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How did you get into dressing?
My girly life story (sorry if any of it bores you haha).

Always liked girls stuff as well as boys stuff don't know why think just born that way (to quote Lady Gaga 'Born This Way').

My first proper experience was I got to wear girls leotard and tights for school play when I was about 7 loved it but didn't let on, I think my Mum knew I wore her tights now and then at home under my pjs (she must have) she didn't encourage it or discourage it though just didn't mention it but she must have known. One vivid memory I have sadly a missed opportunity looking back when I was 11 or 12 one day my Mum randomly asked me and my brother if we wanted to try being girls for a day for fun my Brother like no way (into Rugby he is a mans man) so I said no as well even though I would have loved it :-( I think if I was only child or had a sister I definitely would have said yes.

Sadly I pretty much stayed completely in the closet just dress now and then in private until I was late 20s early 30s I discovered TVChix website. Made a few 'girlfriends' there (as in girly girlfriends other boys that like being girls as well) got a bit braver and got persuaded to go to Pink Punters 'special girl' friendly club in Birmingham few times so got to go clubbing as a girl a few times that was great (expensive because travel, hotel cost etc) but liked it. One time I forgot cash somehow so before going the club had to go local supermarket cash machine in Birmingham dressed to the nines (looking like a prostitute! haha) to get money out luckily girlfriend went with me because it was scary noone said anything though didnt get any wierd looks.

Always been bi-curious like dont get me wrong Im currently happily married to my Wife with baby daughter and I dont do cheating (never have never will) and I have self control I know the difference between fantasy and reality but yes always been bi-curious never actually pulled a man in Pink Punters (dont know why I dressed like a slut lol just to quiet / nervous I guess) but again way before I met my wife I did have a bit of fun with a man (as in a mans man) once. Someone I knew online and got to trust him so he come to mine one day (was single at the time) I got dressed up for him and we had some fun. Thats the only time I have ever been with a man.

Stopped going to Pink Punters just got to expensive and I think I had a down spell at some point and deleted my TVChix account and Im really upset still about that I had lots more photos of me as a girl with other 'girls' and I have lost them :-(

My Wife sadly hates my dressing up (but I love her one million percent) the only girls clothes I still wear are knickers. I wear ladies panties instead of ugly boxers every day and my wife knows definitely does not approve but tolerates it. My sister in law knows as well she is not bothered.

Thats about it really lol :-)

It is a tough life being a boy that likes girls things haha

Philipa x
Sounds like you’re taking the rough with the smooth there, Sissy Philipa. It is undoubtedly a difficult path to tread for those with such interests but it does read as though (at points at least) as though you have at times been able to balance both sides of your reality. 

The fact that you are posting here shows that you continue to forge links with your feminine side.  Wink
Thanks Girlygirl :-)

I think possibly I might be going through a mid life 'wish I had done more as a girl when I was younger' crisis lol but yes I still love my feminine side even though it is a very small part of me it is a very important part of me :-)

Philipa x
Hi Philipa,

Your life's story sounds a lot like mine. My wife knows but no longer wants to participate (she did for some years, but strictly in the bedroom).

Like you, I love her to pieces.

I have come to appreciate that I really was born to be a girl. I do alright as a guy but femininity is what enthralls me.

I too am intrigued about what it might be like with a man. I don't see it as gay or bi, though. I would have to be in complete girl mode and if so, I would see it as being a girl and being straight. Not that it really matters.

I have always been faithful to my wife. I was a 26 year old virgin when I met her and wasn't sure then if I would ever sleep with a girl.

That opportunity you had with your Mum- I know the feeling. My mom wanted to set my hair in curlers. I so badly wanted to say yes, but with my younger brother around, there was no way I could let on just how feminine I felt inside.
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
Here's how I wish I had gotten into cross dressing:

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