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Ideas for Soft Petticoating
So I've been thinking about the progress of femininizing guys by their partners and thought I'd put a few ideas forward for 'soft petticoating' 
  • Obviously a major part is the introduction of softer, prettier underwear, most guys want to wear panties but are afraid that their masculine ego wouldn't survive the experience (which of course it probably wouldn't as fragile as it is). So a great starting point would be silk/satin boxers for special occasions then swap those cotton briefs for microfibre ones, there's no need to stampede towards panties and scare the hell out of him, be subtle, it'll be more fun¬† Blush¬†
  • Once he's wearing silk or microfibre briefs it's time to convince him to 'trim' downstairs, with the conversation that it'll feel great to be smooth and nobody's ever going to see. Once hair-free with a little bit of moisturizing to ease any 'razor burn' he'll love the feeling and from there it shouldn't be difficult to convince him that hairy legs look silly with his clean boy-bits and as most of us know once you start shaving your legs the feeling is too wonderful to go back to hairy ones and if he does try just complain that he's prickly in bed, lol.
  • So now he's wearing little silky briefs and is hairless, so instead of¬†pyjamas get him T-shirts to wear to bed, over time get him longer and longer ones and again go for soft microfibres and softer colours too,¬†so now for all intents and purposes he's wearing a nighty to bed.
  • Comment on how his hands are rough and get him handcream E45 for example to start with but change it over time for more effeminate and fragrant moisturizers, you could also suggest that he uses it on his face to help with stubble rash in the same way he did on his boy-bits and legs.
  • Once he's moisturizing why not leave magazines around open at male make-up pages (these are a growing industry now) and make the occasional comment about his forehead looks a little shiny, or even couldn't he put something on that blemish on his cheek (he doesn't have to have one just make him believe he has, nobodies skin is perfect, lol).
  • Now come the toys¬† Blush¬†offer him a massage, there are some great¬† vibrating massage devices, once you've done his shoulders and thighs 'wander' into his buttocks area and his little sack, just lightly and playfully, once his body reacts try the toy on his birth defect, he'll love it¬†¬†¬† Big Grin
So now after a little fun and Machiavellian effort on your side you now have a partner who wears male panties, nighties, has no body hair, has soft smooth skin, wears make up and smells sweet and now wants sex with vibrating toys.
Once he's at this stage it should be so simple to convince his into prettier and actual panties also nightdress/babydolls and skirts/dresses around the house.

Well Done, you've Feminized your partner and had fun along the way  Wink

Just a thought  Big Grin
 [Image: 6uFgcftb.jpg]+ [Image: bks2JYbb.jpg]+ [Image: tVH9cnyb.jpg]+[Image: W6YhAWEb.jpg]  = [Image: fZcJPJA.jpg?1]
I agree, great ideas. Thanks.
Brilliant ideas!

I've noticed that a lot of guys don't like it when their girlfriends tap / grab their they should do it more. Slowly reinforce your superiority, so that eventually his bottom is entirely yours!
Some lovely ideas there. ‚ÄėSoft Petticoating‚Äô would I am sure be effective for a certain group of males who,¬†whilst resistant to much more radical and sudden petticoating, might respond to a more subtle and gradual approach.
(08-13-2021, 11:55 AM)Saz Wrote: Once he's at this stage it should be so simple to convince his into prettier and actual panties also nightdress/babydolls and skirts/dresses around the house.[/align]
A soft and fantastic road to the skirts!. Little by little, perhaps the next step would be to go out with a beautiful short skirt, and feel the freedom that produces the skirts, and their inconveniences (flash of panties when sitting, the wind, hands that raise your skirt, etc). Thanks as always, SAZ.
Hold your little skirt GirlBoy, because if not the girls will see your panties with ruffles
If you’re a similar size tell him it would really turn you on if he made love to you wearing one of your baby-dolls. When he does, reward him with a great session, focussing on what he wants. As he recovers, he’ll him how wonderful it was and you want to do it again soon. That will get him comfortable wearing pretty women’s clothing, and you should be able to go on from there quite easily.

Take it one step at a time though.
It would be nice to have pink lacy silk panties with a penis sleeve with a bow

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