Poll: Should a sissy be castrated?
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I'm a sissy and I say YES.
36 49.32%
I'm a sissy and I say NO.
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The Ultimate Chastity: Would you consider clipping a sissy?
(12-31-2017, 01:41 PM)Jessielinton Wrote:
(12-01-2017, 12:44 PM)Bill Wrote: Two castrated sissies .
While both of these pics are very empowering for women. I just can't get over the fact that I love my slave with his inferior manhood on full display. I can kick them, lock them in chastity, rub Bengay on them, or lock them in a humbler. I want my male with testicles just so I can punish him for having them!

Very great point Mz Jessielinton -- constantly focusing upon what exactly makes a male girl inferior is a sound move in shredding his false masculine pride...

and a little pain and/or discomfort is not a bad reminder of male inferiority as well!
If the sissy is in a long term committed ownership to her Mistress-Owner then the sissy may have some of her male milk extracted and freeze-stored by its Mistress-Owner for future use in the event that it is needed. It would obviously be a matter for discussion between the sissy and its Mistress-Owner and whilst both would be aware of the pluses and minuses of removing the sissies main male parts, I feel in such circumstances that the ultimate decision has to rest with the Mistress-Owner. The sissy has committed to a lifetime of obedient servitude and will need to accept her decision.
it is my humble opinion that every sissy should have her ugly unwanted balls taken off. I know a Sissy Master in London and this is his first requirement if He takes on a new girl.

personally, i cannot wait to meet the Dom who's going to castrate me. I just want these ugly things gone. I try to hide them whenever possible and put elastics around them to prep for castration. But i don't think i should organise it myself, i think it's something a Dom will walk me through as part of training and ownerships
Hey everybody!
I'm a happy male sissy slave and my Mistress/Wife and I have a baby girl on the way! None of this would have been possible if I had been clipped. 
I look forward to helping raise a superior female and I feel like my devotion to the female gender will only increase with a daughter. 
Maybe after we're done having children I would be OK getting my balls removed as I really do think that they're disgusting.
What to do with the bits after the snips? Put them in a jar to display on the mantle? I think if they were dipped in silver they would make lovely earrings! Imagine your own balls slapping the side of your face while you were pleasing your wife's lover!

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The more submissive he is, the more he will do for you....Train him well!!

 [Image: Dominatrix.gif]
I'm torn on this subject. On one hand, castration would be the ultimate in submission, and make me a much more docile sissy, and that could only be a good thing. However, I worry that much of what I enjoy from my lifestyle - the frustration of long-term denial, the use of my marble sack as a very effective punishment tool, whether it be humbler, stretching, electrics, needleplay etc, and other ways in which mistress uses them to control me, would be lost.

As an example, a couple of weekends ago I was collared with a ring at the back of my neck. My marbles were tied tightly to a long cord that was then run up the back of my maid's uniform, run through the ring, back down and tied again. As you can imagine, the cord was tied in such a way that the marbles were stretched back as far as they could be.

Two hours of domestic chores in this predicament were interesting to say the least. And at the end of it, it was impossible to sit down (think about it!). I was then put over mistress's knee, a few fresh nettles rubbed on my marble sack, and then spanked, before the cord was untied. An exquisite and imagination session that wouldn't have been possible without the marbles.

So on balance, and also because it is irreversible, I'll stick with what I've got. They add too much both to my enjoyment and my mistress' control of me.
I was castrated over ten years ago due to a medical issue. I've never regretted it. I wish it had been done earlier. My wife and I had already drifted into a sexless marriage and separate bedrooms at the time. I had difficulties maintaining an erection. Frankly I was bad at sex. I believe a large part of it was my inner sissy telling me I should not be trying to act the male with a woman. But that's a different story.

Regarding my castration, I feel very comfortable as a eunuch. I feel it's my natural state. One of the benefits is that clothes fit better. I wear control top pantyhose daily and they are much more comfortable now without those bothersome testicles. Another thing I've noticed is that women who know I'm a eunuch no longer flirt with me (not that I received a lot of flirting before).

Sissy Jeremy

I think for my part that sissy must be put is kept in strict chastity by their mistress

especially even more if sissy is a diaper baby sissy does not need sex sissy is a child and should be considered and treated as a child

sex is for adults by children if sissy and a child it is chastity and child treatment so in bed as children during the mistress has fun with a real evil for are pleasure
sissybblucy lives in Switzerland and loves to fuck them and be a sissy baby
(08-06-2016, 04:30 PM)Miss Racheal Wrote: I totally agree with kelly 
if their little baby parts re removed it takes away all those tearful little moments when they beg and cry because they are a silly man who wants to play with their little cllitty  well it was locked up in the first place either for being unfaithful. or because it was not adeqaute to please their female partner  or purely because the Mistress or mummy found  that them having it free made them unruly and disobedient and far to boisterous 
on a personal level i  get pleasure of having that completely locked and ridiculed  and often that not teased when they get bright ideas about being a big strong man  often pulling down their nappies and a firm spanking over mummies lap and then mirror time  with nappies around their knees to look at their supposed manlyhood  while tears trickle down their sissy baby faces is very satisfying to know youve removed those manly thoughts yet again... 
often teased with the what would mummy do with that silly little thing you cant even control your wetting into those baby nappies let alone control yourself to please your mommy .. oh no mommy needs a real strong Man who  isnt a nappy wetting little sissy baby girl who needs to be in bed by 7pm to please her ... isnt that why baby is in her nappies and her cot by 7pm .... often not a word an be spoken from their little sissy mouths  and a dummy is needed to control their sobbing fate as a sissy little nappy wearing baby girl 
Mistress Mommy Racheal
I totally agree with your comments although my 'Sissy Baby' has a 6.30pm Bedtime and is woken later by me for his Night Feed of 'Mummy's Golden' when I go to bed ensuring 'Wet Nights'
(01-10-2017, 11:08 PM)Tiptoe Tulip Wrote:
(12-26-2016, 06:53 PM)Joan Grey Wrote: While I don't quite go along with clipping, I feel chemical castration is a perfectly viable alternative.

I agree, chemical castration is the way forward. I wish to be castrated and it would give me the shape that I want.  My problem is that I don't think that I will find a doctor in the U.K. who will do it to me.

I much prefer surgical castration, think the empty ball bag looks so much better and is also something to humiliate him with having friends around and making him show his empty ball bag, or even having his ball bag made into a little purse for the mistress

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