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Sandra & me, part 1
As previously noted, we met by happenstance.
  I recently graduated from Madchenmacher Academy at 18.

  Mother's current Lover called unexpectedly for a vacation.
  Usual Sissy Babysitters not available. Sandra, ~15, came. V mature, tall, statuesque, heels clicking.

  She had me naked and screaming across her lap for terrific spankings.
  I leered, thru torrents of tears, at Sandra's thick bare calves, large luscious feet & toes arched seductively in 5" stilettos.
  She strapped me naked on nubbed Dildoes in my Sissy Stroller for rides in the park.
  She used both fingers to lube me for various Rectal Insertions.
  She put me to bed in Discipline Ointment Diapers after merciless Twice-9 Canings.
  And gave me Bardex Nozzle enemas the following morning.
  I naturally fell hopelessly in love with Sandra.
  My sister often took me, nude in dancing flats, for extended weekends at her home.

  Sandra's voluptuous Mother kissed me ravenously.
  Fondled my E-cup ta-ta's, fat fanny, drooling erection.

  I wore dresses & Sissy Heels for walks to Sunday Temple Worship. 

Sandra's Mother below. Her fanny is v v tasty!

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You paint lovely pictures of your strict babysitter!
(05-24-2021, 08:53 PM)Cindy Wrote: You paint lovely pictures of your strict babysitter!
  Thanks much. Sandra may kiss me for that. She's outside now, whipping her daddy.

  Here's our daughter Laura, giving a speech.

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