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Turned Sissy by Girly Girl Best Friend
Chapter 19
“Is this some sort of sexual game to you?” I was taken aback by the question that Miss Fritz asked me when we got to her room. What do you mean? “Don’t you dare take me for a fool! You had a tiny yet pronounced erection while I was training you downstairs.” I don’t no what you are talking about Miss Fritz. “Bull crap!” Miss Fritz tan to me and grabbed my throbbing penis beneath my dress. “Is this what you are? Some sort of sexual deviant?” What! No of course not it just sort of happened! “I don’t believe you! It didn’t just happen your attracted to dresses skirts and other pretty thing clearly, but thats not all! What else?” I’m attracted to you as well Miss Fritz. “I see! But what about me? My beauty? My power? My outfit? My crop?” Her words were all too much and so spot on. All of it Miss Fritz! “I’m not surprised you aren’t the first sissy to be succumbed to me and you won’t be the last.” I’m not a sissy Miss Fritz you have to believe me this is all being forced upon me. “You can’t possibly expect me too believe that not after everything you just revealed. Your training isn’t done for the night yet! Mince about the room again! Mince until you explode!”

It all began again as I minced back in fourth in her room and she frequently cropped me over and over again and my penis got more and more out of control. “Mincing mincing little sissy I shall make you pretty and prissy.” Miss Fritz cropped me at the end of her rhyme. She was beginning to send me into a frenzy! “Skirts, dresses, and purses galore you will find that these things aren’t a bore.” She cropped me again as I minced about still. The throbbing of my member was intense. “A girly girl bestie is what you are and you will admit it more and more.” Wack! Throb throb! “Mince and mince and watch you dress bounce and bounce.” Wack! Throb throb throb! “You are Miss Amy’s girly girl bestie and you must obey! Mincing and courtseying is what you do. You’ll soon find out it’s all you can do.” I fell too my knees in ecstasy as I was cropped again.
She’s a poet and she didn’t even know it.  Big Grin Miss Fritz certainly knows how to push Nick’s buttons.  Wink
The rhymes coupled with actions and enforcement are an excellent training method.
Oh this training regimen must be used to fully recreate proper sex roles for ALL FEMALES and the underling malette sex!
Chapter 20
What was happening? I enjoyed everything that happened to me last night. I had so many questions too ask. Was Miss Fritz really staying here to train me? Is my mom being serious? Was I expected to go to school as a girl tomorrow? My thoughts were interrupted as Amy stormed into my room. “Get up! It’s time too start your training for today.” The first thing that I noticed was that Amy also had a riding crop in her hand. Where did you get that? “Miss Fritz gave me one not that’s any of your business. I’m laying down a new rule today. From now on you address me as Miss Amy and nothing else!” Yes Miss Amy I said and out of no where she cropped me. Whack! Miss Amy I’m obeying why did you do that? “Just letting you know that I’m not afraid to do it.” Whack! “That’s for questioning me. Now go get washed up for the day and I’ll put the outfit on your bed that I want you in today.” Yes Miss Amy!

After taking my shower I went back to my room to find panties, a bra, a Valentino dress and pumps. I’m assuming I don’t have a choice of clothing? “No not yet maybe when you’re filling trained and you realize that their is no escape. Now get dressed and I’ll do your make up!” Miss Amy zipped me up in the dress and I stepped into the heels and instantly my feet began to hurt again. Miss Amy may I please have a break from the heels? Whack! “Of course not! Now sit down!” Yes Miss Amy I said. Miss Amy began too work on my makeup. “You better be paying attention eventually I won’t be doing this for you, and if you’re not and you try too to do it you’ll look like a fool.” Eventually she finished and we went downstairs to see my mother and Miss Fritz.

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Chapter 21
“Look at who looks positively pretty today.” Thank you Miss Fritz I said as I glanced at her riding crop in hand.

“Today we will be training you immensely in speech. You start your first day of school as a girl tomorrow and you will need to be prepared. Also as a side training today you will learn how to preform a curtsey. It’s important then when your given directions from me, Miss Amy, or your mother you curtsey too us.”

“Let us begin! I will show you what you need to do and you better pay attention as this will be the one and only time I show you!” Miss Fritz preformed one for me and it didn’t look that hard. “Now it’s your turn. Begin!” I stumbled by first time of course.

Whack! Whack! I had received one from Miss Fritz and another from Miss Amy.

“Sloppy just plan sloppy. Keep going until you get it right!” Yes Miss Fritz I said and I received whack after whack with the crops until I didn’t anymore. “Finally you’re getting the idea and look it only took a bunch of whips from are crops too set you straight. Now it is time to start your speech training.”

“Good thing that your voice isn’t very macho to begin with, but it still needs to be many pitches lower. Start having a normal conversation with me but remember too lower your pitch!” Okay Miss Fritz what you say.

Whack! Whack!

“Lower! You’re a girl remember?” Yes Miss Fritz I’m a girl.

Whack! Whack!

“Lower you’re a sissy prissy girly girl!” I’m a sissy prissy girly girl I said. “Perfect!”
Absolutely lovely, lots of lessons for Nick in quick succession, no slacking.
Very interesting to read. You're doing great. One day while reading your stories I got very excited. I have a very active imagination and so I imagined what you were describing. I wanted to have sex, but my boyfriend is at work. I was lucky, last month my boyfriend bought me some toys here These toys saved me, my desire was unstoppable. These toys are a wonderful invention, but unfortunately, they can"t fully replace a man. All the same, a real cock is better.
Oh what amazing transformation from previous  but now obvious FALSE 'masculine' state (as may be the case in ALL we males!).   Resistance has been broken.  Yet more exciting is how empowered AMY has blossomed.   SHE has achieved an aire of natural sense of FEMALE SUPERIORITY that shall NEVER AGAIN WAVER in dealing with males.   EXCITING, PROPER and PERMANENT REVERSAL as shall increasing be between the sexes more and more... WOMEN are so going to thrill to the permanent  reversal of power, position, demeanor, behavior and dress between  MASTERFUL FEMALE and subservient sissified malette that the future hold as promise for WOMANKIND at last!!!!!

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