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Which kinds of boys should be petticoated?
I think the kinds of boys for whom systematic petticoating is warranted fall into three categories:

First, there are the boys who show signs of having strong sissyish tendencies.  These might be boys who are quite timid, who might seem to have a preference for playing with girls, and so on. Finding some excuse for force boys like these to wear panties and dresses will help them feel, and properly accept, their essential sissy nature.  Basically, a mother or aunt or grandmother who petticoats this kind of boy is communicating the message to the boy that it is not only OK to be girlish, but it is actually what the women in his life prefer for him.  Even boys like this are likely to complain and protest and perhaps even beg not to be forced to wear panties, but that phase is likely to pass fairly quickly as the boy feels how pleasant it is to be made to look girlishly pretty.  That, of course, is the reason why the strategy that some parents of sissyish boys use of punishing the boy by making him dress completely as a girl "as a way of teaching him to be less girlish" is bound to fail as a way of making the boy less girlish.  Instead, the more that sissyish boys experience looking and being treated as a girl, the more they will realize that being girlish is what they really want to be.

Second are boys who are difficult and disobedient and who are in need of the strong controlling influence of a dominant woman.  My sense is that with these kinds of boys, it is often at the point when the mother is at her wit's end and unable to cope that another woman in the family, either an aunt or grandmother, is turned to for assistance and it is then that other woman who subjects the boy to a regimen of petticoat discipline.  Of course, some other forms of punishment, such as spankings and mouth soapings may be required to bring the boy to the point of compliance with the petticoating, although for those opposed to any forms of corporal punishment, withholding food or bathroom privileges can be quite effective as well.  In any case, these kinds of boys are likely to experience deep and intense feelings of shame and humiliation when they are first put into panties and dresses, and woman I've talked with have reported that the boys like this that they've petticoated typically break down in tears that they can't control, not just the first time they are petticoated, but on multiple subsequent petticoating sessions as well.  But what then seems to surprise many women in these situations is that, if a regimen of petticoating is maintained for any length of time, even these kinds of boys become placid and compliant and accepting of the treatment and become much more girlish in their feelings and behaviors.  A good, and common, sign is when such a boy switches, when complimented on how pretty he looks when petticoated, from first complaining that he's not pretty but instead that he's "a boy" to eventually blushing and showing evidence of feeling good about the compliment.  The more often a boy like this is taken out in public while petticoated, the quickly this kind of transition in his feelings is likely to occur.

The third category of boys who benefit from being petticoated and who should be petticoated is -- all other boys.  Or at least, that is my view about the proper way for all boys to now be raised.
You are so right. There is a myth about so called 'alpha' males. In fact, if properly brought up, all males learn to submit to the superior gender, as it should be.
Your Quote.... BEAUTIFUL!!!:

The third category of boys who benefit from being petticoated and who should be petticoated is

-- all other boys! --

Or at least, that is my view about the proper way for all boys to now be raised.
You're absolutely right Ma'am. I fell into category two until my Aunt took me in hand. Nothing puts a boy in his place quite as well as a spell in petticoats and frills,. I'm glad I had someone who cared about me enough to teach me mine *curtsey *
Well summed up, Grandma Cheryl; a theory I suspect that were an academic study to be conducted (if such a thing existed) would be found to be pretty on point. Even before I started reading point 3 I had already determined it to be fairly likely that all males could likely be made to fit into one of the categories.  Big Grin 

As for which category I fell into when younger - there was obviously a category one in me somewhere without which I would not be the person I am today but is something that I myself only became conscious of much later, I suspect I was probably a category 3 in practice (as whilst I made every effort to live up to level 2 traits, there were in truth many that were far more successful in that regard even then).
Hello Grandma Cheryl,

I was a category one boy. I was not much different to most of my pears growing up but attended dance class, ballet, tap and jazz from when I was about seven years of age.

I was the only boy in my age group so wore the same or similar costumes as the girls at the competitions  we attended and the annual end of year recital. I think it was my ballet teacher that initially identified me as an effeminate sissy and went out of her way to convince mummy that I should spend more time in feminine girls clothes and activities.

I was from then always in a girly blouse and shorts or slacks when I went to dance class after school and an Saturdays. On Fridays after school mummy would set my hair on small rollers, which I slept in, so I would have pretty curls for dance class.

As we wore make-up at the competitions and the on the recital I was introduced to a beauty regime from about nine years of age and the wearing of lipstick to and from dance class and any dance related event.

I was always invited to attend the birthday parties of the girls from dance class and from about age ten I always wore a pretty party dress with frilly panties and petticoats suitable for a much younger girl.

I dearly love my life as an effeminate sissy and have been married to one of the girls from dance class for more than thirty years. I wish I had the opportunity to thank my ballet teacher for identifying my sissy nature all those years ago.

Ms. Cheryl, i fully agree with you and i fall into the second/third category. my behavior is very different when in panties. my ex-wife would put me in panties when i wanted sex and my erection would be eliminated in seconds because of the shame. it would kill my sexual energy but in its place i actually wanted to clean the house - odd and scary. The problem exists for males that don't have women who can enforce it, which is my problem now. i know it's good for me but i just can't seem to do it. Any advice?
Grandma Cheryl, agree 100% boys generally fall into these 3 categories. I would add a sub-category for the first group. Over the last 10 plus years, more mothers are actively raising their sons as gender-creative princesses. Most of the boys that once fall into the sissy category are now being raised to be gender creative, it common that these boys showed signs of lovely Disney princesses early on. Another big part of this group are made up of boys being raised feminine right from the start and discouraged from dressing or behaving as traditional boys. There are still plenty of reluctant sissies who try to hide their sissy side. As you mentioned even sissy boys can be resistant to petticoating the first few times. This is mostly over fear the brat has in being exposed as a sissy. After an extended period of petticoating, these types of brats usually give in to their sissy side and become good little princesses.

The other group which, I refer to as the alpha brats are the typical group that mothers seek out me for guidance. I agree 100% that these brats are generally the most resistant to petticoating and often become overwhelmed with tears as they discover the sissy boy inside. Thou, I can proudly say the prissiest boys I have helped create were once sports loving alpha brats, it amazing how many of the brats in this category have 100% committed mothers who are very open to extended or permeant petticoating. In the end, it doesn’t matter if a boy is a natural sissy or once alpha brat extended petticoating will ensure he becomes a sweet prissy princess. The last group (all the other boys) are generally followers and once enough alpha brats are petticoated these group of boys will fall in line and openly accept becoming prissy princesses.

I strongly believe within 10 years, dresses, tights, pigtails, etc. will become mainstream for boys and it will be as common for boys to wear dresses as it is for girls to wear pants. Within 20 years the once traditional alpha brat boys will become the outcasts.
I too believe that every male has an inner sissy just waiting to break out and concur with your views on petticoating having experienced it first hand. Thank you for sharing your vision, Rad Fem; it is one I certainly hope to witness and going on current evidence, seems a very likely outcome.
Fantasy is fantasy, but doing this to non-consenting children is just wrong.

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