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Offensive and abusive contents .
Last year I had to bring to the attention of the moderators a post that depicted the rape of a boy by an adult male. The person who posted it claimed it happened to them and helped turn them into a sissy. The moderators removed the post without hesitation.

So, the moral of the story...don't presume the moderators won't delete a post if it crosses certain lines.

For what it's worth, I'm not convinced that a mother subjecting their 14-15 year old son to petticoating and sissification can be considered a black & white case of 'abuse'. It certainly can't be equated to a child rape. I'm also not convinced the story is 'true', despite what the postee states. So much of what is posted here, and at PDQ, is pure fantasy...and often badly written fantasy at that!
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
(08-13-2021, 11:14 PM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: As I see it most posts on this forum fall into one of five categories.

1) Adults talking about cross dressing scenarios or fetishism 

2) Adults taking about their own petticoating experiences ( historic petticoating)

3) Adults posting fictional stories

4) Adults encouraging and supporting mothers to petticoat their underage sons

5) Adults writing accounts of petticoating their underage sons

While genuinely speaking I don't have issues with the first three points I do have big concerns about points four and five. Whether we accept that these are all "fantasy" posts or not (personally I don't believe that they are all fantasy) should this forum really be promoting the abuse of children?

Please don't patronise me by telling me not to read them as I am raising a geniune concern and despite what has happened to me on this forum before I do care about what is posted on here. Whether you read these posts or not it reflects on all members.

I know people on here experienced petticoating when they were young but just because it happened twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years ago does not make it acceptable today,. society  moves on and there is now a much better understanding of MH and wellbeing then there was years ago.

Having read the replies on this thread I am worried that this forum is turning a blind eye to a very serious subject and is in its own way suporting and promoting child abuse which I find sickening. I'm also concerned that the poster of this thread seems to have a blasé attitude to the concerns of members who have raised serious issues on this forum over the past week or so especially as that person is in a position of influence. 

I agree with Yvette-Louise 100%. Turning a blind eye and saying don't read the posts that"offend" you or feel free to leave is not dealing with the problem. I am quite certain there are members here that are posting things that fall into categories 4 and 5 and if actual child abuse doesn't offend you, then that's a serious problem.

Inaction is a choice. Not dealing with this issue could easily lead to the end of this forum. If you don't think that's possible or probable, remember that Bobby's WordPost account was deleted for posting stories clearly labelled as fantasy. "I don't want to wear it's" blog was closed and it contained only photo shopped pictures that were also labelled as fantasy. All it will take is some over sensitive zealot to make a report and then the trouble begins.

I have commented on a few posts that I suspected were genuine child abuse and I think I've made my personal point of view quite clear. FANTASY is FANTASY, but abuse is intolerable.

I have no intention of leaving the forum nor of pursuing this issue any further. I think it's up to the management to decide how to go from here and what to do.

I'll happily continue to read and post on this forum assuming I'm not judged to be too disruptive to stay.
As i have said before i am only the admin . Any changes like that are beyond my ability . That is up to Aunty Helga . I wasn't being patronizing i was offering the only alternative i have available .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
I think there are a few people who are determined to get this site shut down because they do not like the contents. Keeping this forum and Petticoat discipline web page open cost money which Aunty Helga pays for and i can see there is not one ounce of appreciation shown.
there is a simple solution, if you do not like the contents then pay less attention . you complain that people here write about child abuse. there must be millions of stories on the internet of child abuse.
this is an adult X rated web site, I am totally against child abuse, abuse of any kind. but this is a forum a site for discussing adult issue. child abuse does not go away when you stop talking about it.
I read somewhere that wives get abused at home when their husbands football team loses, what do we do ban football. No one here has complained about men being abused by there wives sisters and mothers. women making men dress like a woman and making them walk down the street, isn't that a form of abuse. when i was 11 years old one of my mothers friends pulled my pants put me over her knee and spanked my bare bottom, now you would say that was hild abuse? now if i tell you i had been bullying her daughter and i can tell you i never bullied the girl again. the Wokes in this forum will not be satisfied until this site is shut down. if you don't like the post then just go.
Bill, a few years ago I contacted Aunty Helga regarding something on the forum and was effectively told that there was nothing she could do and to go via the forum team. Maybe things have changed since then.

Regarding the comments made by jochmo60. 

Firstly I object very strongly to being told to "fuck off". I would suggest that would count as an abusive post which as far as I am aware is not tolerated on this forum. While I was not mentioned by name in your post it is very clear that I am one of the people you are referring to. I was always taught that someone who has to revert to swear words to communicate has a limited vocabulary.

Secondly, while accepting this is an "adult" site, as far as I can see there is no age warning that you have to be over a certain age to use it, which I have always found strange, especially as it deals with adult subjects. By my interpretation that means that this site is officially not X rated. I am more than happy to be corrected on this matter.

Thirdly, it was my post about football and domestic violence and I said that there is a recorded spike in violence against women when some teams lose. You are correct in saying that I did not call for a ban to football as while the obsession with the sport goes completely over my head, on its own it is not the sole problem. The problem is a male issue as to why they have to vent their anger on their wives/partners with their fists when their team loses. It is not a football issuse.

You mention it is not classed as abuse when a woman forces a man to wear womens clothes and walk down the street. The difference between that and child abuse is that the man is an adult and can refuse to do it. A boy forced to wear girls clothing does not necessarily have a choice as the person who is legally responsible for his wellbeing is the person probaly forcing him to wear the clothing.

You also mention that you were spanked for bullying when you were a child. I suspect that like me you grew up in a different era when things were very different than they are today. It does not necessarily mean that what was acceptable when we were children is acceptable today.

Finally it is probably fair to say that you nothing about me. I am very open minded and very tolerate but there are a few issues where I have strong opinions and one of them is about child abuse. I have no desire to see this forum closed down, but I am concerned that if we allow certain posts and certain posters to continue on here then we may well attract unwanted attention. 
Oh my Good this is getting crazy, LOL, oh no I've used Gods name in vain ban him.
no but you made a comment that football fans beat up their wives.
you made the comment that English football fans are top of the list for beating up their wives.
if you are offended that i said fuck off, then that is your problem I am offended that you said England football fans are top in the world for beating up their wives and girlfriends a statement you have made without proof and i hope some one sues you for that statement

and further more do you think i should be banned for saying Fuck off?
I would take you seriously if you could at least quote what I wrote correctly. At no point did I say that English football fans were top of the list for domestic violence indeed I did not even say that football fans beat up their wives/partners. What I said was that there is a spike in domestic violence whenever the England football tean lose (or win) and asked if this was the same in other countries.

Judging by the reputation marks that is being given by a forum leader to jochmo60 for his posts over the past few days it is very clear whose view forum leaders are taking. It seems that the leaders of this forum are no longer impartial and are happy to keep passing responsibility on to someone else rather than try to address issues that are being raised.

It is also concerning that reputation marks are being given by forum leaders for posts telling people to "fuck off". I always thought abusive posts on this forum were illegal but clearly they are now acceptable. 
Yvette-Louise, may I quote your list of five post in an email to the owner of the forum? I'd ask in private, but I understand why you shut off your messaging.
(08-14-2021, 10:07 PM)Cindy Wrote: Yvette-Louise, may I quote your list of five post in an email to the owner of the forum? I'd ask in private, but I understand why you shut off your messaging.

I have no problem with you quoting me Cindy. Thank you for asking.
Why can't folks accept  that this is a very subjective topic that everyone of us can, and do, interpret in our own way? I said before there is no black and white answer. Let's just accept that and move on.
For those who are offended I suggest you move on to where you aren't offended. For the rest just keep in mind that your view isn't necessarily the view of others.

I've been involved in organizations that had forums that were eventually shut down simply because some folks can't accept other folks have a different view to them. This thread is getting to the point where I could fully understand it being removed.

What has happened to the very tolerance that we all profess that we are all looking for?


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