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FLR Advice
I am adult. Not a baby or child. I don't call my wife Mommy.

An FLR is different for all couples. I don't have to be in an FLR if I choose not too. We are still working it out
Firstly, I should applaud you in having such an esteemed view of your wife and in considering so deeply her opinion on such matters. Setting aside the widely held (and accurate) view that the desires of your wife should be foremost, as an individual you would need to consider whether you could match the dynamic you are so fond of were you to chase your exhibitionist desires - there is a real possibility that you might lose more than you gain. 

You could of course have an open conversation with your wife (provided you were prepared to pay a humiliating or painful penalty, of course).  Wink
Hello I am Ms Mommy L and I have been married to my pantiwaist husband for 18 years. I would like to give you my perspective on your letter . First let's discuss this letter. Your wife is the boss and superior to you and don't forget it. You are a sissy . This letter you have criticized your wife and second guess her. Does she know about your letter ? Has she given you permission to write this letter. Myself and my pantiwaist husband are members and every post he writes on this forum most be approved by me. Second your wife should never be second guessed on how your marriage is being run by her. You should be severely punished. The fact that she handles all the finances is a good area in your marriage.l handle all the finances and he works and I am a stay at home Wife/mommy to my husband.He does get a allowance .I also like the fact that she makes you do all the housework , you should do all the work at home, and be given little feminine outfits to wear. The fact that she allows you to dress and act like a sissy is commendable. But she has no interest in your sissy ways . Why don't you ask her to take you shopping and get her more involved in your lingerie and clothing.       Why don't you go see a professional women who could train your wife in the fine art of petticoat Punishment? That's what I did. As far as your sex life your wife has no interest for one of two reasons. First she is at a stage of her life where sex is not important or she feels you do not know how to please a woman. Both are true in my case. So let's discuss how I would handle you about this letter. The first thing you do is show your wife this letter as a sissy (do it). Second as I stated before you need to be punished. I am encouraged that your wife does spank you and does enjoy it, I don't like the fact that you enjoy it. So I recommend that you go out and purchase a sjambok small leather whip and beg your wife for her forgiveness. She should order you to relieve yourself and then turn you over her knee and give you a spanking /whipping on your bare little ass that you will never forget. Their should be marks on your behind that should last four 10 days or more.Then she should make you stand in the corner for a hour or more. I hope you take my advice and submit to a real spanking from your wife.Also I make my husband wear speedos . I recommend her taking you to the beach or pool after she has given to spanking. Maybe then she will pat your sissy spanked bottom in view of members of the superior sex. Let your wife make it public who runs your marriage. Lastly I do believe she should take a interest in your willy and give you a little exercise I do with my husband. Hopefully your wife will milk you with her hand. Unfortunately I suggest multiple milkings which will cause you real distress ( 3to 4). You want sex your wife should oblige. It is a humilating and controlling way of dealing with your whining and problem. After you have been drained then she should bring out a paddle and spank you into submission. You like spankings right dear. The other way is have your wife give you pegging if she is interested in doing that. Well first by showing your letter and then my response maybe your wife will be more eager to treat you like the sissy you are. My husband would never right a public letter like this or I would skin him alive. Get back on the forum about your wife response and do it soon if you want to be a true sissy.            Ms Mommy L.
I agree. My relationship is definitely led by my wife but it’s not as extreme as many I come across online. Perhaps it may get closer to some of those over time but for now most of the time she just wants to be in charge and have me in a 1950s role reversal.

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