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How should Millicent be disciplined?
Mistress has ordered to tell everyone the punishment I received earlier today.

I had done my usual cleaning chores but Mistress Denise and Miss Julie chose to inspect my work very carefully, and Miss Julie found a few instances where I had left dust. Mistress Denise said that I deserved a sound spanking, thankfully she didn't opt for lines instead like some mistresses have suggested. 

I had to bend over the dining table, and my tweed skirt and petticoat were raised. Mistress smacked my bottom very hard with a slipper, 12 times. She then ordered me to remain in position, and I received another 12 hard smacks, this time from Miss Julie. It is rare that Miss Julie administers punishment herself, she usually just watches with interest while Mistress Denise chastises me. 

I was then ordered to continue with my normal duties. I stood up and curtsied to both ladies before serving them afternoon tea
Far from your worst case scenario then. Just be aware that whatever they come up with next time they will probably measure against that - if that’s an incentive to stay in line Wink
Bad luck Millicent. Hopefully the initial pain and humiliation of your punishment is starting to wear off and you're left with the wonderful throbing afterglow. Hugs and kisses x
Ouch Millicent, very humiliating, my bottom is sore just thinking about it. At least you remembered to curtsy.
Less than a week from the double spanking that I told you about and there have been changes here, and I’m not sure I am happy with them.

Mistress Denise had to go into hospital on Thursday, nothing serious and she should be out tomorrow, that's Monday. So for the first time I was in the house with just Miss Julie.

On Thursday evening Miss Julie suddenly announced that she was unhappy with my behaviour. I asked her politely what I had done wrong, but she refused to answer, just ordered me over her knee. Thinking that she was acting under instructions from Mistress Denise I complied, she raised my skirt and slip and spanked me soundly with her hand across my tights and knickers, she then sent me to bed. I honestly didn't know what I had done to deserve my punishment. I did remember to curtsey before going to my bedroom

On Friday we visited Mistress Denise in hospital, I was dressed in male clothes albeit with seamed tights and my long-leg-pantie-girdle underneath my trousers. All seemed OK, Mistress Denise asked whether I was being a good girlie and I responded that I hoped so. But when we got home Miss Julie ordered me to change into a dress and then told me to go to her in the living room. I saw that she had placed a chair in the middle of the room

“Fetch the cane, Millicent. Six of the best for you, girlie”
“But why, Miss Julie, what have I done wrong?”
“I won't tell you again, fetch the cane immediately. Unless you want extra strokes”.

Of course I didn't but I was really confused, I didn't know what I had done wrong, in fact I didn't think I'd done anything wrong at all. I accept that Mistress Denise has the right to chastise me but she always tells me of my misdeeds. I don't always agree with her but she is my mistress so I accept her interpretation of events. So if I am chastised I know why. I didn't know why Miss Julie wanted to cane me.

I duly bent over the chair, Miss Julie raised my skirts, thankfully I was still wearing tights and my long-leg-pantie-girdle, and they provided some slight protection from the most severe caning I've taken since I became a girlie for my mistress. Miss Julie gave me six very hard strokes, then said that she was going to add extra because the seams of my tights weren't straight. I got two extra for that. On principle I didn't curtsey to her when she had finished caning me.

Again I was sent to bed. This is wrong. I am a subservient girlie but to my Mistress Denise, I always respect Miss Julie but she is not my mistress. I honestly think she enjoyed punishing me, she has always watched when Mistress Denise has chastised me and I've decided that she really enjoys this, and couldn't resist the chance to chastise me herself.

What do you think? Should I tell Mistress Denise what has happened to when she is back home tomorrow? I feel Miss Julie has been really, really unfair to me, far too severe. And I really don't know what I did to deserve either Thursdays spanking or Fridays severe caning
Girlie Millicent I advise you to take it slow. Wait a while until you and Mistress Denise are alone. Curtsy as beautifully perfect as you can. Ask her nicely for permission to speak freely. If granted start with informing her that you love being a good girlie, then say what happened when you got home with Miss Julie, make sure your facial expression is contrite, state you do deserve spankings when necessary, then ask does she know or can you ask Miss Julie what was your misdemeanour. When asking them say your terribly sorry to not know other than your seems not being straight and you’d like to learn so as not to make the same misdemeanour again.
I agree with afp Millicent, you should tread very carefully. Remember that nobody likes a tell tale and you could end up in deep trouble if you run your mouth to Mistress. I agree that there's nothing worse than being punished when you don't know what you did wrong, the pain and humiliation is bad enough without the added confusion of not knowing why. I hope things improve when Mistress comes home xx
The latest development happened today, Mistress Denise is back home and she saw the marks on my bottom from the severe caning Miss Julie had given me.

She wanted to know why I had been caned and I had to tell her that I didn't know. I then opened up and told her that I am her girlie, not Miss Julie’s and that as far as I was concerned allowing Miss Julie to cane me wasn't part of the deal – I hadn't signed up to be thrashed by a third party for no reason at all. That was just a figure of speech, I've never signed anything, of course. 

Mistress agreed with me 100% and I know that she and Miss Julie have had words, I wasn't eavesdropping but it was impossible not to hear the shouting match that resulted. I don't know what will happen next but I feel much better, albeit my bottom is still very sore. Miss Julie doesn't seem happy at all
That was brave and it sounds as though it really could have gone either way for you there. It will be interesting to read how things develop and if (by some miracle) Miss Julie manages to talk Miss Denise round.  Wink
Great developments and I’m glad Mistress Denise had taken control of the situation. Hopefully Miss Julie doesn’t rebel. Hold firm Litlle Girl Millie. Keep rubbing your poor botty. Keep us updated of course of how things pan out now.

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