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Please, unburden me.

Unburden me.

Here is a story I wrote to try and help you understand.

I came across the website when looking up petticoats while thinking about Halloween costumes. I had never thought about my husband wearing pretty clothing, or willingly taking on more of the housework. What an interesting idea and an interesting website. I must admit that I went down a rabbit hole, reading what came up about feminization, sissification, and a new term I learned, female-led relationships. An idea formed about what my relationship could be like and I decided to pursue it. 

From my research, I could plainly see that if I wanted, I could easily simply force my husband to become my sissymaid, and the poor man wouldn't know what had hit him. Our dynamic was already such that he would do almost anything to please me. But I had never felt comfortable with the idea of him not being the man of the family, leading in most of the things in our relationship. Now I see how that is not necessary to have a loving fulfilled marriage, for both of us. No, I wanted him to want what I saw as a desirable place to take our relationship.

The lockdown gave me an easy way to get all of his measurements, having him measure me for online shopping and at the same time, getting his same measurements. He didn't have to know that males usually don't need many of the ones I got from him. So I went online and started ordering what I wanted.

To get started, I sorted through my own clothes to see what would fit him and what I would want to see him in. I then got his input on some of the things I was ordering, under the guise that I wanted outfits that he would think I was sexy in. And since we were home most of the time now, I wanted outfits that he found particularly sexy, that I wouldn't normally wear, but that would turn him on. I made sure to order them in his size.

When the deliveries came, I stored much of them away. Others I started wearing for him, such as the pretty frilly aprons, short skirts and stocking and garter belts, body briefers, thin blouses that showed off the pretty lacy bras underneath. He appreciated seeing me in the new sexy clothes and we had some fun hot times as I was awaiting for the moment I wanted.

My new vibrator came in and I knew that was the night. I showed it my husband and said that I wanted to experiment with it that evening and would he play with me. Of course he readily agreed. I then said that I wanted the focus to be all on me, so I could really get comfortable with the new toy. We could take care of him another night. He said that was fine with him, that he could wait.

While preparing supper in one of the new aprons, short skirt, stockings, garter belt, heels, thin blouse, and lacy bra, I called my husband into the kitchen and asked him to give me a hug from behind. I could feel his excitement. I then asked him to unzip my skirt and slide it down and put it on a chair. I then finished seving us supper as if nothing was amiss, giving him sexy views of my stocking tops held up by the garter belt I was wearing and spreading my legs so he could easily see the crotch of my panties and how moist they were. I asked him if he liked what he saw. The poor man. 

I told him to sit while I cleaned up, giving him a wiggle as I bent down to fill up the dishwasher. When I was all done, I asked him to get my skirt and follow me to the bedroom. Don't wrinkle my skirt, I said. Hold it out in front of you with your two hands. There that's good, now follow me. Looking back, if I positioned my head right, I could imagine the skirt on his body.

I told my husband to get ready by getting undressed. I took off my heels, blouse and bra, but left the rest of my lingerie on. I had to clarify that I wanted him naked and so off came his underwear. The moment had come. Nonchallantly, though my heart was pounding, I said to him, these large sized panties came in the order of medium ones. Try them on for me. You might like the feel of them. No reason why you can't have a bit of fun even though all of the focus tonight will be on my sexual pleasure. I held them out to him and waited. I could see him struggling in his head with how to respond. I just looked at him, expecting him to submit to my request, almost daring him to resist. He opened his mouth as if to say something. I was smiling at him with a twinkle in my eyes. He took the panties. His new panties. I said, you like the feel of these new panties on me, don't you? You have been extra attentive with your hands since they came in. They do feel nice, he had to admit.

My usual panties before all of this were sexy enough, but not full briefs and not satinly nylon like these. I learned that these were quite popular with men who wore panties. Not my usual underwear, but I had started wearing them as part of my preparation. I was a bit surprised at how little resistance my husband had presented before he was drawing the satiny nylon panties up his legs. Good, now let's have fun with my new vibrator I said, getting the focus on me. Once we settled down, I asked him if he was comfortable in the new panties. He said that they were and that they felt nice on his skin.

I had a number of orgasms that evening. It was fun directing my husband, without any worries of anything except figuring out what kind of good feelings I could evoke. Once I had had enough, we got ready for sleep. I asked him if he would keep the panties on overnight and he said ok.

The next morning, I played with him in his new panties. I asked him if he liked what we did the night before, even though it was all about me. He said it was a fantastic time and he loved it. I then asked him if the panties made it more sexy for him or less sexy. He had to admit it was more sexy. I then asked him if wearing them made him feel more close to me or less close to me. He of course said more close. I then asked him if wearing them made him feel more inclined to go and make me coffee or less inclined. Not sure, but maybe more inclined was his answer. Well then, off you go. Make me coffee and bring it to me in bed.

After our shower, I said that the experiment last night of him wearing panties seemed to give positive results and would he continue the experiment and wear another pair for that day. He asked some questions about what I was wanting, where this was going, he didn't want to look silly. I was ready. I assured him that I wanted only what was best for us, that I thought he looked hot in the thin satiny material and that I thought he was a courageous man for breaking this social taboo. He said ok and I said to think of it as an experiment, to see what the effects are. We only have to do things that are positive for both of us.

That evening, I asked him again how he felt wearing panties all day. He said it was distracting, exciting and a little scary. I reinforced that it was sexy for him, it increased our intimacy and his willingness to do things that I asked of him. I then said let's spend some time focused on him and I played with him in his new panties until he couldn't hold it any longer. That was fun, if a bit messy. Another shower for him. And then I left it at that. When the clothes were washed, the two panties that he has worn were put in his underwear drawer and I didn't talk about it again.

One morning, he took one of his new panties and looked at me and said what do I think, should I wear these today? I answered that they were his and he could wear them anytime we wanted. I then asked if if he found them sexy. Yes. Did wearing them make him feel closer to me or less close to me. Closer. Did wearing them help him feel more inclined to do things for me or less inclined. More. Then why aren't you wearing them more often, if they have such a positive impact on our relationship? I don't know. Men aren't suppose to wear panties. I didn't think you wanted me to.

Well, societal norms are just made up. Made up by the group of people around us. So, in this house, I say we make up the societal norm that you should be wearing panties most of the time, given the positive effect that they have. And yes, I would be thrilled to see you wearing pretty panties most of the time. It turns me on, knowing that you are courageous enough to do what works for us, regardless of how other might judge it, from the outside. And I like the effect that it makes you feel more inclined to follow what I ask you to do.

OK. I'm glad that you are ok with it. They are softer and nicer than my other underwear. I gave him some of the panties I had ordered as it turned out medium wasn't too small on him. And I had ordered a few others that I knew would fit him that I added bit by bit to his panty drawer, so he always had enough, but he didn't get too suspicious.

The next time I had a chance, I asked him if he would be ok with another night of sexy play but just focusing on me again. He was, of course, the sweet man. As I was getting dressed, I asked him to pick out a bra for me, the one that was his favourite one on me. I put it on and said that I would be thinking of tonight every time I noticed the bra I was wearing. Then I put on a think blouse and said to him that he could see it quite well to, and to think of tonight every time he notice my pretty lacy bra. I made it a point to show off my bra to him throughout the day and even asked him to hug me and trace his hands over the band and bra straps and cups. All in the guise of turning me on for the fun time that night.

That night, I got him down to his panties as we settled in to play with the vibrator again. I asked him to take my bra off of me. Once he had done that and the bra was in his hand, I showed him a bra extender and asked him if he knew what it was. He said it looking like the end of a bra, without the bra. Do you know what it is used for? I guess it would make a small bra fit when a woman put on weight. I just looked at him and waited. He said, what? Now you want me to put on a bra too? Well, you are wearing panties. It would simply be another experiment. See what it does. But he didn't need to wear a bra. Many women don't really need a bra either. We already talked about societal norms. They're uncomfortable. How do you know, have you worn one before and not told me? No I just heard that they are. Well I have never said that and like any clothing, some are comfortable, some are not. You want me to start wearing bras now. No, just tonight, to see how it goes. OK. You win. No, dear, we win. We will find out the effect and decide whether or not this is a one time thing.

Of course it was not a one time thing. Once it was on him, and I made positive comments and gave much encouragement and the sexual charge of the evening made its impression while he was wearing it, he couldn't in all honesty say that it wasn't sexy, it didn't make us more intimate, sharing this taboo secret, and it didn't make him feel even more willing to do things for me.

Then it sort of came to a head. Or at least a twist in the road. The next evening when my husband went into his panty drawer to change into a new pair for bed, he saw his new bra sitting there besides all of his panties. He picked it up and came over to be and said what is it you are doing? Do you want to dress me as a woman? What do you want from me?

I asked him if he lied to me. What? Did you lie to me when you said that when you wore the bra, it was sexy? No that wasn't a lie. He didn't lie to me at all. Then when you wore the bra, it had a positive effect on our relationship. OK, it did. But I don't want to start wearing bras all of the time, like I am with my panties.

Your panties. You are wearing your panties all of the time, because they are yours. How about instead of you wearing my bra, we get you some of your own bras. Then you will be wearing your bras, when you want to, when you want to feel sexy, more intimate with me, and more willing to be that wonderful husband that makes me feel like a Queen with all of the things that he does for me?

Do you really want me to start wearing bras? It is not so much the bras that I want, but a great relationship with you. If you wearing bras makes our relationship better, then sure. They are cute enough and I do like how pretty you look in them. They are made to make us look sexy. 

Look you seem to be tripping up over what a man is supposed to do and not supposed to do. Would it be easier for you if you felt that I made you wear panties and a bra? Would you like to feel forced to wear a bra? I don't want to force you to do anything that would not make our relationship better, for the both of us. But if it would help you, then sure, I could act and pretend that I am forcing you to wear these clothes. What do you think?

Hmmm. Let me think about that. I could see how that might be exciting, giving up control to you, well even more that I feel that I do anyway. We could do an experiment, like you did with the panties.  Well, let's sleep on it, and we can talk about it in the morning.

The next morning we talked some more. I gave him the chance to back out. Then I got his assurance that he would give it a solid try. Then I got a new bra from my stash, one in his size, small cups and all. It fit him very well. He said it was more comfortable then he has expected. Then I did what we both expected. Into the thin blouse, garter belt, stockings, and skirt. Too bad my heels didn't fit him. I sent him to make me coffee, telling him to bring me an apron first. I tied him into the apron and said that since I tied him into it, only I could untie him from it, that basically I am forcing him to wear the apron until I let him out of it. He gulped and shuddered a bit. I then presented him with his new heels. He just looked at me. You have been planning this for a while now, haven't you? Let's just say I like to be prepared. You are doing this because it is making our relationship stronger, aren't you? He slipped on his new pumps, wobbled a bit, and then walked around in them, getting the hang of it, more or less.

Do you feel forced by me to be wearing this outfit? Well, I wouldn't have chosen to wear it by myself. How does it feel? Strange, but not too uncomfortable. Exciting, for sure. New and exciting.

Well just let go of thinking about whether you should or should not be wearing it, whether you should be liking or not liking it. Just focus on how it makes you feel and focus on saying "yes dear" whenever I ask you to do something for me. Can you do that? Yes, dear. Good, first lesson learned. Now about that coffee.

That night, as my husband, now my wife as I was starting to think of him, was taking off his new clothes and getting ready for bed, I showed him his new maid's uniform that was hanging up on the closet door. You've been wanting to make me your maid? Dear, you agreed that you wanted to feel me force you to wear clothes that you wouldn't normally want to wear. When you said that, you already knew all of my wardrobe. So making you wear what you have already seen on me wouldn't really give you that feeling of being forced, now would it? Now, you putting on this uniform that really cements who is the boss and who does the serving, that would make you feel like you were forced to do it, wouldn't it? What man would willingly put on a maid's uniform and a maid's apron and submit to doing all of the maid's work? No, a man would not do that, unless he was forced to, forced to by his very dominant mistress, who wants him to submit to her will, to do what she wants, what she commands him to do. Are you that man? That courageous man? The man who is man enough to give up his manliness to the women he loves? Who he adores? Who he wants to make him submit to her so he can give her all the pleasure he is capable of giving her?

Yes, dear. You are right. I do want you to force me to wear the maid's uniform. Your maid's uniform. My maid's uniform. I want you to force me to wear my new maid's uniform.

Good then. I don't imagine you are going to get any sleep tonight, thinking about your new maid's uniform and your new role as my maid tomorrow. Put these on. It will save you a bit of time in the morning. Panties, pantihose and a body briefer. You can put this pretty nightie on over it. Now let's snuggle a bit and then let me sleep.

The next morning my new maid looked so perfect as he, no, she went off to make me my morning coffee. When she got back, I had her put the laundry on and then start in on the load of ironing that had been accumulating. After that, the vacuuming, dishes, straightening up and polishing. I helped her with the meal plan for the day. After clearing away the lunch dishes, I had her sit for a short break and then gave her a kit and showed her how to polish her toe and finger nails. I said that she would have to practice but for a first time, it would do. After she cleared away the supper dishes, I let her sit for a short break. She said that being a maid was hard work. I said that any new job is difficult at first until you get used to it. She said, so that's it now, you want me to be your maid?

How often to I have to say this? What I want is a strong relationship with you. I am willing to experiment and see what works. Panties brought us closer together and made our sexy time more fun. So did you wearing bras. Me forcing you to wear clothes that you would not otherwise wear is another experiment. After we give it a good shot, we will assess what works and what doesn't. We'll keep what works for us and let go of what doesn't. 

OK. I'll give it a solid try.

Super! Now here is an epilator and clippers. You've seen me epilate my let hairs before. Now it is your turn. Yes, it does hurt somewhat, but it does not last. And smooth legs feel so great! Let me show you what to do.

The next day I had my new maid dress in a second maid's uniform, more frilly and sissy than on the first day. There was a list of things that I had always wanted to get done and now they were getting done. Later on that afternoon, my husband had had enough. 

OK, dear, this is enough. It has been fun, but this is too much work. I don't want to wear this stuff anymore.

OK. Go ahead and change if you want to.

Sure enough, he went off and came back in pants and a T-shirt. I got him a beer and we just sat like that for a bit. Then we had a conversation about what the experience was like for him and what it was like for me. I asked probing questions and shared what I was learning makes me tick. In the end, we learned that most of what we were doing was working for both of us. He just needed to sort through his feelings and feel like he was not losing himself. I pointed out that he was more gaining himself or more of himself or more of him/herself. He got that. I then pointed out that I was still forcing him to dress as I wanted him to. He had asked my permission to change and I had given it. He reflected on what had happened and agreed that he had indeed mentioned it to me and I had agreed to it before he had changed out of his maid's uniform. 

So I said, finish off your beer and we can get back to you feeling forced to wear what I want you to wear, when you are ready. Would you like another beer, or a glass of water? Perhaps water would be better. No need for you to let alcohol get in the way of your feelings. Water it is.

Once he had finished his glass of water, he said he was ready. I said that I have only one small thing to force him to wear and that's it. Really? Yes. I had him take off all his clothes and come and sit on the sofa with me. I then placed a satin thumbless pink mitten over his hand and locked it on and then his other hand before he could really register what was happening. See these soft, satiny mittens? They look quite harmless, don't they? Note, however, there is not place for your thumb. Your hands are now just a fist. You have lost the ability to use your opposable thumb. And there is no way that you can take these pink satiny mittens off yourself. 

Now let's stop and think of just how helpless you have now become. Come over here. There now. See? The door to the bathroom is closed. See if you can turn the handle with your soft satiny mittens. Interesting. You can't get enough friction to be able to turn the handle. So effectively, the bathroom is no longer available to you. And you can't leave the house. You can't work any handles. You can't work any phones or any computers. You have become pretty dependant on me now, haven't you?

How does it feel, to have lost all of that ability that you once had? You know that I love you and I want only what is best for us, don't you? I understand that you are feeling panicked and perhaps angry. Sink into that feeling that I love you. I want what is best for us. I actually want you to be feeling this helplessness and dependance on me. I want you to feel that I am much more powerful than you are and that I will take care of you when you are like this. You want my love, don't you? You need my love, don't you? It is like your very survival is dependant upon you getting me to love you and take care of you, isn't it?

Well, you can earn that love and care from me. How? Well, I don't want you to pee on the carpet or on the furniture or even on the kitchen floor. It would take too much effort for you to clean it all up and make sure it does not smell. Expecially wearing those pretty pink mittens. Here is what you can do. If you don't want to pee and make me upset, that you can ask me to put you in some diapers.

Yes, I said you can ask me, no, you can beg me to put you in diapers. That's right baby diapers. If you beg me convincing enough, I just might give you your wish. You must tell me why you need to be put back in diapers, and not because I am forcing you to. I just forced you to wear pretty soft satin pink mittens, that's all. It is you that must convince me that you want me to put diapers on you. And plastic baby panties. Pink ones to go with your pretty mittens. How is your bladder feeling? All full from your beer and water? Well don't wait too long. I think that you will need lots of practice before you sound convincing to me. I will be happy to tell you how you can improve in being more convincing. 

Well, first of all, you are in no position to be angry. And it is not your right to have me put you in diapers. It is a privlige for you to have your grown wife put her grown husband into diapers. Many wives would leave their husbands if they asked them to put diapers on them. Beg me. I would be doing you a great favour if I was to put a diaper around your waist and pin it on you and pull up pretty plastic panties to keep any leaks from happening since there is no way that you could do such a thing. You are so helpless and need my help.

There now, that didn't take so long. It just so happens that I have some very pretty, baby girl diapers and plastic panties that I can put you in. As well as a very cute frilly baby dress, bonnet and booties, all in your size. There you go. All secure. And not a moment too soon, I see. Now when was the last time you felt a warm wet diaper on you? You can't remember? Well when do you think the next time you will feel a warm wet diaper? I would guess probably tomorrow morning. Now let's have you spend a bit of time remembering what that feeling is like, dependant on someone else to change you, dependant on someone else to help you to feel dry again. 

Now let's just use these two D rings on your mittens to bring your hand together. And now these two cuffs to bring your ankles together. And these two straps to bring your knees together. And this pacifier to help you feel more secure. Lay your head down here on the towel on my lap. I think it is time for you to have a good cry. It is time for you to grieve. Yes, it is time for you to grieve the loss of your manhood. After seeing you begging me to put you back in diapers, seeing you dressed as a pretty baby girl, you will never be a man in my eyes. You have lost your manhood to me. 

Yes, I am going to keep you dressed as a baby until you have learned to be a good, happy baby girl, wanting to be the best little baby girl that you can be for your new mommy. Once you do that, then you will have earned the right to be dressed as a little girl in pretty dresses, tights, skirts and rompers. Show me that you can be a happy good little girl and then I will teach you how to grow up into a well behaved girl who knows how to make herself pretty, is helpful in the house and obedient. A teenage girls learns all kinds of useful domestic skills and beauty tips and how to be a girly girl. 

There, there, have a good cry, knowing that you will never again have the male priviledge you have been used to all of your life. No more driving. No more deciding what to do, where to go. No more independance. You will always be dependant on me. I will be a mistress to you. A mother to you. A sister to you. An aunt to you. A teacher to you. You will learn to become a sissy wife to me. A sissy maid to me. A girly girl companion to me. Cry out the tears of the male life that you no longer will have. 

Well my sweetheart, you have come a long way since that day I first put you into diapers. I have a concern that I want your help with. I have driven us around for long enough now. I know that I told you that you would no longer drive again, but that was just to get you to give up at a deep level your male privilege. I prefer it when you drive. And since you are not really able to pass as a woman, it would be bettre in public for you to look like a male. But I don't want you driving in male clothes to bring you any feelings of freedom being male. I thought about trying to have you pass as a female, as best as we could do it, but your drivers lisence is for a man. I'm also not sure you using the car to run errands for us would not encourage feelings in you of male freedom. Let me know your thoughts on this matter.

Good ideas! The keys being on a girly key chain, reinforcing the idea that you are borrowing them. The car being put in my name. You changing into girly foot wear once you are in the drivers seat and zipping off the trouser sleeves making shorts that show off your smooth legs in nylons and pretty toenails. That would certainly make you drive cautiously to avoid having to get out of the car for any reason. And the GPS tracker on your phone allowing me to know exactly where you go and when. Yes, I think that all of that would work to allow you to drive again, wearing male clothes, but never ever thinking that you have any extra privileges just because you are male. 

I know that you have felt it is unfair that male privilege exists in the world and so many people suffer because of it and there seemed like there wasn't anything that you could really do about it. Well, I hope that you feel unburdened now, that you no longer experience any special privilege just because you were born male. I am glad that you enjoy making it up to me, serving me in your pretty maid's uniform, relaxing in your pretty diapers and plastic panties, and always focusing on my sexual pleasure as you remain chaste and horny for me.
Wow that is almost a novel. Thoroughly enjoyed reading all the details and fun they have in their relationship.
What a process - most definitely a new convert to the sissy cause there. I can’t imagine where she might go with this next but then I thought that halfway through so I imagine that will be a cause some trepidation for him just now.  Big Grin
(12-30-2020, 01:43 PM)afp Wrote: Wow that is almost a novel. Thoroughly enjoyed reading all the details and fun they have in their relationship.

Yeah, this idea had been perculating in my mind before going to sleep and after waking up for a good many weeks now. It was finally time to put manicured nails to keyboard and share it. Thanks for the response.

(12-30-2020, 05:33 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: What a process - most definitely a new convert to the sissy cause there. I can’t imagine where she might go with this next but then I thought that halfway through so I imagine that will be a cause some trepidation for him just now.  Big Grin

The only thoughts I have of where to go next might be chastity cage play and getting others involved in some way. I have no immediate plans to continue this, but who knows? I'll have to keep an eye out on my sleeping mind... :-)
A really enjoyable read. There are abundant examples of this theme in TG fiction, and Bobbie Sue does a wonderful job of laying it out for us. From my perspective, however, and i'm sure that of many here in the forum, there would be no need to go the "long way around the barn" as it were, we would all be willing participants in jumping/leaping head first, into the pool/web of Femininity the Mistress has in mind!
I think most sissies on here will have experienced at least a number of, if not all the methods described here and as a former petticoatee, there are certainly some unsettling similarities with my own experiences raised. 

For someone with no sissy experience at all, being thrown at the deep end would be quite the shock, I suspect.  Wink
(12-30-2020, 09:16 PM)GinaV Wrote: A really enjoyable read. There are abundant examples of this theme in TG fiction, and Bobbie Sue does a wonderful job of laying it out for us. From my perspective, however, and i'm sure that of many here in the forum, there would be no need to go the "long way around the barn" as it were, we would all be willing participants in jumping/leaping head first, into the pool/web of Femininity the Mistress has in mind!

Hi Gina, glad that you enjoyed it. I enjoyed writing it. 

Yes, I know that in this forum, I am preaching mostly to the choir. I got the start for the story thinking about a woman writing a letter to Aunt Helga after having discovered this topic and wanting to make sure that she introduces the life change to her husband in such a way that he realizes for himself that he eventually wants it for himself as much as she does. So her husband is not like us, dreaming of finding a woman who would willingly participate in this lifestyle, but someone who learns over time that this lifestyle is indeed very pleasurable, despite the loss of some of the privileges he previously enjoyed.

Thanks for the comment!

(12-30-2020, 09:57 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: I think most sissies on here will have experienced at least a number of, if not all the methods described here and as a former petticoatee, there are certainly some unsettling similarities with my own experiences raised. 

For someone with no sissy experience at all, being thrown at the deep end would be quite the shock, I suspect.  Wink

My wife has been wonderfully supportive of my interests in this area. When we got close, I made sure not to hide it from her at all. However, she participates with me because of how much I enjoy it. So I have not really experienced a woman use these methods on me. She does like her coffee in the morning, so quite often, but not always, will make sure I at least have an apron on when making it for her, and a satisfactory number of times, is patient while I get into a maids outfit or other pretty feminine outfit to do my housework chores along with making coffee.

Girlygirl, if you could go back and have your introduction to this lifestyle be the most thrilling and exciting way you could think of, what might that look like? What would your dominant have done and in what way to have pushed all of your right buttons?
That’s an interesting question because my lifestyle now isn’t really one of a sissy. I am for the most part transgendered and live as a female (in which I make every effort to be as feminine as possible). We’re I male Still, I undoubtedly would be of the sissy persuasion though this has come about really only since my punishments were introduced full time at the start of adulthood. 

As for the start that I did get in petticoating, it is not so much that I would wish to change anything necessarily as mother imposed on me the prissy dresses, secretary uniforms and even nappies that any sissy could want. When I ponder on this I tend to approach it from the angle that I wish I had appreciated all that in my youth rather than simply worrying about what my friends thought.
Bobbie Sue, i should have added that this was quite an essay, if you will, with a great deal of thought and creativity involved to put this very articulate view of how "things could go." i was particularly taken by the psychological aspects, with the Wife affecting all sorts of changes in the mind of the subject. A rich portrayal, indeed. Thank-you!
(12-31-2020, 09:10 PM)GinaV Wrote: Bobbie Sue, i should have added that this was quite an essay, if you will, with a great deal of thought and creativity involved to put this very articulate view of how "things could go." i was particularly taken by the psychological aspects, with the Wife affecting all sorts of changes in the mind of the subject. A rich portrayal, indeed. Thank-you!

Gina, thanks for the kind words and encouragement. It seems I was imagining an alternative me who grew up without catching the cross-dressing bug being loved into the state that I now know as one that turns me on, is exciting and deeply satisfying by a woman willing to explore and tease out an untraditional relationship based on what works between the two of them. An awakening in both of them of:
I didn't know wearing panties could be so stimulating and sexy
I didn't know getting having a man at my beck and call would be so intoxicating
I didn't know letting go and submitting to my wife's lead would make life so exciting 
I didn't know challenging my husband to do difficult things, just for me, would be such a turn on

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About Petticoat Discipline Quarterly

Focus MyBB Theme is designed for MyBB 1.8 series and is tested properly till the most current version of MyBB i.e. 1.8.7. It is simple, clean and light MyBB theme with use of font-awesome icons and shrinking header.

For any more information, please use our contact form.

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