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March 2021, outstanding letters
All letters this month are of a very high standard of sometimes humiliating but ultimately lovely accounts of positive petticoating/feminization-girl time. Three in particular really stand out to me because they are current or very recent topical events. 

March 2021 Letters

Letter 1 - You Saved My Child's Life

This really shows how to eliminate toxic masculinity, that was egged on by a recent big countries former chief, where it’s was desperately needed both for him and society. Very smart and powerful woman in his family, succeeded in changing him a into new malette who’s of great benefit to all including himself. The boy is now a sweet man as we are want. 

Letter 5 - Mother's Letter About Her Son
This is very sweet and caring mother and daughter of her son and brothers. Extends eventually to the grand kids. It’s girl time for willing boys. All done in a loving manner and how they cleverly deal with disarming the continued toxic males also just letting them be as they may, as if they don’t get it they’ll fail on there own. The woman are rightly very supportive protective of their feminized boy. The boy wants to remain a boy as it’s more fun as a boy dressing up then a girl dressing up - go figure - lovely theme. As boy and man he behaves in a caring, understanding, gentleman way. A great father like his mother and sisters are like his mother. 

Letter 6 - Lockdown Petticoating

A great example of mother knows best and again all done out of love and the love is returned. For me the mothers clothes might not  the best for going out in but nice all the same. He does get his own female clothes eventually and lives happy ever after. 
Thanks for sharing, afp. PDQ never disappoints and as you highlight some educational and thought provoking reads once again.  Big Grin
There's some good stuff here, definitely.

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