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My sissy's new maid dress
Gingham is one of the best patterns for a sissy. So whilst I adore dressing in it, I can understand that someone who does not like being feminised would in contrast find it particularly distasteful. Still, it’s all part of the training, and I’m sure in due course she will come to understand the benefits of sissification and the wearing of gingham in helping condition a sissy’s brain to its correct mindset.
(08-10-2021, 02:02 AM)Strictwifeamber Wrote: I think it is more that she does not like thw gingham material, keep in mind she does not like being feminized at all but she does make such a cute sissy maid.

Oh! Then have her look though a bunch of cute sissy maid outfits and have her chose three or more that she prefers more and if you like them too, pick one (or two, or all three!) that you like and get it for her. Then she will have something that she prefers and will be more happy with. :-)
Oh myyyy, hahaha!

Andrea has done it again, looking delish with those legs of hers!
Those heels really do her legs a lot of sexy good, although I suspect she would disagree!
<curtsey> Ms. Strictwifeamber, You do have such a cute sissy! Always luv seeing the pics You post.
Simply gorgeous! Any real sissy would be thrilled to wear it!

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