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Marcus’s Birthday Surprise
(03-31-2021, 06:30 AM)Girlygirl Wrote: Some great ideas there. I should imagine the assignments (both vocal and written sections) might be quite interesting. It is one thing him having to dress femininely, quite another having to assess and convey the subtleties of such subjects as you describe.  Big Grin

Thank You and I do agree, I expect him to stumble the first few times but I have good patience.

(03-31-2021, 02:59 PM)GinaV Wrote: <curtsey> Ms. Valerie, Thank-You for this update! Having such a "curriculum" with writing assignments, totally immerses the male mind into the Female World, and perhaps provides a window to the Female Mind. It sounds like this birthday will be a memorable one for Your son, and regardless of what You ultimately end up doing, i can only imagine how humiliating it will be for him to model his "presents" for the Ladies! Thank-You again for sharing these experiences and ideas.

Hi GinaV

He certainly won’t be too comfortable reciting good qualities about us. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve heard him say anything nice to me and especially his rival sister.  Hope it goes well.  Thank you
-Valerie   Heart
Good evening everyone


Marcus’s last birthday present arrived today (his new undies!). Tomorrow is all set.  We will eat, celebrate a little, and lastly have him open his gifts.  He will be so excited about his new video game and distracted that I will then tell him about his last and “special” gift.

Natalie knows something is up but I won’t quite tell her the full details.  I did ask my neighbor, Jenny if she had time to stop by around the time Marcus will be displaying his most precious gift.   
I did examine the panties and I know right off the bat they will be extremely small and tight on him. They most likely won’t cover his whole bottom and I imagine his hands will be in front of him most of time. He will be very constricted and quite embarrassed, I’m sure.  Just as long as he completes his assignment with flying colors he will get out of them.  Any stumbling or defiance and I will make him start over.  I might make him wear a little party hat as well. 

Anywho, I posted a pic I took of the undies and I’ll like the community to do a vote per say on which ones I should make him wear when he does his difficult task.  I will sneak a few photos from the event but just know I will have to blur his face for privacy issues as I’m sure you all understand. 

His party will be in about 17 hours so I’ll leave this open and see which pair wins.  They are all just darling and after examine I know for a fact I have never worn any like then, even as a child. I’m pretty confident Natalie hasn’t either.  

Take care all.



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-Valerie   Heart
I vote for the pair on the lower right. They are super cute.
I’m inclined to agree - he might as well be thrown in at the deep end with a pink pair - the others might not seem quite so bad, then Big Grin
Pink pair is definitely a perfect start.
(04-03-2021, 08:52 AM)afp Wrote: Pink pair is definitely a perfect start.

It definitely looks like the little pink pair is going to win.
-Valerie   Heart
The pink pair or the white with pink polka dots.  It would be great if you could get a picture with one of the Ladies standing next to your son, just a picture from the waist down to see the contrast between the boy in baby girl panties and the Woman next to him in jeans and sneakers.  It also works well for privacy with no face pics.  Just a suggestion of course Smile.  Best of luck.
Think he should be in some heels sandals, too! Adds to the embarrassment, especially for the fashion show, if he can't walk ???
Hello All

I will be posting a more detailed acct on what happened but it worked out as well as well I could have hoped.  We had Marcus running around and posing with 4 new pairs of undies I got for his Birthday.   What a day it was,  here is a few shots I got of him running around and when I put him in corner time.  I kept telling him to keep his socks up.  

At one point his sister, Natalie started chasing him with her phone on a live stream, (I honestly don’t think she was really streaming but the threat had Marcus running for the hills in nothing but his pink panties and pink female socks).  

When I had him pose and hold up in one hand a new pair of his girly undies and in the other hand his boy boxer shorts was a humorous moment. He was wearing another new pair of panties that were extremely adorable and tight on him. I just wanted him to understand the difference in what he was used to wearing to what he is wearing now. If I allowed his face to show in the photo it would be redder than a tomato.

A moment I thought was priceless when Natalie left the room and came back wearing the exact pants and shirt he was just wearing, to emphasize to him more how comfortable and secure she is and here he was, clad in pink undies and socks. He was quite fussy. 

Lots more shenanigans went on that I will share later.  

Take care,


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-Valerie   Heart
Glad to hear that it went well - it sounds as though Natalie at least enjoyed herself, if not Marcus. Some great images there.

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