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Department Store Punishment
I do like online shopping but it doesn't hold a candle to shopping in person in a real store and interacting with real sales people and customer service staff. Come on ladies, get some resolution and get out when you can, and experience first hand what I have! It is a real rush in the beginning and even after multiple outings, never loses its special feelings. Trust me, these are just baby steps toward the real test, buying your first bra after being properly measured by a real woman in a real ladies wear store!
Big GrinĀ Panties forever Heart
A New Years resolution then
I agree - online shopping for panties is cheating!

When I first started buying my own frillies I found it exquisitely humiliating going into a shop to buy them. But that really was part of the fun.

I used to make myself carry the knickers around for a while before going to pay for them, or buy them in a supermarket and put them in my trolley first so they were on display the whole time I did the rest of my shopping.

I loved it if I were in a lingerie store or underwear section of a department store and an assistant came over to ask if she could help. Iā€™d go bright red and force myself to tell her what I wanted. Iā€™d say things such as ā€œI like a few frills on themā€, or ā€œI prefer them higher cutā€ so that she would guess they were for me.
Mummy and i were shopping in a local store and she had chosen some nice satin French knickers for me . It was obvious from the size that they were not for mummy and the guy on the counter made some remarks about freaks wearing womens panties . Mummy stopped him dead in his tracks by pointing out that if he had a problem putting them through the checkout she should maybe call his manager over to help him as it was obviously to complicated for someone like him . The rest of the stuff went through the till in double quick time .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .Ā  Angel
Agreed, Ali, at first the rush of humiliation produced an increased heart rate and "fight or flight" type of response, only when resolutely determined not to flee (nor fight), and giving into the potential for humiliation did i go through with the shopping and purchase. Somehow it never got easier, as i was in mortal fear of "being discovered."
And of course, the closer to home, the greater the risk. Did you have an excuse in mind should the worst have ever happened?
Girlygirl, Yes, long rides to get as far away from familiar territory as possible, yet knowing how easy it is to run into someone you know wherever you might be. As far as an excuse, it would have been "buying it as a gift."
Good takes all around and I will admit, it was quite humorous being in the store and having him pick outĀ pantiesĀ himself and then bring them to me for approval.
I think he was glad to have that face mask on,Ā even though it was hot pink, Iā€™m sure his face was even pinker.Ā 
-ValerieĀ Ā  Heart
Maybe you should make him wear the panties one day out of the week regularly. No excuse needed, he has them, he should wear them. It would be sad if they went unused.

Also, you don't have to force him to be exposed, but you could occasionally check throughout the day if he still has them, and tell him he's a good boy if he's wearing them. Being praised instead of just punished is nice.

(Obviously, ignoring humiliation, lol.)
It seems that sexism has become a part of his personality, and that won't go away due to couple of embarrassing moments. In order to get rid of it he would need to be trained to make respect a second nature.

If making him wear panties once per week was not a punishment, fairness would not enter into the equation, it would simply be something he has to do, like be polite, or help out.

Now, if he objected to the new practice, it would be reasonable to punish him for this objection. He could be instructed to wear different panties each day (IIRC he has 14-15, a good duration) until he went through them all. After all, they're his, he should wear them.

If he does well, he might be allowed to only wear them once per week. Enough for a regular reminder.

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