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His Sister's Clothes
"Taking to being Feminine like a duck takes to water (or should that be a fish... total immersion?!), luv this twist in the plot where planned embarrassing situation "backfires" and Danielle instead willingly "dives" down the slippery slope, enjoying the ever accelerating ride. One can only imagine the fun "his" Mother and Her new "daughter" can have as s.he develops Feminine persona and becomes the sissy of T/their dreams!
What a great outcome. Whilst it might take his mother some getting used to, in being convincing as Danielle there is at least a viable basis from which to proceed. Hopefully she will come to realise what so many of us already know - that for a male to discover true femininity is the greatest gift they can be given.  Big Grin
Kay was determined to find a solution to end Danny's interest in crossdressing. Her plan to embarrass him at the salon had failed. The salon was too busy and no one seemed to pay attention. She thought she needed something where Danny would be more obvious. Clarissa happened to mention one day that the county youth festival was happening soon and she saw the event schedule. It brought back fond memories when she had placed second in the teen category for the festival beauty pageant.  Kay remembered how much Clarissa had prepared for the pageant and how nervous she was about being in front of such a large audience. Kay just knew that this was the perfect opportunity to put an end to Danny's crossdressing. How embarrassing to be on stage in front of so many people. She solicited Clarissa's help in her plan to enter Danny and prepare him for the event. Clarissa was more than happy to help.

Kay told Danny that the salon visit had demonstrated that Danielle was a very pretty girl and should show others how pretty she could be. Danny was shocked that his mother no longer wanted to suppress his desires. Kay then told Danny about the upcoming pageant and thought Danielle should enter. Danny was apprehensive but she insisted. Clarissa joined in and said she would help train Danielle in all the pageant activities. Danny nervously agreed.  His mother entered him in the pageant thinking this would be the hard lesson he needed.

Danny spent most of the next few weeks as Danielle. He practiced walking in heels while wearing a gown and swim suit while his mother and sister watched and gave instruction. For the talent competition, Danny borrowed Clarissa's cheerleader outfit and Clarissa taught him some cheer routines. Through it all, Kay wondered why Danny seemed so natural at everything.

The festival began and the pageant participants began rehearsing for the actual competition. Sporting a cute bob hairstyle, Danny felt like one of the girls and, with a few exceptions from some mean bratty girls, was accepted. The pageant started with the talent competition and Danielle did the cheer routine. Kay watched the audience and they seemed to enjoy it. Danielle received a high score. The same was true for the gown competition when Danielle wore one of his mother's evening gowns. Kay felt a little odd seeing one of her favorite gowns on her son. The final competition was the bathing suit. Danielle wore a simple yellow one piece with matching yellow high heels. Danielle glided across the stage in perfect feminine form and again received high scores. Kay and Clarissa looked at each other and wondered how is he doing this? He's actually doing well in everything. 

The finalists were announced and Danielle was included. Kay and Clarissa were shocked. Was he really going to pull it off?

When the announcement finally came to declare the winner, Danielle nearly fainted. The previous year's winner came over and placed the crown on his head. Then the sash for festival princess was placed on Danielle along with the flower bouquet presented. As Danielle paraded to the front of the crowd, Clarissa couldn't believe her eyes. She had placed second in that pageant and her brother had actually won. Kay was speechless. What had just happened? Another attempt to end her son's crossdressing had backfired. Danielle felt more like a girl than ever before as the crowd cheered.

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A lovely result winning the pageant. Will Kay and Clarissa now accept their new Daughter and Little Sister, afterall she is partly their creation Smile Wink
I think it is probably time for Kay to have a bit of self reflection. Setting aside the fact that we all know that Danielle has far more going for her than Danny ever could, as a mother it must surely be clear to her now that her former son was born to be Danielle  Big Grin
Definitely born to be
Ha Ha! This is indeed an unusual plot line for TG fiction. Would luv to experience Danielle's "training" at the hands of "her" Mother and Sister, and probably more Superior Females in the future. Danielle is primed for living full time as a TGurl, such a natural. Hopefully Kay and Clarissa will recognize this and actively promote Danielle's Feminine development and deportment.
When mummy is so proud of her little sissy Princesses achievements , she is just bursting to show you off in all your girly finery .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Kay and Clarissa sat and talked about the pageant. Clarissa still felt the sting of seeing her little brother win a pageant that a few years ago she worked so hard to win, and didn't. "How is it even possible?" She wondered out loud. "He was so graceful strutting along in high heels. Even better than some of those girls." She added. "And I know some of them have taken ballet." Clarissa continued. Kay began to giggle. "What's so funny?" Clarissa asked. "The thought of Danny in a tutu." Kay laughed.  "He wouldn't find it that funny," Clarissa answered. "I've heard Miss Landers is a very strict teacher." "How strict?" Kay asked with an evil grin. "I see what your thinking, mother." Clarissa said with a smile. "Well, I've obviously been going about this wrong," she answered. "Maybe a strict woman is what he needs." Kay said with an enlightened look. 

"I think Danielle is going to be taking ballet, real soon!" Kay said, as she stood up confidently. Clarissa covered her mouth to suppress her laugh.

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Danny is likely waiting for the other (ballet) shoe to drop.

Ballet is great and girlish and all, but I wonder has a mom ever signed her sissy son up for belly dancing classes?

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