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Your dilemma
You’re on holiday with your mother and little sister, and your aunt and her two daughters. You’re staying in a cottage in the countryside. You’ve already been threatened with punishment if you’re naughty, and you know only too well what that will mean. You know your mother has brought your punishment clothes with her. 

In the evening you all settle down to watch TV. All the girls want to watch Frozen. You complain it’s not fair because it’s a girls’ film. Your mother tells you to be quiet and enjoy the film. You complain again. She warns you to behave. When you complain a third time your mother tells you to stand up, and you meekly do so. 

“Take off your t-shirt” she orders. “Now your shorts.” You’re stood there in just your underpants, the girls smirking at your predicament. “Now take off your underpants. I’m going to smack your bottom.”

Throughly ashamed you pull down your underpants and drape yourself across your mother’s lap. Your aunt, cousins and sister watch on as you receive your spanking. 

When she’s finished spanking you your bottom is bright red. 

“As you don’t want to watch the film you can stand next to the TV, so we can all see how red your bottom is. But if you decide you want to have your bottom covered up and come and sit with us again then all you need to do is ask to have your frilly panties on, and I’ll go and get them and put you into them, and then you can have your little pink dress on over your knickers and come and join us again as one of the girls.”

So what do you choose? Stand naked with everyone looking at your bright red, freshly-spanked bottom? Or ask to have your little girl outfit on, and try to keep your knickers hidden under your little dress?
Ali to answer your question I will compare it to my situation .When my wife (ms spank his bottom) invites her girlfriend or girlfriends over and gives me a spanking in front of them this is comparable to your example. The actual spanking is the most embarrassing part and standing their with them looking at my privates is really humiliating. I don't have a dress on but I do wear pretty panties when being spanked in from of them.So to answer your question I would much rather wear a dress with panties than have them staring and giggling at my bare spanked bottom and privates.
Gosh what a wonderfully humiliating dilemma. I'd definitely ask for the dress and panties. I'd then suffer the further embarrassment of everyone seeing how excited being dressed in them made me and sit on the sofa with both sets of cheeks burning
What a conundrum. Speaking as I am now I would watch Frozen in a petticoating outfit every time but I know all too well the conflict that could and often did play out in my head in one form or another at such an age.
Very nice position to be in. I’d chose the little girls dress and do my best to cover my knickers.
I love it
But imagine the girls laughing at you as you’re put into your knickers...
That’s so true, could be nice, though after a few minutes you’d be sat down beside them while you all watch the telly instead of them watching your bare bottom.
But I know from my own experience how humiliating it can be for a girl to ask how your panties feel on you, and whether you prefer them to underpants.
Oh yes it can be, you’d be sitting there wriggling hoping she’d change topic, staring at the telly in this case she might take the hint and get taken in by it instead, though of course when it’s over the girls will continue your interrogation.

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