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A Part Time Job At The Leggings and Boots Boutique: Sweet Sister Bratty Boss Story
Chapter 1 
“You can’t just sit around here all summer doing nothing. You just graduated high school and you aren’t going to college so you need to find a job.” I understand that mom it’s just that nobody is hiring me. It was true I really was looking for a job daily but I was just not having any luck. “Mom cut him some slack he just got out of school.” “Claire please stay out of this and let me be his mother. Unless you have a solution to this problem?” “How could I have a solution? It’s not like I can just pull a job out of a hat for him. I’m just asking you too take it easy on him.” “Ha! I can’t do that! If I do that he will be sitting around here forever. What about your boutique are you guys hiring?” “We are but do you really think that’s a good solution? Having your son work at a girls clothing store?” “Well it’s better then not having a job.” “Fine I’ll see what I can do.” “Good then it’s settled. Nick if offered a job their you will be working at the boutique with Claire. Yes mom I said. I didn’t want too work their but my mom was right I really need a job. 

“This is not good!” Claire said too me in private. Well I know that it’s not ideal but it’s a job. “It’s not about that. Miss Sterling with surely hire you but she’s a really tough boss.” Yeah I know but I’ll just have too deal with her. “Yes but you don’t know how hard she has been on the past with male employees.” You have boys that work there? “Not right now but we have in the past. Look I can get you this job but do not cross Miss Sterling. Same goes with the other girls at the store. Just do what they say and keep your head down. Oh god I just realized you don’t know anything about leggings or boots.” And? I’ll learn it all on the job. “No! Miss sterling will not like that! Here come to my room! I’ll show you the difference between things.”
An intriguing start. Going by past experience he’ll be putty in Miss Sterling’s hands from the very start.  Wink
Smile Great start, sounds like a scary position for all the staff let alone the only boy. Lucky Nicky has a sweet Sister to help preparation. Lots of potential for fun Wink
Chapter 2
Claire had shown me the difference between all these types of boots and leggings. She quizzed me on the type of material leggings were made off and the different types of boots. There were knee high, thigh high, ankle, Ugg’s. There were so many I just couldn’t remember them all. Claire I’m not going to remember all this stuff there’s no way. “Well you need to try because Miss Sterling is going to quiz you on all this stuff for sure, and I have to take you to work with me tomorrow so you can interview.” It’s tomorrow? “Yeah I called her a little bit ago and she said too take you there tomorrow with me.” Wait if it’s tomorrow I need to go and get my hair cut so I don’t look like a mess. “No don't! Miss Sterling prefers everyone who works at the store too have long hair. When you shower tomorrow use my shampoo and conditioner and I’ll brush it for you.” Thank you so much Claire for everything. “Don’t thank me yet you don’t have the job.” Well I think that’s all I could learn for tonight. “Well not really. You haven’t put on a pair.”

Put on a pair of women’s boots? Why would I do that? “It could give you and edge in the interview tomorrow. Don’t worry it will stay between us.” Okay well which pair? “Put on my brown knee high ones. We have like the exact same body.” Well I’m not sure about that. “Well I’m sure your petite and thick just like me and mom.” Claire giggled but I didn’t. I don’t have a girls body. “Well you kind of do but just try on the boots we can talk about this later.” I unzipped the boots and stepped my foot into them and zipped them up my legs. “Perfect! How do they feel?” Like boots I guess. I’m not really sure. “You should walk around in them for a bit.” Which is what I did for the next hour. I stumbled around in Claire’s boots for the next hour as I mentally prepared for tomorrow.

Chapter 3
The next morning I washed my hair with the products that Claire told me too. Claire then brushed it like she said she would. “Perfect! Now your hair will shine just like mine!” We both went downstairs too have breakfast before the big day. My mom was there already getting ready for her day. “Nick I don’t want to put any pressure on you but you need too get this job.” “Mom he feels nervous enough already.” “I’m not making him nervous I’m just telling him that he needs to get this job. You will do whatever you have to get it or there will be consequences! Now get going!” Yes mom we both said and we got into Claire’s car and drove to the store. “Mom can’t be serious right?” “I don’t know Nick I think she is. I would do what it takes to get this job.” We finally got to the store and I gulped nervously as we walked inside. The store had really upbeat music playing as I saw girls look around the store for clothes. “Miss Sterling is in the back waiting for you. I have too get to work.”

I watched Claire go talk to the other girls who worked at the store. The door too the office was closed so i knocked. “Come in. You must be Nick.” The chair at the desk spun around and revealed a very young and pretty Miss Sterling. She couldn’t have been older then thirty. We looked at each for a few minutes. “Well tell me why you want to work here.” Well I really need a job and. Miss Sterling cut me off. “Stop that’s not good enough please leave.” Wait please Miss Sterling! I have to get this job! This is the end of the road for me. “The end of the road? So anyone who works here is at the end of the road.” No I'm not saying that Miss Sterling! “Yet you said it!” Okay I did but I didn’t mean it! “Okay so you would love to work here?” Yes I would love to work here. “You would love to sell women’s leggings and boots?” Yes I would love to sell women’s leggings and boots. “You would do whatever it takes?” Yes! “Even if a customer asked you to try on a pair of boots?” I suppose if that’s what they asked. I wore a pair before. Miss sterlings eyes lit up. “You’ve worn a pair?” Yes yesterday too prepare for today. Claire had me do it. “Interesting. What a good sister. Did she have you try on anything else? Leggings panties?” What of course not! “Well I’ll tell you what. I have a spare pair of both panties and leggings in my office. Put them on and the job is yours! Nice hair by the way.”
Miss Sterling is playing him like a fiddle already. In only a few brief moments of conversation she has already made clear the very things he can expect to be doing as part of his job. 

And now she knows she need only threaten to dismiss him to get everything she wants.  Wink
Oh my gosh a huge cliffhanger. I love what’s happened at the interview.
Chapter 4
Panties? “Yes panties and the leggings come on. How bad do you want the job? Enough to wear panties for Miss Sterling?” I didn’t know what to do. My mom said to get the job at all cost and this is what Miss Sterling was asking me to do. Okay I’ll go change I said. “No you will change in front of me!” Naked in front of you? “Yes is that a problem?” No of course not Miss Sterling, and I stripped down in front of her. She looked me up and down. “Look at that a girls body without the boobs and a very small penis!” It’s not small! “Oh it’s very small! Which is perfect for working here! Now get dressed show Miss Sterling you want it!” Claire was right! Miss Sterling was mean! I picked up the panties and made to step into them. “That’s it! Step into my pink lacy panties from Victoria’s Secret!” Her words were humiliating and I pulled them over my waist. “Perfect! Half way there now the leggings!” I pulled them up over my waist also and I noticed how snug they were. “Oh turn around let me see that bubble butt.” I turned around for my boss. “Look at that you do have one.” Do I have the job?

“Well I suppose so.” Thank you so much Miss Sterling. “Don’t thank me just yet! Now you may take off the leggings but keep the panties on!” But why? I did what you said. “Correct you did, and you will keep doing so. After all I want my new employee to be a panty boy!” A panty boy? “Yes that’s right! You are a boy who wears panties after all! Now go tell your sister you got the job and she will be training you understood?” Yes Miss Sterling! “Oh and I want you to tell by the end of the day that you’re wearing panties.” What? Why? “Don’t ask questions! Do it or your fired! Now leave my office!” I pulled up my pants and left the office. Oh what am I going to do? What will Claire think?

Chapter 5
How on earth was I going to do this? How could I bring this up in a conversation? I walked up to my sister Claire who was talking with the two other girls who work at the store. “Oh! Girls this is my brother Nick! Do you have any news for us?” Yeah I’m the new employee. “Wow congrats on Julie and this is Daisy!” Nice too meet you guys! “So who are you training with?” Miss Sterling wants me too train with Claire. “Perfect! We will let Claire train you and I love your hair Nick! It looks just like your sisters.” I turned bright red and said thank you. “Okay so let’s get started! I think we should start in the back room which I think is the heart of the store.” We walked to the back room which was filled with boxes. “So how did the interview go?” Well you weren’t wrong Claire. Miss Sterling is mean. “Oh god what did she have you do?” Should I tel her I thought. I usually tell my sister everything and Miss Sterling said that I have too.

Well she made me wear leggings and panties too get the job I blurted out. “Leggings? Panties? Oh my god! Nick I’m so sorry! You shouldn’t have done it!” I had too mom said I needed to get this job. “Shit I know but I’m still sorry. Well at least it’s over.” Not really I said. “Not really?” Miss Sterling is making me wear the panties for the rest of the day. “Oh god! You’re wearing them now?” Yea Claire! “Sorry it’s just I never thought my brother would wear panties! Oh my god you’re a panty boy now.” Claire I’m not a panty boy. “It’s too late! You’re one now. Miss Sterling made you one.” What does this all mean? “I’m not sure yet but it’s not good!” Claire it’s just for one day! “Trust me it won’t be just for one day!” She will do this again? “Yes she will she. Damn I just realized you need to tell Julie and Daisy.” What why? I’m not doing that! “You have too it’s store rules!” What? Claire pointed to a sign in the back room. “Male employees who wear panties are panty boys. They must tell all female employees!” That’s a stupid rule! “Yes but it’s a rule! You need to tell Julie and Daisy now!”

Chapter 6
I couldn’t believe that this was my life! I went to go find Daisy and Julie and hoped for a non humiliating reaction. Although that wasn’t possible. I found them both in the break room enjoying lunch. “Hey Nick! Joining us for lunch?” Girls I have something to tell you I said and they both looked at me. I’m a panty boy I wear panties I told them. They both looked at me and each other and then laughed. “Well I’m glad that you told us.” They both laughed again! “So how long have you been wearing panties?” I just started today. Miss Sterling made me. “So your Miss sterlings panty boy?” What? Well I suppose, and the girls laughed again. “It’s okay I think it’s great that you wear panties.” “Yeah I agree it’s gonna be great having a sissy work here.” Sissy? “Yeah you wear girls clothing so you’re a sissy!” I don’t wear girls clothing! Just panties that’s it! “Oh that’s it? You’ve never worn anything else?” Well I wore a pair of boots to prepare for the interview. The girls laughed again. “Who told you to do that?” Claire said that I should! “Oh my god that’s so funny!” What’s funny about it? “You’re Claire’s sissy!” “Oh my god Julies right! You’re your sisters sissy!” I’m not. It was to prepare for Miss Sterling! “Oh it prepared you all right!” “Look we need to get back to work, but have fun and welcome to the team.” The girls walked away and I was very upset with them and my sister as well as Miss Sterling. We’re they right? Was I my sisters sissy?
Poor Nick, but they are all right. Thrilling chapters.
Chapter 7
“Well how did it go?” Well they accepted it but they laughed! “Well that’s to be expected!” I guess. Claire they told me that I was your sissy is that true? “Are you my sissy no, but you’re Miss Sterlings for sure, and I guess at home you would be my sissy or moms.” Claire is there anyway I could stop this? “I don’t think so as soon as you put on those leggings and panties you were Miss Sterlings sissy. Although I guess since you put on those boots yesterday.” Claire did you know that would make me a sissy? “Of course I knew! It was fun though, and it prepared you for Miss Sterling!” Claire I don’t want to be a sissy! “Oh come on it’s not all bad! Plus it’s not like you have to do any of that stuff again!” Claire I’m Miss Sterlings panty boy! “Well that’s what I took to get the job and you did it! Now we have work to do sissy!”

I glared at her! Claire! “Oh relax I’m just messing around with you!” What do you want me to do? “Start unloading the boxes! Come on chop chop panty boy!” Claire! “Okay chop chop sissy!” Claire! Stop it! “Oh come one look at all those boots and leggings you’re unboxing! You should totally put some on!” Claire please! “Please what? You’re already a panty boy might as well fall in line.” Claire why are you doing this? “Because you’re a sissy this is how girls talk to sissies.” I’m not a sissy I said meekly “Oh come on Nick I’m just messing around.” I felt very upset. Why did she say all those things? “Look I’m sorry I got caught up in the moment. Why don’t you go get packed up? It’s almost time too leave.”

Chapter 8
Claire’s POV

“That’s was a good job today!” Miss Sterling said behind me while was at the punch out clock. What do you mean? “Your training with Nick you did such a great job!” I didn’t really mean too say all those things. “Are you sure? I bet it felt great!” She was right it did feel great! I actually really enjoyed it. Okay I did enjoy it but what does all that mean? “It means that you’re like me. In fact how would you like to be assistant manager?” Really? Me? “Well yes but in do time. Let’s see how well you do with training Nick. I sent a package to your house earlier today. See that it’s unpacked.” What’s in it? “Panties! Tons of panties!” For my brother? “Of course they are all for him. Make sure he puts them away, and by the way you don’t have to be mean like me. You can be sweet!” I can? “Of course you can, but you have to admit it felt great to be bratty did it not?” It did! It really did!

Chapter 9
What’s the big box on the porch did you order something? “I didn’t, maybe you or mom did?” It has to be moms I don’t have money to order anything. We walked up to the front door too examine it further. “Well it’s addressed to you. Let’s take it inside!” Me and Claire picked it up and brought it in. “Are you sure you didn’t order anything?” Yeah I’m pretty sure. “Well let’s get it upstairs to your room and we will open it.” Me and Claire brought it upstairs and we unboxed it, and to my dismay. It was a box full of Victoria Secret panties. “Nick you ordered panties? Oh my god there is like fifty in here!” Claire how could I have done this? I’ve been at work with you! “Look a note!” There was a note in the box and it was from Miss Sterling. “Congratulations on becoming Miss Sterlings special little panty boy. As long as you want to work at my store you must always be In panties!”
Smile oh my gosh what a thriller, 50 panties Big Grin

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