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Hello everyone!

I immediately apologize for my English, which requires improvement))

My name is Inga, I'm from Moscow. I’m sissy crossdresser and I’m virgin. I was never very masculine, but I was very kind and sensitive. My childhood was spent mostly in women's society. I was always quite a weak teenager, I was fond of books, science and art. The first thoughts about changing clothes arose in school. I always liked the way my classmates dressed, and at one point I began to want to be like them. But I didn't think much of it at the time. At the age of 16, I came across various materials related to feminization on the Internet, and then I began to understand that there was nothing wrong with it. Given the above, as well as the fact that with a personal life, there are also difficulties in self-realization as a guy, I realized that I was not in my body. I started changing clothes at the age of 18-20, when I became more independent from my parents. Now I am 26 years old, I am in the image 90% of the time due to the fact that I work remotely. I will be very happy to communicate with sincere people who share my thoughts!)))
Hello Inga.
You’re very welcome here, nice to meet you.
No need to apologize for your English, it reads very clear to me.
It’s a lovely introduction and gives a succinct sincere representation of you.
Correlates with many here and is perfect. There are many different types of interesting people.
Have fun posting and learning.
Welcome to the forum - thank you for sharing and congratulations for finding it in you to live as your true self (I know that this is not always easy). You are amongst friends here and I hope you will enjoy reading (and possibly contributing to) the various topics of discussion.
Welcome Inga! So happy you found the forum and that you are able to present as Female while working remotely. That has been an upside of all this for me, as i'm dressed Femme all the time now, except, of course for those pesky errands when its necessary to go outside. i'm so much more comfortable seeing my Femme visage in the mirror, and wearing whatever i want, it's been almost therapeutic! Enjoy PDQ and this forum gurl!
Hello Inga! Welcome to the forum. You'll find acceptance and support here.

My guess is that you'll need support — transgendered in Putin's Russia! Ugh!

Please tell us about your favorite femme clothes or action you enjoy. After decades of dressing from the waist down, I was very excited and pleased when I added make-up, bras ands  outerwear. Loved it!

Your Faves?

Your written English is excellent. Americans, in particular, are not taught our own grammar well and most businesses don't even insist on it because the bosses don't know the language well. I guarantee you know more of the technicalities of English grammar then do most adult Americans.  Undecided In case you hadn't noticed, a huge portion of our population are willful ignoramuses.
Stamp out useless scrolling. Click Reply, then press CNTRL (or Command)  + A, then write your reply.

Your obedient servant,

micheleFFS  Cool
Priviyat, Inga. Welcome to our group. Your thoughts and feelings are far more important than your English. Besides, your English is a lot better than many people that have spoken English all their lives.
Welcome Dear,
The girls here are awesome.
Welcome, Inga!
Hello Inga and welcome! Your English is's certainly better than my Russian! I'm happy you've joined us and I hope you will find much to your interest and pleasure here!
Welcome, Inga!

How are things in Russia now for people like us? x

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