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How Donald became Millicent
I'm afraid I'm typing this stood up.  Mistress Denise wasn't happy with the meal I had prepared so in her words...

"We'll christen your new school uniform, Millicent.  Fetch the cane"

I did as Mistress ordered and bent over the dining table as she instructed me to "present my bottom". My gymsip and underskirt were raised then I received 3 strokes.  When Mistress told me I could stand I rearranged my skirts, curtsied to Mistress, thanked her for her attention and returned the cane to the cupboard where it is kept. I'll be sleeping on my stomach tonight as my bottom is still stinging
Hi Millicent

We have really enjoyed your description of your transformation and acceptance of your new role in life.
Mistress decided right from the outset that I would be her feminized slave/husband. I was totally aware that She prefers women as sexual partners and I loved Her so completely that I was very content to become Her wife.
Your story is somewhat similar to ours, except that we married in 1981, by which time I had been her slave for 3 or 4 years.
All through my working life, climbing to senior management and eventually starting our business, I wore a full set of lingerie under my business attire, most of the time I was also genitally restrained. I am obedient, dedicated and worship Mistress with all my heart, as it seems you do too, yet I am still punished regularly. Mistress has always preferred one of Her whips to the cane and even though the pain is intense, my devotion to Her grows with every slash. She knows what I need and I need to turn Her on, which She definitely is by whipping me. More than once She has come whilst punishing me.
I understand your fear of going out en femme, I am over 6 feet tall and Mistress insists that my hair is short and that I sport a moustache. She does not want me passing as a female but if my feminine slacks and blouse, or a peep of bra strap beneath my blouse or an expanse of stocking at my ankle is spotted, She wants it to be obvious that I am a feminized man. I t increases Her power.

Keep updating us please.

Mistress Carol and Sarah x
There is no shame at all in being a feminised man and it sounds as though you are setting an example many other males would do well to follow; your wife has done well  Wink

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