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WERE You raised as a sissy boy?
my  mom knew instinctively that I was more girl then boy.  I loved playing with dolls and tea sets with girls, I detested sports and never played them.  Even in school I refused to attend gym classes.  At age 11 mom got me some dresses and I took to them like fish to water.  I was dressed in pretty dresses and flowery panties.  The girls I played with knew I was a boy but accepted me.  Mom let me play outside in them.   So I was wondering how many here got to be raised the same as me.  I loved my dresses then and even today.

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You are so very lucky, Melodie both in that you enjoyed feminine pursuits and clothing and that you had a mother who was prepared to indulge you in those interests. 

I certainly had plenty of the latter and spent many hours of my childhood wearing skirts and dresses. This was entirely on a punishment basis and it wasn’t until I was much older that I came to realise just how much joy there is in being all prissy and girly.
No, but even then I wished I was. It drives a lot of my fantasies to this day.

And, if my mom had raised me as a sissy boy, it wouldn't have been a gentle experience. Mom was loving, but back then she did not tolerate things such as non-gender norms. My experience would have been one of constant humiliations along with her generally caring side. She was quite the complex mom.
Openmindedness in regard to gender would seem to be a relatively recent phenomenon in the grand scheme of things so I’m sure your mother wasn’t unique in that regard. Newer generations are lucky in that there is now much greater understanding both in the psychology behind the need for one to express themselves differently as well as (as many of us preach on here) the great benefits of individuals embracing different qualities than those of their predecessors.
Hi Melody,

Yes, I was definitely raised as a sissy boy. From an early age about seven I went to dance class, tap, ballet and jazz. I wore the same uniform as the girls and the same costumes as the girls at the end of year recitals and at the competitions we attended.

When I was invited to a party of one of the girls I wore a pretty party dress and all the accessories.

Later when the girls started wearing bras and needed to wear them under some of their costumes, my dance teachers and mother said I needed to as well. From then on I wore a bra to and from dance class as well as under my leotards. My clothes for going to dance class were always a bra, pretty blouse or top, ankle socks in the warmer weather or knee high socks in winter with Mary-James in a colour to match my shorts or slacks.

I was raised quite the opposite. Working parents, very liberal. I was basically a latch key kid. Lots of bullies in school... I grew up fighting and having to figure a lot out on my own.
That kind of start is more common than you might think on here. For many members (myself included) the love of femininity began later.  Big Grin
(02-04-2021, 10:20 AM)lucje Wrote: I was raised quite the opposite. Working parents, very liberal. I was basically a latch key kid. Lots of bullies in school... I grew up fighting and having to figure a lot out on my own.

I’m sure this is quite common. I have a few friends who love to be all girly or sissyish now, but I’m sure it’s a reaction to having been brought up having to be “tough” and “macho”. 

Similarly I think a lot of people who enjoy being babied now do it because it’s a release from their ‘normal’ stresses and strains.
Very common in my experience. Although I can't say I was brought up to be tough.. my parents were very open minded and accepting of just about anything. And I was actually naturally a really sweet and sensitive kid!

But that didn't fly in the schoolyard or out on the street. So it's more like that forced me to lash out, I remember there was a literal point where I decided I didn't really give a damn anymore what anyone thought and that became my basic attitude for a long time. Lol, the irony was that all the former bullies thought that was 'so cool'.

An even bigger irony is that my kinky adventures originally started from that attitude as well. "If I'm gonna be bisexual and enjoy weird sex that's my damn business." But that was ultimately the key that put me back in touch with that sweet, sensitive kid I'd left by the wayside. He was understandably more than a little cross with me, but we worked it out eventually.
I was definitely not raised as a sissy boy. I am of the era when there were two sexes and everybody was only one of them, period. Any hint of crossing that border was treated as abnormal and in the playground and locker room any lifestyle like that was ridiculed.

As a boy I was raised strictly and the strap was used at school and the belt at home. Even under those circumstances boys were supposed to be tough and "take it like a man." I discovered by the seventh grade that I liked being spanked. I was looking at the spelling book and one of the words was "paddle." The definition included "to spank" and when I saw that my erection could have lifted the top of my desk. In a flash I started having fantasies involving me being spanked. As I grew older I eventually started pursuing my fantasy with professional dommes. It wasn't any kind of scenario and it never really met my desires.

Over time I reached the conclusion that to be spanked the way I really wanted that I'd have to mentally go somewhere where being emotional and crying freely were allowed. Based on my early experiences I concluded that the most submissive person was a little girl. Once I started seeing myself as a little girl getting spanked it filled in what was missing. From there I expanded my interests that brought me to where I am today.

Where am I? Well, I'm eight years old, blonde haired, blue eyed and wear my hair in braids. Every year on my birthday I get older but "Cindy" turns eight. My wife doesn't share in any of this. She knows that I am into spanking and once many years ago played a scene with "Cindy." Since then she's lost interest so my fantasy life is all I have. In my mind I sometimes see her as suddenly turning into the dominant mommy that I really want, but it's not likely to ever happen.

I didn't really intend to write all of this, but it does feel quite liberating to say this for the first time.

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