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My Step Mother’s Bridesmaid
Chapter 1 

I was horrified when my dad told me the news. I couldn’t believe he was marrying Victoria! It had been five years since my mother’s passing and I just turned 16. Victoria was much younger than my dad. In fact she was only 28 years old. My dad was almost 50 so I wasn’t exactly sure what she was in my dad. We weren’t exactly rich but we definitely weren’t poor. So, she really couldn’t be after his money because there wasn’t a whole lot. So, I guess you could say that I was skeptical. The wedding Its self was going to be expensive and there was going to be at least 500 guests. I was happy that at least I would be my fathers best man or so I thought anyway. Then the bong was dropped on me. A couple of weeks after they started to plan the wedding I was called down to discuss the plans for the wedding. “So me and Victoria have decided that for the wedding you will be joining Victoria’s friends Daisy and Amy as a bridesmaid.”

Chapter 2

Surely I didn’t hear that right! Dad a bridesmaid I’m suppose to be your best man. “Well son I have a big promotion at work that I’m up for and going to be asking some co workers to be my best man and my grooms men.” “Also I think you will be better off as one of my bridesmaids.” Why do you say that? I asked her angrily. “Well you don’t really fit in with the other groomsmen. They are a lot older and as well as other things. You’re a lot more closer our age group.” But but bridesmaids wear dresses and heels. They both looked at each other and laughed. “Don’t worry you won’t be wearing a dress or heels. You just be in a tux that matched daisy and Amy’s dress.” “Think of this is a way to get to know Victoria more. After all she is going to be your step mother.” I sighed inwardly too myself. Honestly it didn’t sound too bad. I thought that I was going to have to wear a dress. Okay well I guess that doesn’t sound to bad. “See? It won’t be, but you will still have to do stuff with us, and be apart of the planning like a normal bridesmaid.” Okay I can do that. “We know you can son.”

About a week or so had past since that conversation and nothing had happened since. My dad has his big business trip and he was leaving that day. He would be gone for almost around a month and Victoria had just moved in to our house. Me and my dad said our goodbyes and he drove off to the airport and there I was home with alone with Victoria. “Come in I’ll make you some dinner.” I was really surprised with the amount of effort that Victoria had been showing recently. She made us dinner and we both sat down and ate together. “You have such great hair!” The statement was so far out of left field that I was taken by surprise. My hair was really long blonde and down past my shoulders. Thank you I said surprised. “I’m being serious. You should let me style it.” Style it? What was she talking about? What do you mean I asked? “Style it. Let me give it some volume. You’ll be so popular with the girls.” Really I asked. That got my attention I always wanted a girlfriend. I’m sure you could guess but I was a virgin. “Duh! Come on! It will be fun.” I readily agreed to her proposal and we went up to her room.
What a brilliant start. He has a very exciting journey ahead of him, not only in the ceremony (which is an event in itself) but the build up will be a journey all its own.  Big Grin
A very exciting start. I believe, Boy bridesmaids are becoming popular.
I like it so far you're a really good writer Nicole
(11-28-2020, 06:17 AM)Alice in chains Wrote: I like it so far you're a really good writer Nicole

Thank you so much! More updates coming later today!
Chapter 3

It took almost an hour or so of Victoria poking and prodding through my hair. When she was finally done I was a bit angry to say the least. Oh she added volume alright! Volume and waves and light curls as my hair bounced around my shoulders now. Victoria! You gave me a girls hair style. “Oh I know! You just have such great hair and the girls are gonna love it!” What do you mean that they will love it? I look like well a bit of a sissy! “No you don’t look like a sissy! You look like a boy who’s not afraid to show off his feminine side. Trust me the girls will go crazy over it!” I was a bit skeptical but Victoria had honestly never given me a reason too distrust her. Fine okay I’ll trust you on this for now anyway. “Perfect! Daisy and Amy are going to love it! They will be here in about five minutes or so.” What? You didn’t tell me that they were coming over. Now I was a bit nervous. “Oh sorry I guess I forgot, but you’ll have to meet the other bridesmaids eventually.” Ding dong! “Oh my god they are here come on let’s go!”

“Girl omg it’s been way too long!” “Yes it certainly has!” Daisy and Any were just as beautiful as Victoria and they are around the same age I guessed. “This must be Nick your soon to be step son?” “Oh yes! Sorry I’m so rude! Nick this is Amy and Daisy!” “Hi Nick!” Hi I said it’s nice too meet you both. “Oh wow! I love your hair! Very progressive! Most boys would never style it like that!” Thank you! Victoria just styled it. Maybe Victoria was right. Amy and Daisy seem too like it. “So you’ll be the third bridesmaid?” Yeah I agreed to do it for Victoria. “That’s so nice of you.” “Yeah it’s nice to see a boy who’s so interested in getting to know his new step mother.” Thank you both! So what are we planning today? “Well not a whole lot we were just going to pick Victoria’s brain about venues and colors. You haven’t see any venues yet have you?” “Nope not yet and honestly I haven’t even thought about colors.” “Victoria! You’re such a bad bride! You’re lucky that you have us.” “Oh I know. Oh and before that I forget you girls and Nick need to exchange phone numbers just in case.” “Oh great idea!” Me Daisy and Amy all exchanged phone numbers. My heart was beating a bit fast. I’ve never had a girls number In my phone before. Let alone two older and very pretty girls. Even though I knew it was just because the wedding I was still excited about it. “Okay girls let’s talk colors. So I was thinking about maybe some pastels but I’m open for anything.” “Well we have plenty of those colors down at the shop too say the least.” The shop I asked. “Oh I own a bridal boutique in town. So all the bridesmaid dresses and the wedding gown are free of charge.” “Well we will still have to order a matching tux for Nick.” “Oh yeah I forgot about that. We don’t have any of those at the boutique, but I’ll look around.” That should have struck a chord of nervousness in me but it didn’t. Instead I took her word for it. “Okay girls we can’t do any planning without wine.” “Bring it out girl!” Victoria went and grabbed a bottle of wine and even poured me a glass. Victoria I can’t drink that. I’m under age! “Oh it’s fine! Beside I won’t tell your dad if you don’t!” I began to like Victoria that much more as I took a sip of wine. We didn’t do a whole lot of planning after that was the girls drank and gossiped as I sat there listening. Before too long Amy and Daisy as well as Victoria got more and more raunchy with their language. “Omg these panties are so damn itchy!” “I told you that you need to stop buying panties from Victoria’s Secret and go to Ludwigs Lingerie boutique downtown.” “Ugh I know! I’ve just never had the time.” “Well we have time right now. I’m still able to drive. Let’s go! They are having a sale right now!” “Okay girls this is a panty emergency! Let’s go!” They all got up from the table and began to leave. Okay guys I’ll see you later. “What do you mean? You’re coming!” “Yeah this is bridesmaid stuff!” “Plus you dad didn’t say I could leave you alone. Especially not after having wine! Come on your coming to the boutique with us!”

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Time for a fashion show? After all, trying all the dresses is always the biggest part of preparing for a wedding    Wink it doesn’t sound as though Nick’s quite caught on yet, though.
Nick doesn’t know yet what new things to experience on the shopping trip. Oh! his hair style is gorgeous. Wish I had a bit more on top.
Chapter 4

“Ready for a panty parade?” That’s what the sign in the window of the store read. I was very nervous and jittery and I did not want to go into the store. Victoria, Amy, and Daisy piled out of the car and began to walk towards the store. I knew that it was expected of me to go with them. The girls had been so nice too me and I wanted them to like me. So, I got up and out of the car and followed them into the store. I had never seen anything like it before. They was lingerie, nighties, and some very sexy things. All of it made me so very nervous. Luckily the store was dead and we were the only guests. “Hello can I help you? I’m the owner of the store Miss Ludwig” “Oh yes we are looking for panties and we were hoping too get fitted.” Miss Ludwig then looked at me. “All of you? I ask because boys aren’t usually allowed in the store.” No I'm not getting fitted. It’s fine I’ll go wait in the car. I was about too leave the store when Victoria shouted “he’s being fitted too!” I stood still in shock! I was being fitted? I was not going to be fitted for panties. “Is that so? Young man please come forward!” I stood there still as a board. “Come here now!” The tone of Miss Ludwigs voice meant business and I walked back with the girls.

One by one they took Amy, then Daisy too the private fitting section and I was there alone with Victoria. “I’m sorry I didn’t know what else to do.” You could have let me go back to the car I said angrily. “Look I’m sorry I just really want the girls too like you. They weren’t too keen about having a boy as the last bridesmaid. You’ll have to spend a lot of time with them and I just really want them too like you.” The sadness in her voice changed everything. It’s fine I said I’ll get fitted. “You will? And it’s just getting fitted you obviously don’t have to buy anything. Also I won’t tell your dad.” Thank you Victoria. I don’t know why I was thanking her. She’s the reason why I was in this mess. I was then ushered into my own section by Miss Ludwig. “Okay strip!” Excuse me? “Strip now!” Miss Ludwig's face turned red with anger as I took of my clothes. She then took a tape measure and wrote down all my measurements. “Perfect I’ll be back with your 24 pairs of panties. I’ll see what we have in your size left. The total cost will be $500.” 500? “Yes that’s standard! I’ll be back!”
Chapter 5

Miss Ludwig came back with two dozen of the laciest, silky, most sissy panties that I had ever seen. These are the panties? “Yes of course that’s what we have left in your size. So go on put on a pair!” Miss Ludwig I’ll wait to put them on. I’ll just put on my boxers and clothes and I can put for these and leave. “Fine do whatever you want. Cindy is already ringing up everyone else.” Oh god what would the other girls think when he meets them to ring up two dozen panties. When I got down there Victoria, Daisy, and Amy were already rung up and waiting for me. They all looked amazed. “You’re buying panties also?” They told me I had too after the fitting. “Yes that store policy! $500 please!” Umm Victoria I’m sorry but I don’t have the money to pay for these. “It’s no problem I have your dads credit card and she swiped it.”  I then left the store with the girls as we all had bags upon bags and we piled into the car. “So Nick you decided to wear panties from now on?” Daisys questions made me turn red. I had no choice but to but them and I didn’t ask to be fitted. “I’m sorry I didn’t think they would make to put on and buy panties.” Well they made me buy them but I didn’t put them on. Maybe you can have them? “Well I don’t think so we are all a different size. We can hang on too them until we can give them away.” Daisy and Amy dropped us off at our house. “See you guys soon.”

Okay Victoria where can I put all these panties? “Let’s go see if you have a hiding place up in your room.” We raced upstairs and looked all around my room but too no avail. I didn’t have much space left in my room to begin with. Victoria then opened up my dresser draws and found my current supply of boxers. “Omg!” What? You found a place? “No but these are your boxers?” Victoria held up one of the multiple pairs of tattered up boxers with holes in it. “Are they all like this?” Most of them. Why what’s the problem. “You don’t see it? They all have holes in them. You can’t wear these.” Well what else am I supposed to wear. Victoria the begin to take my boxers out and filled up a trash bag. Hey what are you doing? That’s my underwear! “Not anymore they aren’t! My step son is not going to wear those disgusting boxers.” Well what else am I supposed to wear? “Hello? We just bought you $500 worth of panties!” Panties I’m not wearing panties Victoria. “I don’t think you have another choice! Take off your pants and give me those boxers! I’m sure those are disgusting also!” I took off my pants and did as she asked and she put them in the trash bag. There I stood naked before my soon to be step mother. “Well what are you waiting for? Put on a pair!” I reached into one of the bags and pulled about a pair of blue silky ruffled pair of panties. “Omg you picked those out?” No I didn’t! Miss Ludwig told me that’s all that they had left in my size. Don’t you girls all wear panties like this? “Sweetheart I would never wear panties like those. I think it’s clearly obvious that she was trying to humiliate you. Oh well nevertheless put them on!” I pulled them up my legs and over my waist. “You know they actually look good on you! Now put the rest of those panties into your dresser.” I did as she said and I put them away. How long before I get more boxers? “You know what I’m not sure, but I do know I’d rather you be a panty boy then wear those!”

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