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Shopping for panties
LOVE it sweet sissy boi!  Well done.  I make my sissy do the same.......  but i just may put some bralettes on the pile of the panties when he is in line! Smile
(04-14-2021, 09:04 PM)SissysWife Wrote: LOVE it sweet sissy boi!  Well done.  I make my sissy do the same.......  but i just may put some bralettes on the pile of the panties when he is in line! Smile

   Thank you Ma'am (curtsy)
I love buying panties! When I started I used to get a shirt or something, then shop for my panties, and have the shirt to hide them.
Now, I shop for the panties first and will carry them through the store as I continue shopping, even if I don't buy anything else.
I recently sent my sissy on a shopping trip to buy different items in different stores. One of those ere panties, it was quite obvious who they were for as she had bright red fingernails and a purse, along with womens skinny jeans and blouse.
I used to shop for panties at one of the "surplus inventory" stores, one of those places that gets older or slow moving products and offers them for great savings. I would often browse the racks or in many cases, the bins where these were placed in the store and pick out several of my liking-mostly bright or lacy designs.
That was only part of the fun, going shoulder to shoulder with other lady shoppers, some of whom would give me the evil eye.
The best part was often the checkout line. I would try to pick out a register where a middle aged or older lady was working that seemed to be talkative. When it was my turn, I would usually start with the great value of buying things here always was, and once she was engaged with me, the first thing said was did you find everything you wanted, and I would always say something like no, but that is the fun in shopping here. Often she would continue with "these are some really nice panties you found and am sure you will like them", or in a few cases, "I am sure your wife will like them" In that case, I would add that Yes, my wife does expect me to pick out some """ or """ as I already have plenty of basic choices, and need some a bit special for some days if you know what I mean. She would usually respond to this with a "oh yes, you do need some nicer panties for special days" with a big smile on her face.
While this was harder in the beginning, as I returned again and again, it became something I looked forward to with anxiety prior to my arrival, wondering what kind of encounters I would have this time, but always with anticipation of finding some great choices!
Big Grin Panties forever Heart
<curtsey> Ms. Amber, Thank-You so much for instructing SissyMaid Andrea to write about Your latest task, and seeing the pic You took of with large white purse, that, as You wrote previously accentuated or highlighted red polished nails. Sissymaid Andrea looks so natural in Femme attire and it was nice to read description of how s.he carried out the assignment. It's always so wonderful to read posts from Superior Females, especially when They are describing their sissies.

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