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Barbara's New Baby Girl
Barbara's New Baby Girl

Chapter One   The Store
            My mom's 20 year-old Honda Accord made its way, wheezing tiredly but steadily across town with myself as its reluctant passenger. Sitting in the back seat, I sulked in silence, unhappy with my situation in which I was being forced to accompany my dumb sister to get some girly clothes. My mom had insisted I come along because she didn't want me home by myself, despite the fact that I was all of 13 years old now, going on fourteen. It was mortifying to still be treated like a snot-nosed kid at my age.
          To show my general disapproval of my mom's plans, I let out a loud and dreary sigh. This went unnoticed so I did it again until I saw my mom look up at me in the rear view mirror.
          "Why do I hafta spend all day at this lame store?" I whined miserably.
          "It's not all day, Chris, she said tiredly, "It's just long enough to get Lindsey a dress and then we're done."
          "But I don't wannnna go," I complained bitterly, not for the first time.
          My mom sighed in resignation.
          "Tell you what Chris, once we finish at the store, I'll take you to get some ice cream. How about that?" she offered, hoping desperately to placate me.
          Fact was, my mom was easily pushed around. And truth be told, I knew just how to do it, through pleading, whining, and complaining until she eventually capitulated.
          "Okay," I replied sullenly, although I was secretly pleased to have wrung a concession out of her.
          We pulled into the parking lot of the store a short time later and as I craned my neck, I could read the pink cursive writing on the neon sign. It said Missy's Dresses and Apparel and I cringed at the thought of spending more than five minutes as a captive within it's walls.
          On the way over, we'd stopped for lunch at Chuck-E-Cheese and my sister and I still carried our disposable soda cups with our leftover drinks. Personally, I hated Chuck-E-Cheese because it catered to such a juvenile crowd but that was one contest I had decided to let my mom win.
          As I got out of the car, I was crunching some of the ice from my cup, having discarded the lid somewhere in the back of the car.
          "Chris, put the lid back on," my mom told me, "I don't want you to spill anything in the store."
          "Aww Mom," I started, "I'm not gonna spill anything," I said as I kicked a stray rock in the parking lot.
          "Chris, just do it this time, okay? Just once I'd like to have you do something without a major ordeal," she muttered in exasperation.
          "I'm not gonna spill anything--I promise," I said, my voice approaching it's maximum tone of whininess.
          My mom sighed heavily, finally giving up and I strode behind her, noisily crunching my ice as I chocked up yet another victory.
          My sister Lindsey was eight and very excited to be able to pick out a dress of her own. Apparently, this store was known for it's fancy, frilly dresses, the kind like you'd see at an Easter party or something. Personally, I couldn't care less so the sooner I could get them out of there, the better.
          Walking in through the main doors, I stopped my crunching of ice and suddenly swallowed hard. Standing before us, was an absolutely breathtaking woman who smiled down upon us, greeting us into her establishment.
          "Well hello!" she beamed enthusiastically at us, "Welcome to Missy's Dresses!"
          My sister was grinning ear to ear and bubbling with excitement but I was finding my mouth going dry as I stared openly at this stunning angel from heaven. Immediately capturing my full attention and right at eye level, I gaped in awe and amazement at this gorgeous woman's deep, plunging line of cleavage, disappearing down into the V cut of her silk top that was stretching mightly to contain her massive breasts. They were round, perfectly shaped, and in all honesty, huge! I had never seen boobs so big in all my life, especially on a woman so slim. My heart thumped within my chest and I felt a familiar stirring in my groin as I stood there mesmerized.
          She had a snug pencil skirt that wrapped around her curvy hips and seemed to accent her narrow waist and hourglass figure. Her long, silky blonde hair was pulled back, not severely, but in a very feminine way that emphasized her very pretty face. Full, luscious lips and delicate, yet commanding eyes that held me in their gaze, prevented me from evaluating her further. I felt instinctively that here was a woman of presence, so completely night and day from my own weary mother.
          "And what's your name, Young Man," she said as she bent down slightly to speak to me.
          Her cleavage yawned before me and I licked my dry lips as I stared at her soft twin mounds of feminine glory.
          "C-C-Chris," I stuttered uncertainly. I felt my cheeks glowing red at being the center of attention of this goddess and I was forced to look down at the floor.
          "Hello Chris--Let's see...I'm guessing you're about ten, right?"
          My face flushed with embarrassment at her gross underestimation of me. It's true that I was short with somewhat effeminate features but I always thought of myself as a guy's guy.
          "I-I'm thirteen!" I protested.
          "Oh!" she exclaimed, putting her slim, manicured hand in front of her mouth, "I'm sorry, I had no idea!"
          "And are you here to get something pretty?" she asked in her syrupy voice.
          I had no idea why she'd draw that kind of conclusion about me but it was enough to allow me to finally regain my composure.
          "No way!" I snapped, "We're here for my dumb sister."
          I pointed at Lindsey who was staring with star struck eyes at the vast selection of frilly, girly clothes all around us.
          "Well I know we'll find just what it is you're looking for," the lady said, focusing in on my sister, "My name is Barbara, and this is my store."
          She gave us all eye contact and when her gaze fell upon me, I practically shivered. I think I was in love! What a total babe!
          My mom explained the type of dress they were looking for and Barbara led them to a different section of the store where they might find it.
          All the while, I took the opportunity to drink in her sexy, adult curves. What a woman! From every angle, she was incredible. She wore high heeled pumps that matched the silky top she was wearing and her snug skirt went no further than the top of her knees, allowing me to admire her smooth, shapely legs.
          Following behind her, I was looking her up and down, when she suddenly turned around to make sure I hadn't become lost. Unprepared for her about face, I stumbled forward and ran right into her, my face mashing against her soft pillowy breast.
          "Oh! I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed, although she was wearing a knowing smile as I blushed furiously from my clumsiness. Despite my embarrassment, my penis was rock hard and I was already thinking of ways to relieve it the second I got home. To be sure, this woman would feature prominently in my fantasies for quite some time.
          My sister began picking out dresses, far more than I knew we could afford, or would have time to try on and when Barbara went to help out another customer, I quickly began to get bored.
          "Mom? How long is this gonna take?" I whined pitifully.
          "Just a little bit longer Chris, try to be patient," she chided me.
          "But this is soooo boring," I complained, making myself a complete nuisance.
          "Chris, why don't you go amuse yourself somewhere in the store--we'll find you when we're done," she told me tiredly.
          Muttering to myself, I shuffled off, knowing I was going to be bored to tears no matter where I was in the store.
          I spied Barbara about twenty feet away, talking to what I assumed was her assistant, a real knockout from what I could see. While not as curvy as her boss, this woman looked to be about 19 or 20, with long, straight blonde hair and a body that looked like had been sculpted in a gym. She looked like a real hottie!
          Totally  distracted, I set my drink down on one of the store's fixtures, not even paying attention to what I was doing. I just wanted to spy on these two while they were unaware of my attention.
          All of a sudden, I heard the contents of my drink spill noisily as the cup fell about a foot off the ledge I'd set it on. Looking down, I gasped in shock as the red liquid splattered all over several fancy white dresses that had been laid out on the next shelf down.
          Oh my god! What a huge mess!
          Looking around, I saw that no one had yet witnessed my blunder and taking in the scene of disaster, panic filled me and rendered me incapable of rational thought. The only thing that occurred to me was to flee and right away! If only I could get my mom to leave before it was discovered, I might escape punishment.
          Barbara and her assistant were still occupied with their conversation so I scurried back to where my mom was evaluating my sister's latest choice.
          "Oh that's lovely, Dear," she remarked, "What do you think?"
          "I think I like the pink one better, Mommy," she replied.
          "Do you?" she asked.
          It was obvious they were in no hurry to get going and I fidgeted nervously, shifting my weight from one foot to another as I bit my lip in angst.
          "Are you guys about done?" I asked anxiously.
          Oblivious to my state of panic, my mom hardly looked my way.
          "Chris I thought you were going to occupy yourself until we came and got you."
          "How much longer is this gonna take?" I pleaded with her.
          "For heaven's sakes, Chris, you're really becoming a trial," she replied with annoyance. Of course, she always said that but what grated at me now was that she used to it delay whatever it was I wanted at the moment and what I wanted right now was to get out of there fast!
          From behind me, I heard the distinctive sound of approaching high heels; a 'click-click-click' that announced my moment of retribution was at hand.
          "Excuse me, Ma'am," the commanding voice spoke from behind me and I knew with sinking certainty it belonged to Barbara.
          It was only with great effort I was able to turn around to face her and I saw she was holding my empty Chuck-E-Cheese cup in her lovely slim hand.
          The blood drained from my face and my palms felt suddenly clammy.
          "Does this cup belong to one of your children?"
          I resented being classified as a child but that was the least of my worries as my mom looked from the cup and over to me.
          "Why yes it is, did Chris neglect to throw it away when he was done?" she asked, innocently unaware of what I'd done.
          "Will you come with me a moment?" Barbara asked. Her voice was friendly but firm and it filled me with dread.
          As we followed along behind her, my mind raced with any possible excuses as to how I could talk my way out of this. The problem was, I simply couldn't think straight. Somehow, I knew this woman wouldn't tolerate being manipulated like I was used to with my mom--she'd see right through me. 
          When we got to the scene of my spill, my mom's face showed both horror and dismay. This was exactly what she had warned me about before coming in and my blithe dismissal was still ringing in my ears.
          "I found this mess just now and I recognized the cup from the ones your children were drinking from," Barbara explained, "Would anyone like to own up to what happened here?"
          My sister was still holding her cup with it's lid still on and there could be absolutely no doubt as to who the culprit was. Still, I kept my silence with my eyes downcast, hoping somehow, by some miracle, this would all be forgotten. Barbara stood towering over me, her hands on her curvy hips as she waited for an answer with growing impatience.
          "Young Man," she addressed me sternly, "Is there something you want to tell me?"
          A bead of sweat trickled down the side of my forehead and I absently  wiped it away.
          "It wasn't me," I bleated weakly, but it was quite obvious no one believed me.
          "Chris, I am very disappointed in you," my mom said with uncharacteristic authority.
          "But it wasn't my fault," I began to whine. This tactic had always served me well and I hoped it would serve me again or maybe at least lessen my punishment.
          "I'm sorry, but these were very expensive dresses," Barbara informed my mom, "Something will have to be done."
          My heartbeat was thumping in my chest as I glanced anxiously up at the store manager. Despite the fact that she was incredibly sexy, I feared her on a level I didn't fully understand and she looked capable of just about anything.
          "I'm so sorry," my mom said, a look of anxiety and worry creasing her face, "He's just more than I can handle these days. I honestly don't know what to do with him anymore."
          "If you will allow me, I will see to it that he is properly punished, and then we can make arrangements for him afterwards."
          My mom appeared immensely relieved, probably because she had no means of paying for the damaged goods. She was also glad, I think, to have someone who would finally be able to give me the discipline she was incapable of providing.
          "Yes, by all means," she quickly agreed.
          "But Mom," I whimpered piteously, "it wasn't my fault!"
          "Come along Young Man," Barbara said as she snatched my wrist with surprising strength, "You're going to be taking a trip over my lap."
          "Huh?" I gasped.
          I gulped in fear and tried to wrench my hand from her grip but her hold was like steel.
          "No!" I squealed, "You can't spank me! Mom!"
          I was sure my mom would intercede on my behalf, after all, I hadn't been spanked since kindergarten and that was by my teacher. My mom would never allow me to be given such a childish punishment by a total stranger! Not at my age!
          To my surprise and chagrin, my mom not only didn't stop her but she added a few words of her own.
          "Chris, you've had this coming for a long time now. I think this is exactly what you need and deserve."
          I pouted and whimpered as Barbara dragged me into her spacious back room, opening a drawer from a tidy desk against the wall. She deftly retrieved a stout, oval shaped wooden paddle with nickel sized holes in it's face.
          Panic seized me and I stomped my feet frantically.
          ", I didn't mean to--I--I was just..." I pleaded.
          Barbara took a seat in a straight backed chair and faced me as she began unbuttoning my shorts.
          "I don't like liars, Young Man," she told me in no uncertain terms, "I'm going to give you a good, hard spanking and teach you a lesson you won't soon forget."
          By now, tears had formed in my eyes and I tried to stop her hands from pulling down my shorts.
          "Oh--oh--no! Wait! P-please--please don't spank me!" I wailed.
          This woman was implacable and she was completely ignoring my whining pleas for her to stop.
          Her beautiful features were set firmly as she went about her serious business, slapping my hands away and as she yanked my shorts down, her tremendous breasts defiantly teased me as they jiggled within her tight silk top. Without the slightest pause, she yanked my Superman underpants down and jerked me over her toned lap.
          "No--no--please--please don't!" I wailed as the first tear spilled down my trembling, panicky face. 
          With her high heeled pumps, I found myself lifted completely off the ground, off balance and all too helpless in her steely grasp.
          The hard oak paddle seared itself across both my soft, youthful buns and I howled out in angst and surprise at the ferocity of her first swat.
          Tears poured down my face now as I began bawling like a child instead of the teenager that I was.
          Looking up, I could see Barbara in a nearby mirror as she paused long enough to look back into my eyes.
          "You really are a sissy, aren't you?" she said as she shook her head disapprovingly.
          Desperate to make her believe I was tougher than I really was, I shook my head vigorously.
          "No--no Ma'am!" I cried between sobs.
          "Well, I know a sissy when I see one and you have sissy written all over you. You're not the first little boy who's felt the sting of my paddle but you can be sure you'll get what's coming to you," she said tersely, finishing her sentence with another pair of hard, angry swats to my defenseless buns.
          SMACKKK!!! SMACKKK!!!
          I kicked and swung my hands wildly in the air, gasping for breath as her vengeful paddle came down again and again. Looking up briefly in the mirror, I saw a blurry image through the tears flooding my eyes and streaming down my face. I looked like a naughty little boy being punished by his babysitter as her fierce paddle swatted me repeatedly with impunity.
          I kept waiting for her to stop, after all--she'd taught me a lesson and then some--but she just kept up an even rhythm, slapping one tender cheek, then the other, then the side of one rosy cheek that had escaped her attentions. My pliant, stinging buns danced under her ferocious assault, flattening briefly under the impact and then jumping back up to receive another dose of her unyielding wood.
          I cried like I'd never cried in my life, snot dribbling down my face and tears spilling down my cheeks as I shook my fists in helpless futility.
          At last, she stopped and pulled me to my feet, staring down suspiciously at my damp, limp genitals.
          "Did you wet yourself on my lap?!" she asked incredulously.
          I was so distraught all I could do was bawl incoherently and dance in place as she held my wrist captive.
          Taking my lack of denial for a confession, she wrenched me around and landed another harsh, stinging swat on my bright red bottom.
          I howled again and bucked forward but could go no more than a few inches due to her iron grip on my arm.
          "You belong in diapers, you little sissy," she informed me as she looked down on me coldly, "But I have something here that will do temporarily."
          I could do little but focus on the blistering inferno blazing across my bottom and I hopped from one foot to another as the tears poured down my ashen face.
          "I want you to place your hands on the desk here," she commanded me, "And if I see you move either one, I'm going to pull you right back over my lap--understood?"
          "Y-y-yes M-Ma'am," I bawled.
          Doing as I was told, I sobbed and felt sorry for myself as I stared at the near wall. In my present position, bent over slightly as I was, my bright red bottom stuck out like a beacon of shame for everyone to witness. As if to heap further humiliation on my situation, the backroom door opened up and Barbara's stunning blonde assistant came in. Her gaze fell from my tear-stained face, down to my candy-apple cheeks before she smirked knowingly.
          "Looks like you found the one who made that mess," she remarked.
          "Yes I did, and as you can see, he's one sorry little boy now for causing all the trouble," Barbara replied.
          The cute blonde chuckled, her lack of sympathy obvious.
          "I'll say, maybe that'll teach you a lesson," she said to me before going back out onto the salesfloor.
          I was mortified, having to stand there, nude from the waist down, and so obviously punished, although at least I'd managed to keep my privates hidden from Barbara's assistant.
          Offering my mom a place to sit, Barbara turned to face her directly.
          "So, tell me Mrs..."
          "--Schaaf," my mom replied, "but please just call me Pamela."
          She seemed eager to work with this stern woman which made me all the more nervous.
          "Thank you Pamela, I'm very pleased to meet you," Barbara said cordially as she extended her hand.
          "I'm wondering if you might tell me a little about your son," she began "I have my own ideas from what little I've observed on my own, but I'd like to get your own impressions of him."
          "Of course, I'm only too happy to help," she answered.
          "Has he always been this bratty? He seems inclined to try and get his way by whining and being a general pest."
          "Oh yes--very much so," my mom replied quickly, "And it's only gotten worse over the last couple of years--its gotten so he's constantly fighting me on every little point, doing anything to avoid being responsible."
          "Mm hm, I thought so. And would you say he tends to stay indoors a lot? I'm guessing he doesn't have many friends and he's disinclined towards sports."
          "Yes...yes, now that I think about it, that's exactly right."
          "Mm-hm, now tell me, when I first saw him, he looked more like a little girl in boy's clothing than a young man of thirteen. I know that any girl would die for his smooth hairless legs and soft features. Does he get pushed around a lot at school because of his looks?"
          "Mm, I'm afraid so," my mom answered, "I guess they don't see him as much of a guy's guy. In fact, some even call him a sissy."
          "I can certainly see why," Barbara responded.
          "I'm not a sissy!" I interrupted them as I sobbed in desperation.
          Barbara tried valiantly to hide the smirk on her face before pressing on.
          "Let's see...I imagine that he spends a lot of time masturbating I right?"
          My face blazed scarlet and even my mom's face showed a little color as she nodded her head in dismay.
          "Yes, its really become quite a problem," she explained, "He's constantly in his room with his underwear around his ankles, stroking himself to god-only-knows what. I've tried everything I can but I'm just not having any effect on his behavior."
          "That's a lie!" I hollered angrily, my face still wet with tears.
          "Young man," Barbara said firmly, "I'm this close to pulling you over my lap again for another spanking---is that what you want?"
          "No!" I sobbed petulantly.
          Barbara and the others went back to ignoring me and she crossed her arms over her big, curvy chest.
          "It's clear I have a lot of work to do," she announced authoratively.
          "I have a proposal to suggest which will take care of the damage your son has caused and erase any financial obligations for you."
          "Oh--anything," my mom quickly agreed. It was clear she was only too happy to have someone else deal with me.
          "I suggest you drop off Chrissie here after school and he can work for me until he's paid off his debt for the damage that he's done."
          "It's very kind of you to offer that--of course we'll do that. Just tell me when."
          I groaned inwardly. As if her spanking wasn't punishment enough, I was going to be under this terrible woman's thumb for who knows how long! And who knew what further humiliations she had in store for me...
          "How about a week from Monday?" Barbara asked, "There are a few things I'd like to have ready for him when he arrives for his first day of work."
          I could only imagine what those were but I held my tongue in silence.
          "Oh yes--certainly," my mom hastened to agree.
          "Good--then it's settled," Barbara announced with pleasure,
          "Chrissie? Since you seem to have trouble keeping your pants dry, I've got a little something that might help in the short term."
          Barbara went to a set of drawers and brought forth a white and pink set of underwear. Wiping the tears away from my face, I saw that they were actually thickly padded training pants, with a Barbie motif on the front and seat. Normally, I would never have submitted to such an indignity but there was no way I was going to stand up to this woman.
          "Come here, Chrissie," she ordered me, "That's a good boy. Now step into your new panties."
          I whimpered and continued to sob as I gingerly lifted my legs one at a time into the childish trainers she was holding open for me. Wavering uncertainly before her, I had to reach up to her shoulders to help steady me. All too slowly, she pulled them up my smooth, skinny legs and pulled them around my hips. Her big, sexy round breasts were mere inches from my face but now I was regretting having ever set eyes on them.
          The trainers were soft and comforting, at least upon my genitals, but the seat felt like sandpaper as soon as it made contact with my hot, stinging buns. I let out fresh sobs of defeat as she pulled them snugly into place but I also managed to breathe in the scent of her perfume as I stared down the front of her silky top at her incredible cleavage.
          Scooping up my shorts, I thought she was going to put them on me but instead, she handed them to my mom.
          "I suggest you leave these off until later," she told her matter-of-factly to which my mom nodded.
          I was going to make some sort of protest, but then I thought better of it--I certainly didn't want to go over this stern woman's lap again!
          Towering over me in her heels, Barbara turned to face me once more.
          "Can you do your best to keep those training panties dry until next Monday?"
          My cheeks burned with shame as I stared at the floor and nodded reluctantly.
          "Okay Sweetie?" she repeated, as if she hadn't seen my first response.
          "I will," I sobbed anew as I blushed again.
          "That's a good boy," she replied as she smiled down at me, "I have the feeling we're going to get along, just fine..."
You’ve done it again, Bobby - great story. He had certainly got the infantile attitude nailed from the outset.
Thank you for continuing to post your wonderful stories!
What a delicious story! And so beautifully written.
Thanks Bobby, I was drinking in every word and looking forward to finding out the next chapter.
          "And are you here to get something pretty?" she asked in her syrupy voice.

Gulp. "Yes, Ma'am. If you think I should." I answered bashfully looking down at the edge of her skirt.

 "That's a good boy. Now step into your new panties."

"But... but I don't want to wear panties."

"I understand sweetie, but that is what sissy boys like you should always be wearing, panties or plastic panties over their diapers."

Yes, once more Bobby, 10/10. Thank you.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
cant wait for chapter 2 Smile
Chapter Two   Chris' New Home

  For the next two weeks, I could think of little else, other than Barbara. And my situation was made worse by the fact that I was helplessly caught between two diametrically opposed emotions--shame and lust.

  On one hand, every time I thought of the buxom store manager, I blushed furiously as I re-lived my painful and humiliating punishment at her hands. Never had I met such a powerful, strong woman, so stern and strict, who insisted on dealing with me like I were nothing but a small child. I hated her total confidence and absolute authority, not to mention the fact that she was a lot stronger than me.

  On the other hand, when I saw her in my mind's eye, I couldn't help getting intensely aroused, despite my burning anger towards her. That voluptuous body and pretty face; her long, shapely legs and silky blonde hair. She was sooo sexy! Putting aside my smoldering resentment toward her, I found myself masturbating shamelessly several times a day as I hungrily fantasized about her. I hated myself for giving in to the temptation when she'd shown me nothing but humiliation and a blazing bottom but I couldn't stop no matter how hard I tried. After dreaming about her delicious curves, my mind focused on her incredible bosom. Imagining being able to touch those soft, fabulous breasts sent me over the edge of orgasmic ecstasy every time.

  But today, I was sitting in class, trying to scheme some ploy in which I could foil my mom's plans to take me back to that woman's store. I had in mind my usual whining and complaining, hoping to wear her down until she finally gave up. I was fairly certain I could put a wrench in her plans when suddenly, I heard a very distinctive sound coming up from behind me.

  Click, click, click, click...

  "Who's that?" I heard someone nearby whisper in awe.

  My hair stood up on end as I slowly turned around, dread filled certainty washing over me like an icy bath.

  "Hello Chrissie," Barbara said in her melodious, yet commanding voice.

  I felt myself wilting as my heart began beating wildly in panic. I hadn't anticipated this turn of events at all!

  Standing tall over me in her high heels, I stared up at the object of my anger and lust, my mouth hanging open stupidly. She was wearing a very short skirt and a snug, form-fitting button top that clung tightly to her proud, eye-popping breasts. It took my breath away and my mouth was suddenly parched.

  "You mommy has given me permission to pick you up myself, Chrissie," she told me with a knowing smile, "And your teacher has graciously decided to let you out of class early."

  "B-b-but...I-I-I don't--" I stuttered.

  "Come along Chrissie," she said in a friendly, yet firm tone, using her name for me that I detested, "I'm your babysitter now and it's time for us to go."

  Without waiting for an answer, she reached down and took hold of my hand, standing me up like I were a toddler. With every one of my classmates now staring at us, her other meticulously manicured hand reached down and squeezed my bottom inquiringly.

  "Not wearing your training panties today?" she asked, loud enough to make sure that everyone could hear.

  "She-she's just kidding, fellas," I croaked with a nervous laugh, hoping to defuse her comment and minimize the intense humiliation she was causing me.

  "Well I just hope you can keep from wetting your pants long enough before I can get you over to the store and put you into some diapers and plastic panties," she announced merrily.

  I felt the blood rushing to my face as the word 'diapers' got repeated by everyone around me. Blushing furiously, I couldn't help but hear a chorus of giggles erupt from around the class.

  "Wa-wait!" I squealed anxiously, "Y-you can't take me with you."

  I struggled to free myself from her grip but only succeeded in making myself look weak and foolish.

  "Perhaps I should tell your classmates of our last meeting, Chrissie," she smiled with mischievous sweetness.

  Abruptly, I stopped all resistance. I couldn't risk her telling everyone how she'd spanked me like a child and then left me to stand there, my bright red bottom on display for all to see.

  "Mmm-hm. I thought so," she said smugly, "Come along now."

  Defeated and shamed, my world was a blur as I hung my head low and walked along behind her. Taking me by the hand, she led me out of the classroom as everyone openly stared at me. My face burned with shame at being treated like a child in front of all my peers--I'd never live this down!

  As we went out into the parking lot, Barbara led me to a white, late model minivan. I was about to take a seat in the front when she held me back and opened the sliding rear door instead.

  "No, sissies sit in the back," she instructed me and before I knew it, she was pushing me into an oversized child's seat that was secured to the bench seat.

  "Wha-what are you doing?" I protested.

  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a group of sophomore cheerleaders stopping to take in this strange scene--a 13 year-old being strapped into a child's seat by what looked like his mommy. I blushed again heatedly as Barbara quickly secured the seatbelts and straps holding me in place, all while I whined desperately for her to leave me be. Once she finished, she stepped inside and closed the door, at least providing us with a welcome sense of anonymity as she took a seat next to me.

  Barbara was all smiles as she cozied up close to me, her big breasts jiggling within her thin top. I felt a little nervous, alone with this incredibly sexy woman who was much older than me and trapped in her car as I was, I felt like her captive. As I gazed over her enticing, bountiful curves, my hands felt clammy and I became aware of a nervous buzz in my stomach.

  "Chrissie, I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot," she said in a warm, friendly way. Her voice was soft now, soothing and pleasant to my ears.

  "We-we did?" I said, my voice breaking. It suddenly felt very warm in the van.

  "Yes, but I can't tell you how excited I am that you're going to be spending time with me. We're going to have so much fun together! I even bought you a special present."

  I was completely taken aback. I was expecting more of the same stern, disciplinarian that I'd encountered at her store. This side of her made me feel at ease, although her smothering sexy presence so close to me continued to make me nervous.

  Slowly, I watched as she undid the upper button of her straining top, revealing the lacey clasp of her bra underneath. My heart was pounding in my chest wildly now as I stared at her big soft breasts, pushed together and displayed before me in a way I couldn't ignore. Her scoop necked top was plungingly low as it was and this exposed yet another inch of her smooth, plump bosom. My little penis reacted instantly and it strained urgently within my underwear. She was even more incredible than my imagination remembered her!

  I licked my dry lips and tried to breathe normally as I saw her produce a small box, wrapped with babyish gift wrap. Placing it in my hand, she beamed down at me, as if this was some wonderful present that I had been waiting all my life for.

  "Go ahead, Chrissie, open it up--it's especially for you," she told me encouragingly, her beautiful smile overwhelming me.

  I was at a loss for words as I slowly undid the pink silk ribbon and tore away the childish nursery print wrapping paper. I couldn't imagine what it was she could have gotten me, nor why she chose to wrap it like something for a baby shower.

  Inside was an oversized rubber pacifier, still in its orginal see-thru plastic packaging and the label that identified it as a 'Sissy-Paci'.

  With a confused look on my face, I held it in my hand while Barbara suddenly drew closer to me. Taking her slim hand, she held my face gently as she slowly and deliberately planted a big wet kiss right on my quivering lips!

  If I was breathing hard before, now I was ready to hyperventilate!

  I'd never kissed a girl in my whole life and now this stunning babe had just kissed me in the most erotic way!

  With her rose colored lipstick still upon my lips, I stared dumbfounded at her, although my throbbing erection didn't have to be told that I was the luckiest teenager in the world.

  "You see?" she said sweetly, "You and I are going to get along just fine."

  I still didn't know what to say but her smile was infectious and it made me swoon with desire.

  "Now...this baby pacifier is very special--it's made specifically for big sissies like you that are going to be nursing soon," she said cryptically as she opened the package and took the pacifier in her creamy hand.

  "Open up Chrissie," she said softly as she positioned it before my lips.

  I didn't know what she was doing and I was completely confused. What did she mean by "nursing soon"?

  "No--no..." I squirmed but the straps holding me in made it difficult to struggle.

  "Open up Sissy," she smiled as she gently rubbed the big rubber nipple against my trembling lips. Just as I managed to bleat out another protest, she pushed it past my parted lips and into my mouth, stifling my words.

  "Mmrphh," I whimpered as the pliable rubber object filled my mouth completely. sucking on a soft, flexible rubber nipple suddenly brought back long forgotten memories, making me feel very babyish.

  "There you are," she said happily, "It's perfect for you."

  I shook my head in protest, the large pink plastic ring in front jiggling, but Barbara continued to smile broadly at me.

  "Now I know today is going to be a lot for you to take in Chrissie," she said as she passed the plastic loop over my head and around my neck, "I know right now, you're feeling confused and a little unsure. But first, I want you to understand that this is your very own pacifier and you must never take it out. Ever. Okay? Do you understand? Because if I see you take it out, I'll have to pull down your pants and give you another spanking, except this time, it'll make your last trip over my lap seem like love taps."

  I felt a shiver of fear ripple through me as I stared back into her pretty piercing eyes while she explained all this to me. Her voice was still warm and friendly but it carried a firmness that left no doubt about her willingness to enforce her rules.

  "I don't want to have to spank you again but I will if you make me...and you don't want to cry like a little baby again, now do you, Sweety?" She asked tenderly.

  I shook my head slowly feeling numb all over.

  "That's good," she said reassuringly. I felt her soft hand on my thigh now and she gently began stroking me as she talked. I was so confounded and bewildered I was paralyzed with indecision but there was no mistaking the incredible hard-on that was tenting my trousers.

  "You see, I recognized right off that you were a big sissy. You're actually a little baby girl in a big boy's body, desperately trying to get out, but no one will let you," she said in cutesy voice designed for talking to toddlers, "But now that's all going to change."

  I shook my head no but she just ignored me and plowed on like she couldn't see me.

  "Oh yes, because from now on, you're going to be my precious little baby girl--I have so many plans for you--I can't tell you how excited I am to show you everything that's waiting for you back at my place," she gushed, "You're just going to love the cute, prissy outfits I've got for you--you'll have a wonderful time!"

  I was aghast at the picture she was painting for me but it was obvious she was truly thrilled about her plans and it was equally apparent she expected me to feel the same.

  "Now--you just keep that pacifier in your little mouth--okay Sweety? Don't even think of taking it out--all little babies need their pacis and you'll come to love yours--I just know it!"

  Rising up, Barbara moved past me and opened up the door--just in time for a pair of high school girls who were walking past at that moment to look in and see me, suc-king my pacifier with its big pink plastic ring on the mouthguard. I blushed in shame as they giggled and walked past, too late for me to take it out, even if I'd had the courage to do so.

  Barbara closed the sliding door and went around to get in the driver's seat, buckling herself in as she looked back at my panicky face.

  "Don't worry Chrissie, everything's going to be just fine from now on."

  The thought occurred to me to spit out the pacifier, undo the seatbelts and bolt out of the car. And I almost did, but the van was already moving and my window of opportunity was gone.

  It didn't take long to reach her store, and once again, she insisted on holding my hand like a child all the way in. To be honest, I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with her once we got there but now that we had arrived, I still didn't have a good plan. I felt like a fool as I walked through the store, a fat pink pacifier stuffed in my mouth, as shoppers stared at me openly. I did my best to look the other way but their whispers followed me relentlessly.

  "You must be feeling very insecure without a thick pair of diapers and plastic panties on but don't worry, Chrissie--I'll get you changed in no time," she assured me.

  Butterflies buzzed in my stomach as I searched around for some sort of escape. This was all happening too fast!

  Taking me through a back door, we walked down a short, well tended pathway that led to the front door of her house. Without pausing to tell me what was going on, she ushered me into her home, a modest but immaculately clean single story house. Passing a large living room area, she wasted no time taking me down a brightly lit hallway.

  "And down here is going to be your new bedroom Chrissie, or should I say, your nursery. I know you'll just be thrilled when you see it," she waxed enthusiastically.

  Opening the door, Barbara practically pushed me inside but as she stood behind me, she brought her head down to my level to speak closer to my ear.

  "You see, Chrissie?" she said softly, "there 's everything a little sissy could ever hope for--over there is your dresser, which I've stocked with lots and lots of plastic panties, rumba panties, diaper shirts and sissy tops. And you have your very own crib to sleep in, with a nice waterproof vinyl mattress cover in case your diapers ever leak. I've collected a big assortment of baby dresses that I know you'll just love--see all the colors and styles? All in pretty pastel colors, although as you can see, pink has always been my favorite, just as I'm sure it's yours too."

  My head was swimming as she extolled the many wonderful items of this babyish room, which looked to all intentions to be that for a two or three year-old toddler, rather than a young man of thirteen. The walls were papered with a nursery print design of giraffes and bunnies over a pink and lilac background. There were dollies arranged next to a box of plastic building blocks and next to the crib was a vinyl covered changing table, large enough to accommodate my semi-adult frame.

  Sucking nervously on my pacifier as I tried to take all this in, I suddenly felt Barbara's hands on my waist as she began pulling my shirt up and off of my torso without warning. I squealed in protest which was dutifully muffled by the pacifier filling my mouth but nevertheless, in seconds, I was shirtless.

  "Its time to get you changed, Chrissie," she announced happily, "I'm sure you must be very anxious to be pinned into your new diapers."

  I shook my head and tried to stop her but she was both quick and deft and despite my efforts to stop her, she got my pants unbuttoned and was bringing them down quicker than I thought possible. My struggling caused me to stumble and I fell over, landing with an unceremonious thud on the carpeted floor.

  "Careful Chrissie, you don't want to hurt yourself do you?" she said as she succeeded in removing my shoes and pants.

  All the time I was whimpering and protesting, trying to communicate my desire to keep my clothes on but she only ignored my muffled jabbering.

  "I have a lovely top that I just know you'll think is the cutest thing," she said as she picked up a white and pink t-shirt sort of garment.

  "And after we've got you all dressed and diapered, we can do some coloring in your Barbie coloring books--would you like that?" she asked hopefully.

  I shook my head but she was already pulling the soft fuzzy top over my arms. It had short, puffy, elasticized pink sleeves and birdseye lace around the cropped hem. But what really made me cringe was the cartoon applique on the front and word 'Princess' in childish writing on the chest.

  "Oh, that looks just wonderful on you," she enthused, "but these ugly underwear simply won't do."

  "Come look at your new underwear Chrissie," she said as she had me step over to the changing table, "Stacks and stacks of bunny soft diapers, for you to wear and wet from now on. No more pretending to be a big boy anymore. And there are all kinds of plastic panties in the cutest designs so no need to worry about leaking either."

  That was it. I had reached as far as I could go with this crazy woman. There was no way she was going to dress me up like a baby, put me in diapers and do whatever it was she wanted with me. I had no plan in mind, only that I was going to get out of here and run as fast as my legs could carry me. I was reasonably sure I could outrun her in those heels of hers, I just needed to get a head start.
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