonderful big breasts, unbuttoning her tight top to reveal more and more of her soft, silky smooth skin. She smelled lovely and I luxuriated in her intoxicating closeness.
          I woke up slowly and as I did, I found myself rubbing the front of my diapers with eager abandon. Once again, I found the combination of soft, comforting cotton to be more than I could stand, and in no time, I came explosively as visions of Barbara swam before my blurred, half closed eyes.
          Like deja vu, once the rush of the orgasm had faded, I was crushed by shame. Here I was, fantasizing about my arch foe--a woman who had reduced me into a simpering, sissy baby girl! How low had I sunk? Yet, I was a helpless slave to my lustful desires. There was no denying Barbara's beauty and incredible sex appeal. How could anyone resist such a woman? Subconsciously, I realized it was just one more weapon in her arsenal that she used against weak willed guys like me. And I was completely defenseless against her!
          Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the nursery room door open and recognized the hourglass silhouette of Barbara coming in.
          "Hello Chrissie," she called out softly, "Is my little baby awake?"
          "Uh-huh," I answered.
          She turned on the light and came over to the crib, bending over to look in on me. I took the opportunity to stare down the front of her low cut top and I gaped at her magnificent boobs. Even having cum so recently, I felt my little penis beginning to stiffen within my diapers.
          "Chrissie? Did you finish your milk like I told you?" she asked suspiciously.
          I had completely forgotten about it and bleated out a nervous 'oops' as she picked it up.
          "You're a naughty little sissy!" she scolded me but I sensed she wasn't really angry, "I'm going to re-warm this and then you are to finish it immediately. I'll let you get away with this on this occasion but the next time is going to cost you a spanking."
          I gulped hard as she strode out of the room, determined to avoid another blistering session with her paddle.
          It wasn't long before she returned and after handing me the bottle, she unlocked my crib top and lowered the side rail. I wasted no time in nursing from the bottle and as she helped me up, she squeezed the thick seat of my diapers.
          "Did mommy's baby wet her pampers?" she asked in a syrupy voice.
          "Un-uh," I mumbled and I blushed nervously, hoping she wouldn't put her hand down the front and discover the big gooey wet spot from where I had cum twice. That would be a sure way to end up taking another trip over her lap.
          "Okay, well, we can wait on changing your diapers, let's find a pretty outfit for you to wear," she said eagerly as she took my hand and led me over to the closet.
          I was amazed at all the frilly dresses and rompers she had, and I suspected some of them must have come from her store. Her hands stopped at a silky lilac colored dress and she pulled it out, putting up before me to see how it would look.
          "Oh, that will be just darling, she exclaimed with great enthusiasm, "the purple in this dress goes just perfect with your baby blue eyes--you'll be just the prettiest little thing!"
          I blushed in embarrassment and she helped me out of the sissy top I had worn for my nap. Holding my arms up dutifully, she brought the dress over my head and fitted it into place. It was made of soft, purplish-lilac silk material with a Peter Pan style collar and a white frilly bodice. Short puffy sleeves ended with elasticized delicate lace, causing them to billow out on either side of my shoulders and masking my boyish torso. The hem, which I soon discovered was extremely short, barely came down past the waistband of my diapers.
          "These are all cut very short, so that diaper changes are much easier," she explained as she buttoned it up in back, "And they all have a secure tie string in back, which prevents any unauthorized removal--this dress will stay on until I decide to take it off."
          I had to stand patiently while she fastened it up carefully, tying the back in a knot I knew I'd never be able to reach, never mind undo. Taking me back over to the crib, she sat me on the edge of the mattress while she went back to the dresser and retrieved some socks.
          "Aren't these special?" she asked, "Look at the cute purple lace around the ankles and the little plastic pacifiers--they jingle like bells when you walk around."
          I groaned inwardly, even as I did my best to finish the big bottle of warm milk. I hated milk, especially warm, but I knew better than to make an issue of it. Unfortunately, between having already drank quite a bit and cumming twice, I was starting to feel a real need to pee. I wasn't about to use my diapers and I figured I could just wait until my mom came by for me. It shouldn't be long now, I reasoned.
          After putting the frilly, purple trimmed anklets on me, Barbara knelt down to buckle a pair of glossy black Mary Janes onto my feet.
          "You're going to be the cutest little baby girl ever!" she gushed proudly.
          "I think the next item I need to get for you is a little purse," she said as she looked me over critically.
          "Okay, I'm sure you're getting hungry--let's get you ready for dinner," she remarked as she stood me up.
          Taking my hand, she led me down the hall and into her spacious kitchen. The fat diaper forced me to waddle and I was unaccustomed to feeling the slippery plastic bulk brushing against my inner thighs. The dress swished noisily and it made it impossible for me to forget I was dressed like a little baby girl.
          Once we got into the kitchen, Barbara helped me up into a sturdy pink highchair, much bigger than a normal one and apparently made for someone of my size. As soon as I was seated, she removed the step I had used to get into the chair which left my feet swinging uselessly. There was a matching tray that she brought over and slid into the sides of the chair where it clicked with a locking sound. If I didn't already feel helpless with that, she began securing my wrists with two pink velcro straps.
          "That's just so baby doesn't interfere with her feeding," she told me as she beeped my nose playfully.
          With the tray against my abdomen and my wrists restrained against the sides, I was completely at her mercy.
          "Now, we certainly don't want to mess up your pretty dress so here's a nice baby bib for you."
          She came around behind me and tied a big plastic Dumbo bib around my neck, carefully smoothing it down over my chest.
          "That's a good baby," she said, "now you're all ready for num-nums!"
          She wasted no time in emptying several jars of baby food onto a green plastic divided plate and with a large spoon in hand, she brought it over and set it on the tray in front of me.
          I started to squirm uncomfortably because my need to pee was getting more urgent and I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold it. At the same time, none of the slop she was about to feed me looked in the least bit appetizing and I wasn't looking forward to this meal.
          "Here we go, Chrissie, din-din time!" she sang merrily.
          Scooping up a big spoonful of something yellow, she brought it up to my lips but I blanched at the smell.
          "Un-uh," I balked weakly.
          "Open up Sissy, baby needs her veggies," she urged me.
          I turned my head but she followed my lips with the heaping spoon of slop. I was keeping my lips pursed shut but then she pinched my nose with her free hand and held it closed, smiling down on me as she waited patiently. In no time at all, I gasped for breath and she rewarded me with the entire spoonful of pureed corn. Most of it got in, although some slopped on the side of my mouth. I nearly choked on the foul tasting glop but I managed to gulp it down nonetheless.
          I wanted to wipe the food off the side of my mouth but I couldn't move my hands and Barbara was already bringing another heaping spoonful up to my face.
          "Here comes the train...into the tunnel!" she sang in some sort of nursery song.
          "Nooo--" I whimpered but she shoved it into my mouth anyway.
          "MMRPHH," I gurgled and it was all I could do not to spit it out.
          Barbara was ready with another spoonful, this time of a green colored food. I shook my head no but once again, she held my nose and forced it into my mouth. Half of it spilled down my chin and plopped onto the front of my bib.
          "Oh, you're a messy eater," Barbara chided me.
          Scooping up the slop from my bib, she combined it with another spoonful of something else and brought it up to my face.
          "Open up Chrissie, this is good for you," she assured me confidently.
          I was squirming in my seat, struggling to get away but the velcro straps kept me securely in place. On top of that, my bladder was aching and ready to burst. It was all I could do to fight Barbara's frenetic feeding pace but the need to pee was becoming even more critical. And every time I opened my mouth enough to cry out, she filled it with more slop. By now, my chin and mouth were covered with different colors of baby food, yet she still kept bringing more to my lips. My stomach was turning somersaults and I felt queasy from the nasty food I was forced to gulp down.
          I shook my head no but once again, she held my nose closed until I was forced to gasp for breath.
          "Here you go!" she sang with a big smile as she poured another heaping spoonful of mashed peas into my open mouth.
          Struggling helplessly against my bonds, I suddenly felt the dam burst. With a plaintive cry, I felt a strong surge of hot pee flooding into my diapers. I wriggled in place and cried out, only to have Barbara shove another spoonful of slop into my mouth, muffling my wail of desperation. Another strong surge followed the first, and the warm wetness spread rapidly across the front of my diaper. I sobbed in despair and gave up in defeat, capitulating to nature's call as millions of babies had done before me. My bladder had been holding a day's worth of pee and there was no stopping it now. After soaking the front of the thick cotton cloth of my diaper, the warm pee seeped back between my legs, quickly saturating my seat. More pee followed the beginning surge, creating a warm yellow puddle between my legs. In helpless frustration, I burst into tears, the food in my mouth spilling over my jaw and down my chin.
          Barbara stopped momentarily to look down at me in sympathy.
          "Awww, what's da matter Sweetie?" she said in her cutesy baby's voice, "Is Cwissie having a bad day?"
          The tears streaked down my cheeks and into the slop that was caked all over my face. My pee was still running strong and I feared it would leak out the sides and onto the seat of my highchair. Shifting in my chair, I felt the warm wet cloth squishing and clinging stubbornly to my bottom. I felt so babyish, having been forced to wet my diapers like an infant and I bawled uncontrollably.
          Barbara lowered her head sideways and gazed at the darkened front of my diapers.
          "Ahhh, I see," she beamed at me with a look of pride, "Mommy's little girl just wet her diapers!"
          I shook my wrists in frustration but the velcro straps held me all too well.
          With the palm of her hand, she placed it against the warm front of my diapers to feel my wetness.
          "Oh my, you are quite the little wetter, aren't you?" she giggled, "I'm glad I triple diapered you, but don't worry Honey, those plastic panties will keep it all in.
          "Tell you what," she suggested, "We'll finish up dinner and then I'll get you into a nice, fresh set of pampers, okay?" 
          Without responding, I just sat there and cried like a toddler. Ever since I had seen her, Barbara had been forcing me to her will and I was sick of it. I was so angry I wanted to scream and I hated myself for crying but I couldn't seem to stop. Once started, I could no more stop my crying than I could my wetting.
          Just then, the doorbell rang and I froze in position.
          "You just stay right there," she said unnecessarily as she set the spoon and plate down on the tray, "I'll be right back."
          I watched with trepidation as she sauntered off, her sexy bottom sashaying and her high heels clicking across the hardwood floor as she went to the front door. I was terrified of being seen like this and I kicked my feet helplessly as I struggled in futility to free myself. What was I going to do if someone saw me in this position? With my soaking wet diapers, baby food caked face, and the fact that I'd obviously been crying, I looked no better than a crabby two year-old.
          Opening the door, Barbara stood aside as she greeted her caller in a friendly voice.
          "Hello Melissa!" she exclaimed as she gave her friend a big hug, "Come in, come in!"
          I watched in horrified panic as a tall, raven haired woman stepped into the entranceway. She was quite a looker and she was dressed smartly as well. Black leather high heeled boots accented her skin tight pants showing off her fabulous physique. She had a white blouse, unbuttoned to the waist and underneath, what looked like a black corset that pushed her sexy breasts into two exciting mounds of feminine glory.
          But right now, I sat cringing as she turned to face me, the look of disapproval plain to see on her pretty face. I had never felt more like a complete loser in all my life.
          "I hope I haven't come by at a bad time," she said cautiously to Barbara.
          "No, not at all! In fact, your timing couldn't be better. Chrissie was just finishing up his dinner and he's already wet himself so I was just going to change him. I'll get him cleaned up before you start so it's a perfect time to get his measurements," she explained.
          My face, already covered with colorful baby food, just turned another shade of deep red.
          Melissa came over to get a better look at me and I sat there sniffling, puffy eyed, with slop caked all over my face. She shook her head at what she saw--a teenaged guy wearing a dress and wet diaper who looked helpless without his mommy.
          "What a sissy," was all she said as she shook her head.
          "He certainly is," Barbara confirmed, "I knew right off when I first saw him he was either a panty thief or momma's boy. I was able to get some information from his mother and when I brought him over, I put him straight into diapers and baby clothes. I think this stage suits his immature, whiny personality the best--dressed like a two-year old toddler. No bras and panties for him--it'll be diapers and onesies from now on," she chuckled smugly.
          I felt myself blushing all the way to my ears at her humiliating appraisal of me.
          Melissa had crossed her slim, toned arms over her prominent bosom as she watched Barbara take a warm washcloth and wipe my face of food and the tears I'd cried. I was devastated to be seen like this and I kept my eyes on the floor, unable to look this tall, strong woman in the face.
          When Barbara was finished and my bib had been removed, she undid the velcro straps around my arms and pulled out the locking tray in front of me.
          "Come on Chrissie," she said brightly, "Let's go get those wet diapers changed."
          She emphasized her point by giving my thickly diapered seat a slap which landed with a dull thud.
          I trudged along behind her as she held my hand and led me back to the nursery, Melissa coming along behind us.
          "D-does she hafta watch?" I whimpered in my pleading voice.
          Barbara turned to look at me in surprise.
          "Don't you worry your pretty little head about that, Sweetie, you'll be seen by all my friends sooner or later so this is something you'll just have to get used to."
          I pouted and stamped my feet in frustration over the unfairness of it all.
          "There's no point in getting fussy, Chrissie--you can bet some of them will want to change you themselves, once they see you what a big baby you really are."
          Sitting me down on the changing table, Barbara pushed the short lacey hem of my dress up my chest, further exposing my sopping wet diapers. I blushed hotly with shame as Melissa stared down at me hard, not a trace of sympathy to be found on her stern face.
          With Barbara's long glossy fingernails, she reached into the clinging elastic waistband of my plastic panties and began tugging them down over the wet cotton cloth.
          "As you can see, a big sissy wets quite a lot; I'm using triple thick diapers with a soaker pad for him which is just what he needs--that, and a good snug pair of plastic panties."
          Melissa started fishing in her purse and she got out a pen and paper, along with a small measuring tape. I hadn't the slightest idea what she had in  mind but to be honest, that was the last thing on my mind. Not only was this strange woman seeing me with wet diapers, she was also about to discover just how small my wiener was.
          My penis had always been an acute source of embarrassment for me. It seemed that after about the second grade, it had just stopped growing and it was by any standards, tiny. While the rest of my body had grown more or less normally, my penis remained stunted and disproportionately small. I had always hoped that puberty would spur the growth somehow but so far, I hadn't seen any evidence of that.
          I squirmed in embarrassment as Barbara unpinned the sides of my diaper and peeled the soaking wet cloth back.
          "OH-MY-GOD," Melissa exclaimed in shock, "Is that thing real?"
          Barbara stopped my changing as she burst into laughter, her hand coming to rest on her friend's shoulder as she shook with amusement.
          "Yes, that's all there is," she said as soon as she could talk again, "Do you see what I meant about needing a custom device?"
          "Oh my god--yes," Melissa nodded her head, "I've never seen a penis that small! It must be an inch or so!"
          Without waiting, she held her tape measure down next to my wilted, humiliated member, scrutinizing the size carefully.
          "Yes, that'll be a total custom order for sure," she affirmed.
          "Can you do it?" Barbara asked hopefully, "Even the Birdlocked Mini will be way too big for him."
          "Oh yes, way too big," she agreed, "No, this one will be completely handmade to fit him."
          I had no clue what they were talking about but I wished Barbara would finish and cover me back up. It was mortifying laying here while these two made fun of my diminutive wiener.
          "What are you measuring for?" I asked uncertainly in a small, feeble voice.
          Barbara just smiled down at me before taking my pacifier and pushing back it into my protesting mouth.
          "There you are Sweetie, this is just grown-up talk that doesn't concern you. You just suck on your paci."
           I pouted in frustration and did as I was told, but I wished I knew what they were talking about.
          "Do you shave his legs and crotch?" Melissa asked in wonder.
          "No, not at all," Barbara laughed, "Amazing, isn't it? This is how he came to me, bald as a baby, even around his little package here."
          I blushed hotly at her keen observation.
          "His legs are so girlish," Melissa remarked disparagingly, "I thought maybe you'd waxed them or something."
          Barbara giggled and shook her head as she removed the heavy wet diaper from underneath me, plopping it into a sturdy plastic bin.
          Melissa took her tape and ran it around the base of my genitals, noting the figure on her pad.
          "I'll have to get a measurement of him erect--can you do that?" she asked.
          "Sure thing," Barbara replied and she picked up a bottle of baby lotion that was next to the changing table. Squeezing some in her hand, she began rubbing it gently around my shriveled, embarrassed penis.
          "Do you like big breasts, Chrissie?" she said as she undid the uppermost button on her top.
          I was extremely humiliated with what was taking place but as I stared at the perfectly round shapes of her sexy bosom, my wiener responded all too predictably. In no time, it was stiff and hard, throbbing within her soft, sensuous grip as she smiled down upon me.
          I groaned with desire and yearning for a third orgasm even though a part of me was saying I should show some dignity to resist her.
          "There you are," she said as she released my slick penis, "I think that's as big as it's going to get."
          Melissa just shook her head in amazement.
          "Unbelievable, it looks like a stubby crayon."
          Afraid it would collapse without further stimulation, Melissa hurried to measure it with her tape, jotting down the last figure on her pad.
          "Got it," she said with finality, "So, does he masturbate quite a lot then?"
          I shook my head no and bleated out a muffled protest but they both ignored me as if I didn't exist.
          "His mother told me he's a chronic masturbator, that's why I wanted to get this as soon as possible," Barbara informed her.
          "Yes, he looks like a little masturbator, I'll bet he does it several times a day."
          It was clear she thought of me as a nasty little perv and I blushed, shaking my head vigorously in disagreement.
          "I'm sure of it," Barbara agreed, "Is there any way you can put a rush on that?"
          "How about a week?" she responded, "This one is going to take longer than usual due to how tiny he is."
          "I understand, do what you can," Barbara told her.
          If only I knew what they were talking about!
          Barbara had slid another tall stack of fresh diapers beneath me and she pinned them around my hips as they made small talk between themselves. I was totally forgotten as they laughed and talked about the men in their life--real men, they emphasized, and it made me jealous as hell to have to sit there getting my diapers changed like a toddler and act like I couldn't hear them.
          Barbara finished my changing as she pulled a pair of soft pink plastic panties up my legs.
          "Here you are, Chrissie, all diapered and ready for bed. I'll just get you some jammies to wear."
          I whimpered around my pacifier and made it obvious my disapproval.
          "No, it's 7:30, Chrissie. That's bedtime for sissies who wear diapers," she told me firmly.
          Moving behind me, she began untying the knot she'd made earlier at the back of my dress and she pulled it over my head. After she hung it back up, she brought over a fuzzy white onesie with bunny designs decorating it. I fussed crankily as she worked it over my head and pulled it down over my chest and waist. It had a big row of pink ruffles around the elasticized waist with smaller matching ruffles around the leg openings. Reaching between my legs, she snapped closed the four metal snaps between the legs, making the soft fuzzy fabric cling snugly to my bulging diapers. Somehow, I found this babyish garment even more humiliating to be dressed in--maybe because it also signified my early bedtime and the crib I'd soon be sleeping in.
          Catching sight of myself in the full length mirror, I couldn't believe how sissyish I looked. My fat diapers gave me a distinctive bell shape with the big ruffles looking like a sissy belt. My glossy Mary Janes only added further to the effect although Barbara soon removed them and put them away.
          "I'm going to get you your bedtime bottle and then it's off to the crib for you, Missy," she said as she rose to her feet.
          I chewed the fat rubber nipple that filled my mouth in acute frustration as Melissa ignored me and made a call on her cell phone, telling someone about the measurements she'd just taken. I was impatiently waiting for my mom who should have come over by now and I didn't understand what was taking her so long. If she didn't come over soon, I'd be in bed already and I was afraid she'd leave me here.
          Melissa left without so much as a goodbye and while I thought she had a sexy body, I was very intimidated by her and was relieved to see her go.
Another lovely chapter, thank you!
Oh my, the Goddess of (Sissy) Fate has been let loose...
Terrific writing once more, Bobby. Thanks!
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   

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