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Sunday Maintenance - Part 1
Marie had taken over Ronnie's life since discovering his need of strict control, chastity, nappies and regression. Working together with the ladies at Mrs Beacham's she soon had him in the depth of what had once been his fantasies, but now was a total reality.

Ronnie was completely regressed to the 3-4 year old that Marie decided he should be. He still worked in IT, but now it was completely from home and without contact with the customers. Just as well, since Ronnie was now completely hairless, from head to toe, and he always had a dummy in his mouth. His peepee was in a tiny steel cage, with a tube going inside, making sure there was absolutely no chance of it coming off or him able to get it out.

Of course, he had also now sort of got used to being nappied all the time. The smell of baby powder, and rash cream, the feeling of fresh nappies, even if they were often over a sore crimson bottom, and also the feeling of soggy, weewee soaked nappies when waking up from naps and more and more, during the day, unable to control his wetting. Marie had been entirely clear that she was feeding him diuretics under one of Mrs Beacham's adult pediatric medical supervision. Regular bottle feeding of water and even times in bed with a feeding dummy in place meant that Ronnie was not only well hydrated, but that he almost was never either soggy, or about to wet.

His life was now in his apartment, which had been turned entirely into a nursery. None of his adult presence remained. The decor was entirely pastel, except for the many mirrors, carefully set up so that Ronnie could always see his babyish reflection, whether in his cot, on the floor in the playpen, on the changing table. He knew that Marie had the entire space on camera, because after one foolish attempt to escape, after he had been caught, then thoroughly and completely punished, Marie had shown him all of the video of him trying to plan, and how she knew exactly what he was going to do.

Over the months, especially with the COVID lockdown, it was easier and easier for Marie and Mrs Beacham to enforce his training. Ronnie had learned that his world would be Marie, Mrs Beacham and her staff, the other boys under her "management" and their Nannies and Mummies and Daddies.

One of the few times he was allowed downstairs outside of the high chair in the kitchen, was when Marie had one of the other Mummies over. One in particular, Sarah, and her baby Jamie, were frequent visitors. Jamie was Sarah's husband, although he was always called her little hubby-pottypants.

One time both of them were in a separate corner, sobbing after a thorough spanking and strapping, perched on their potty seats, sucking on dummies. Marie and Sarah relaxed on the couch, keeping an eye on them, chatting about how each of us had become their toddler boys.

Jamie had met Sarah on a dating site, but Sarah had already decided what sort of husband she wanted. At the time he was still James, having moved over recently from overseas. Sarah said she could tell from his profile and their initial chats that he needed a strict Mummy, not a girlfriend. When they met, she started laying down her law, explaining how she wanted to treat a boy. She laughed as she told Marie that she knew James was hers when he just sat there with his mouth open, until she took him by the hand to her bedroom, where he got his first long spanking.

Ronnie looked over at Jamie, as he blushed and squirmed, hearing how easy it had been for Sarah. He heard Jamie make a weewee in his potty, which brought the attention of Marie and Sarah, which made Ronnie piddle as well, worried what was next. Both woman laughed, teasing their toddlers, saying it showed that they both definitely needed nappies. Marie turned back to Sarah and told her about how she had discovered Ronnie rubbing his peepee over her and then all of his computer history and hidden baby clothes.

Sarah and Marie went upstairs, telling Ronnie and Jamie not to make a move or a sound. Ronnie knew everything was being videoed and shook his head when Jamie tried to mumble through his dummy. They waited, hearing occasional laughter, until Marie and Sarah came back in.

Marie turned to them both and said "Jamie, your Mummy and I have decided that you will stay over tonight and tomorrow you and Ronnie will be getting Sunday Maintenance, Ronnie, isn't that going to be so much fun?" Ronnie nodded, knowing what his weekly experience was like.

Sarah looked at Ronnie, "Oh your Mummy and I have a bunch of new ideas to add to the fun, both of you are going to be ready for the week ahead, for sure."

She went over to Ronnie and took him by the ear, lifting him off the potty, then she took Jamie by the ear as well and said "Let's get these two pottypants bedwetters tucked in nice and early, so they both are bright and ready for tomorrow's adventures". Marie led the way upstairs as Sarah took both boys, bent forward and bottoms glowing from their strapping and ringed with red marks from the potty seats.

An hour later, the two boys were pink from being scrubbed in a cold bath with the bristles of a bath brush and scratchy cloth having been over every part of them, they had been moisturized around their bottom, Sarah explaining to Marie how it made spankings and strappings that much more intense. Then it was rash cream and powder and extra thick nappies for both, before Marie got reins for both of them and strapped them into Ronnie's cot, head to toe for bed. They both got two nighttime bottles of warm water, 1500ml, dosed with Ronnie's diuretics. Ronnie didn't even make it to the end of the first bottle before his nappies became damp, and Jamie wasn't long after.

Both had to lie there, nappies getting soggy, as Marie and Sarah watched them, before they got distracted with each other, kissing and rubbing, slowly losing clothes and inhibitions. Both Ronnie and Jamie throbbed in their cages, moaning as they grew painfully tight but unable to do anything, their hands in mittens and cuffs, their reins holding them down on their backs.

The women collected their things, draping their panties over Ronnie and Jamie's faces.

The last thing both boys saw was their Mummies, naked, as they swayed out of the room. The lights went off, leaving the room in total darkness. Both boys struggled to find a comfortable position, even as they both kept wetting and wetting. Eventually they drifted off to sleep.
Oh! What a delightful start to a tale! I can't wait to see what Sunday maintenance consists of. I think it's appropriate that even though the sissy toddlers are treated as toddlers in some ways, the discipline and punishment they receive is suitable to their adult size bottom...paddles, straps and canes are always proper for adult sized butts!
How lucky they both are to have had their life responsibilities taken away from them. It may not have been their preferred or expected choice, but they will get the opportunity if they choose to embrace it to enjoy all the experiences that they will have forgotten due to their lack of brain development when first experienced.
Thanks for this story Wailer. I'm looking forward to reading about what Sunday Maintenance for Ronnie and Jamie entails. Ronnie seems to have some idea but it sounds like it's all new for Jamie. Meanwhile they have to spend the night in the cot, their nappies getting wetter and wetter. Hope the nappy rash cream is soothing their bottoms … it sounds like there may be more spankings and strappings in store for them!
Thanks again, Jiff
Great story Wailer, can't wait to read what happens next x
After a great build up my imagination is running wild with what Sunday Maintenance could be.
Thank you - great story and looking forward to what happens next!
What a great start to a story! I can hardly wait for part II.
Ah Wailer, another little tale of yours that hits the (wet) spot. Thanks!
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
Wailer this sound like the perfect situation for matron to be in. To have friends and more babies to play with.

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