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Panty Lines - Chapter 1
I was reminded of a very powerful memory I have from my childhood by a post. It prompted me to try writing a story about it.

The story is set in the spring of 1966 when I was finishing the sixth grade. The time period matters because several story elements only make sense in the context of the time. Things like dial telephones and all of the girls wearing skirts or dresses to school and so on were real then. Virtually all kids got spanked at home and In Canada they used a strap on the hands in school. There was no internet or really any other place for a young boy to satisfy his curiosity about girls. Even Playboy was kept on the shelves behind the counter and you had to be an adult to buy it. Sex ed took place at home with a hushed and embarrassing conversation with your parents and was usually conducted long after you'd already learned everything you wanted to know from the older kids.

Now that I've set the time and place I should tell you the first couple of pages of this story are absolutely true except for the name and you'll see why I chose it if you manage to wade through the whole story. The truth ends and the wishful thinking begins with a lady calling out a young man's name. In reality, the ending was just a fond memory. Well, I did get spanked for the school thing.  I never got caught or ever admitted this story to anyone before now. As you can see I got a little carried away with what may be only part one.

I found the picture online and if that's a violation of the rules please remove it.

I hope that you enjoy it.

Panty Lines

On his way to school Cian daily took a shortcut through three yards that saved him a long walk around the block. He really didn’t know the home owners but he had said hello to them when he saw one of them. He had also confirmed that it was okay to cut through their yards. Several kids used the same shortcuts and had told him it was okay but he knew that checking was a good idea. He was a pretty well behaved boy and his mother was pretty strict.
One Friday spring morning when he was in the sixth grade as Cian was cutting through the middle of the three yards, he stopped dead in shock. Looking up he saw a sight that embarrassed him and even made him blush. All three of the clotheslines in the yard were filled end to end with panties. Not just panties but panties that were for little girls that had to be about his age and size. He had never really seen little panties like these before.
Girls were a total mystery to him. He was very naïve. He knew that girls were different but he was only vaguely aware of how they were different. To him it was mostly that they dressed differently and acted differently. They all wore skirts or dresses to school and their games on the playground didn’t seem rough or end up with them rolling around on the ground as much as the boys did.
Cian remembered one day years ago when he’d overheard a teacher reprimanding a girl in his class. The teacher told the girl how naughty it was to let her panties ever show and if she let it happen again she would phone her mother. From then on Cian had noticed how girls were very careful on windy days to make sure their skirts didn’t blow up. They held the sides of their skirts down when they went up the stairs too. When the boys caught a glimpse of panties they all grinned, nudged each other and laughed. If the poor girl knew she’d flashed them she blushed and often squealed in embarrassment. Some of the more boisterous boys even used to try and flip up the girls’ skirts, but that was too risky for a well behaved boy like Cian.
Cian stood and just stared. He saw something he’d never forget. The sight was burned into his memory forever. These panties were all full briefs and a mixture of cotton and nylon. The panties were plain white, or white with little patterns on them like little hearts or flowers, pale yellow, powder blue and pink. Pink! The sight of pink panties actually caused Cian to sigh. He felt a stirring in his pants that he was only beginning to really appreciate. To Cian pink was ‘the’ girl color. It was only liked by girls. It was certainly only worn by girls. His eyes zeroed in on a pair of pink nylon panties with a tiny bit of white lace around the leg openings and a white bow near the waist.
Cian was enthralled by the magical sight. He just stood and stared. Eventually he heard the sound of the school bell and realized he was late. He reluctantly pulled himself away from his reverie and ran to school. As he turned and ran from the yard he didn’t see the looming figure looking at him from a second floor window.
At the end of the school day Cian trudged off to the detention room to serve the detention he got for being late that morning. As he sat there writing his lines his thoughts drifted back to the event that made him late. In his mind, he could still see the lines of panties hanging out to dry. He felt that stirring in his own underwear again. He blushed and smiled a little from time to time as he wrote, “I must not be late to school” over and over. He was sure he’d never see a sight like that again.
Cian was quite wrong. He did see a sight like that again. In fact, he saw the same sight on his way home.
As Cian took the shortcuts he was amazed to see that the lines of panties were still hanging there. They were dry now and the nylon ones almost seemed alive in the light breeze. Once again it captivated him and he couldn’t help stopping to drink in the sight. His eyes zoomed in on the same pair of pink nylon panties that had excited him in the morning. They excited him again.
As he stood there he remembered how that teacher had told the girl that allowing her panties to be seen was so naughty. He realized that staring at them must also be naughty, very naughty. He felt naughty and a little bit guilty for staring at something so forbidden as panties. As much as he knew it was wrong, he couldn’t tear himself away.
Cian might have stayed frozen and staring a lot longer but the door of the house opened.
“Cian O’Reilly!”
Cian looked up in surprise followed by fear. The lady looked very pretty, but also angry and very intimidating.
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Come here, young man. We need to talk.”
“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I am not allowed to talk to strangers.”
He started to back away slowly.
“You’re quite right, Cian. You shouldn’t talk to strangers, but I’m not a stranger. I know your mother quite well. We work together on the church social committee. I phoned her this morning and had a long talk with her and she told me your safe word.”
Cian stopped in his tracks. He was leery, but he sort of remembered seeing this lady before. He just didn’t recognize her since she wasn’t dressed like she did to go to church.
“I know that if you can tell me the safe word that I can talk to you and I’m supposed to do what you say. Mom would only give the word to someone she trusts in an emergency.”
A deep sinking feeling overcame Cian. He wondered what was wrong. Had something happened to his mom?
“Cian, your word is pyramid. Right?”
“Yes, ma’am. That’s it. Is something wrong? Is mom okay?”
“I’m sorry, Cian. I didn’t mean to worry you that way. Your mother is just fine. She’s at home.”
“Then I don’t understand, ma’am. What’s the emergency?”
“It’s not really an emergency, but it is something serious enough that your mommy gave me the safe word. She wants you to obey me. Now, I don’t want to keep talking out here, please come inside.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Cian walked up to the door and went into the house. He found himself in a nice airy kitchen filled with the lovely smell of baking bread.
“Please sit down, Cian.”
Cian put his schoolbag on the floor and sat on a kitchen chair. The lady sat down in a chair on the opposite side of the table.
“Cian, my name is Mrs. Kerry.”
“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Kerry.”
“Nice to meet you too, Cian, but I am sure you’re wondering why you’re here.”
“Yes, ma’am. I am. I don’t understand.”
“I have two daughters, Rosemary and Emily. They’re about your age and they are staying with their grandmother this weekend. Mr. Kerry is away on business until next week so we have the house to ourselves.”
Cian kept a respectful silence and wondered where this was going.
“You don’t know my girls, do you?”
“No, ma’am. I have seen them at church, but never talked to them.”
“But you sure like their cute little panties, don’t you?”
Cian gasped and felt himself blush from the middle of his chest to his hairline. His face was flaming and he scrambled to find something to say.
“But, but, I, but, well, ….”
“Cian, don’t say anything you’ll regret later. I don’t tolerate lying and I know your mommy doesn’t either so don’t bother trying to deny it.”
Cian squirmed in embarrassed silence.
“I saw the whole thing, both this morning and just now. I saw you staring at my girls’ panties like you were in a trance. You were totally fascinated, weren’t you?”
“No, ma’am, I wasn’t really fascinated I just kind of glanced at them.”
“Remember what I said about lying? This is the only warning you’ll get. Do you want to try that again? You were staring intensely and I even know which pair you like best. I moved that pair since this morning and sure enough your greedy little eyes went right to them.”
Cian thought he’d die of embarrassment. He could feel the tears forming and he knew he’d been caught red handed. There was no way out so all he could do was be honest and hope it helped.
“Yes, ma’am. I was staring,” Cian sniffled.
“That’s better.”
Cian continued to sniffle and squirm in the chair.
“Do you like panties?”
“I don’t know, ma’am. I’ve never really seen panties before. I mean not girls’ panties like that.”
“I see. Well, perhaps I can give you a really good look. Would you like that?”
Before he could stop to think he blurted out, “Oh yes, please, ma’am!”
Mrs. Kerry smiled a very knowing smile.
“I thought so.”
Cian continued to squirm in his chair but it was from more than just embarrassment now. He was trying to get his throbbing little member into a more comfortable position.
“Very well, young man, pick up that laundry basket and come with me.”
Mrs. Kerry got to her feet and started towards the door.
As soon as Mrs. Kerry turned her back on Cian he held his hands over his crotch as he got to his feet. He picked up the laundry basket and held that in front of him covering his tented pants and followed her outside.
“Stand here and hold the basket while I empty the clotheslines.”
Cian stood mesmerized as Mrs. Kerry dropped pair after pair of panties into the basket. Cian’s eyes followed every pair. He was totally embarrassed, scared and thrilled at the same time. He didn’t know how he felt.
Once the last pair was in the basket Mrs. Kerry told Cian to go in front of her into the house while she held the door. Cian was grateful the basket still covered his excitement.
Mrs. Kerry followed Cian back into the kitchen and gestured for him to go into the next room which turned out to be the laundry room. She followed him in.
“Please empty the basket on the counter and then put it underneath.”
Cian hesitated unwilling to uncover the evidence of how excited he was.
“Now, young man.”
Cian still hesitated.
“Cian, I know exactly what you’re trying to cover up. I am not surprised one bit. You’ve just proven what I suspected as soon as I saw you staring this morning and almost drooling. No point in denying it, so empty the basket on the counter right now.”
Cian trickled a tear and sniffled but still didn’t move.
“Young man, when one of my girls disobeys me I use a hairbrush and give her a good sound spanking. Now, unless you want a darn good spanking yourself right now you’ll do what you’re told this instant. Last chance.”
He knew he didn’t have a choice so he raised up the basket and dumped the panties on the counter. He put the empty basket under the counter and stood up.
Mrs. Kerry chuckled. “Is that what you were trying to hide? You can barely notice it even when you know it’s there.”
Cian wanted to melt through the floor. He didn’t think he could be any more humiliated.
Mrs. Kerry picked up a pair of the panties. “Rosemary’s panties are size 10 and Emily’s are size 12. You will have to look inside each pair to get the size so you can separate them. It will be on this little label in the side. See?”
Cian thought he’d explode. She wanted him to touch them. He was going to get to touch panties!
“Y.. yes, ma’am.”
Mrs. Kerry smirked. “Okay pick up a pair.”
Cian’s hands trembled in a combination of nerves and excitement as he reached over and picked up a yellow pair. His vision kind of wavered as he turned them inside out enough to read the size.
“These are 10s, ma’am.”
“Okay. This is how you fold them. Watch carefully.”
Mrs. Kerry laid the panties flat on the counter. She picked up the crotch and folded them up so the crotch met the waist band. She then took the seam on one side and folded it across the crotch and repeated it with the other side.
“See. You end up with them folded into three equal parts. Got it?”
“I think so, ma’am.”
Cian folded the pair he had. Mrs. Kerry made him do it over until he got them folded properly.
“That’s fine. Now put Rosemary’s there. Remember those are the 10s.”
Mrs. Kerry put the pair she’d folded down beside them.
“These are Emily’s, the size 12s. As you fold them put them in the right pile. There are too many to put in a single pile so you’ll need several piles for each girl. Do not mix them up.”
“Yes, ma’am. I understand.”
“Good, I’ll be in the kitchen when you are finished.”
Cian reached over to pick up the next pair to be folded. It was the pink nylon pair that had caught his eye and imagination. He felt his member leap and throb in his pants. Before he could lay them out to be folded Mrs. Kerry took them from his hand. She took a quick peek inside them.
“These are Rosemary’s, size 10, and I’ll keep this pair with me. You will fold the rest then come and get me from the kitchen.”
She pocketed the pink panties, turned and left the room.
There we so many panties that it took Cian over an hour to fold them all. He was careful to fold them perfectly and stack them in piles separated by size. The entire time he thought he would faint. He had never been so excited in his life. He was actually touching the forbidden panties. His member was as hard as a rock and had been for a long time. By the time he was done it was actually painful and he wanted to relieve the pressure. He was debating trying for a quick release when Mrs. Kerry came back into the laundry room.
“Are you done, Cian?”
For a second Cian panicked. What did she mean by done? He hadn’t even started. Then he peeked up at her face and could tell she wasn’t angry so he sighed in relief.
“Yes, Mrs. Kerry. They are all folded.”
“It looks like you did a good job, Cian. It’s time for dinner. You can put them away after we eat.”
“Am I staying for dinner, ma’am? Can’t I go home now? I don’t understand.”
“It’s time we phoned your mommy. She has a few things to explain to you and she’ll answer all of your questions. Follow me.”
“Okay, ma’am.”
Cian followed Mrs. Kerry through the kitchen to a small telephone table in the hall. He watched as her fingers spun the dial with his own telephone number. She didn’t even have to look it up. She must know mom better than I thought.
“Hello, Mary? It’s Shannon. Yes, he’s right here. He did a good job on the folding. We are just about to eat before we continue. No. He’s been respectful and polite. Well, he needed a little prodding to admit it. No, he told the truth after I warned him. He did disobey me trying to hide his little stiffy with the laundry basket. I just threatened him with a spanking and he did as he was told. Of course I will, but not until he’s ready. No. I won’t hold anything back. I think you’ll love it.”
Mrs. Kerry took a good look at Cian.
“Yes, he looks like he’s about to pee his pants. I better let him talk to you now. Yes. I’ll see you then. Enjoy your quiet weekend. Here’s Cian.”
Cian took the phone from Mrs. Kerry’s hand. At her gesture he sat in the phone chair. He twisted the cord with his finger as he put the phone to his ear.
“Hello, mom?”
“Hello, Cian. My friend Mrs. Kerry phoned me this morning. I could hardly believe what she told me. I hear that you’ve been a very naughty little boy. Is that true?”
“I guess so, mom.”
“You guess? I don’t think you need to guess at all. You know you misbehaved. Tell me what you did.”
“It’s so embarrassing, mom.”
“I don’t care how embarrassed you are. You are to tell me the truth, all of it. Understood?”
“Yes, mommy.” He always reverted to mommy when he was in trouble or upset.
“So, exactly what did you do?”
“I looked at some clothes, mommy.”
“Clothes? Exactly what clothes?”
Cian knew his mom was getting exasperated and that would not be good for him. She had a hairbrush, a paddle and a strap she used at the drop of a hat and she was not hesitant to soap a lying mouth. He decided that Mrs. Kerry must have told his mom everything so his best defence was to tell the truth and hope for the best.
“I looked at girls’ panties, mom, three clotheslines full of them.”
“How hard did you look?”
“I stared at them a long time, mom. It was so long that I was even late for school so I got a detention.”
Mrs. Kerry smiled at his blushing face and nodded.
“We’ll discuss the detention when you get home. Do you like panties, Cian?”
Cian knew that “discuss” was code for a spanking. He always got spanked for trouble at school, but he knew there was no way to hide a detention. It would show on his report card. He was scared to answer the question but even more scared not to answer truthfully.
“Yes, mommy. I really like them.”
“How much do you like them, Cian?”
“A lot, mommy.”
“Enough to get your little peeny all hard?”
Cian thought he was going to die. At least he hoped he was, but he didn’t get that lucky. There was no way out of this. He knew that Mrs. Kerry must have told his mom.
“Yes, mommy. It’s been hard so long it hurts.”
“Oh dear. That can be very painful. I may have to do something so that doesn’t ever happen again, but we’ll talk about that when you get home.”
Cian had no clue what his mom was talking about but it reminded him why he had to call in the first place.
“When am I coming home, mommy? Mrs. Kerry said I was going to have dinner here. Do I come home after dinner?”
“You come home after dinner on Sunday. You are going to spend the weekend with Mrs. Kerry.”
“How come, mommy? I want to come home.”
“Mrs. Kerry has a younger brother that likes panties too so she knows exactly how to deal with a little boy that likes panties. By the end of this weekend you will learn to either love or hate panties.”
“But, mommy…”
“This is not a choice. You will stay with Mrs. Kerry for the weekend and you will do everything she tells you to do and I mean absolutely everything. She has my full permission to spank your little bare bottom as often and as hard as she thinks you deserve it. She also has my permission to punish you in any other way she wants and she has some very effective punishments for naughty little girls. If she does have to punish you it’s the same rule as for school. If you get punished there you get it again at home so you better behave.”
By the end of his mother’s instructions Cian was crying softly. This was horrible.
“Do you have anything to ask me, Cian?”
“What about clothes, mommy? I just have my school clothes.”
Mrs. Kerry and his mother laughed at the same time. Cian didn’t understand what was so funny.
“I dropped off everything you’ll need earlier. No need to worry.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Is there anything else you want to ask?”
“No, mommy.”
“Well, behave yourself and remember that Mrs. Kerry has my permission to do whatever she does. Understood?”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Good. I love you, Cian. This weekend will be very good for you. I’ll see you Sunday evening. Goodbye until then.”
“Goodbye, mommy.”
Cian had been crying quietly through the entire conversation and his erection had melted away as his mom had laid down the law. There was nothing thrilling about that. He hung up the phone.  Mrs. Kerry handed him a tissue.
“Wipe your face and blow your nose then let’s go have dinner. I hope you like roast chicken.”
She started off towards the kitchen. Cian wiped his face and followed her. She pointed into the bathroom as they passed.
“Please wash up before dinner.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Cian quickly used the bathroom, washed his hands and face and rejoined her in the kitchen. There were two places set on opposite sides. Mrs. Kerry indicated that Cian should sit in the seat he had occupied earlier. She served up roast chicken, fried potatoes, and steamed vegetables. Cian felt lucky that he liked everything on his plate. He was in enough trouble without an argument over food. They ate in silence and when they were done they cleared the table and put the dishes in the sink. Cian decided that he would try to make Mrs. Kerry happy.
“Would you like help with the dishes, ma’am?”
“That’s very nice of you to offer, Cian, but we’ll leave them for now. If you keep behaving yourself like that, things will go better for you.”
“Thank you, ma’am.”
“Do you have homework, Cian?”
“Yes, ma’am, about an hour of work. Should I do that now? I usually do that before dinner, but I was busy folding, uh the you know.”
“You mean the panties?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Say it. Say, ‘I was folding the pretty little panties’, Cian.”
Cian blushed again as he felt his peeny starting to swell again.
“I… I was fol.. folding the p.. p.. pretty little pa.. pan… panties.”
He normally didn’t stutter but his embarrassment was overwhelming.
“Better, but by Sunday you’ll be able to say that clearly without hesitation. Now, as far as your homework, that can wait until tomorrow. We have other things that need to be done tonight. So let’s get started by finishing the laundry.”
They went back to the laundry room and stacked the folded panties carefully in the laundry basket. Cian picked up the basket and followed Mrs. Kerry through the hallway and up the stairs.
“This is Emily’s room. We’ll put hers away first.”
Cian followed Mrs. Kerry into the bedroom. It was painted a pale lavender with white trim and lacy white curtains. He didn’t take much notice of anything else.
Mrs. Kerry opened the top drawer in the dresser.
“Put Emily’s panties in here in neat piles.”
Cian transferred the panties to the drawer and closed it once he was finished.
“Now for Rosemary’s.”
Cian followed Mrs. Kerry into the hall and into the next bedroom over. It was a stunning display of little girl elegance. It was painted pink with white trim and lacy curtains. There was a pink desk and matching chair under the window. In one corner there was a single wooden stool. There were shelves filled with dolls, stuffed animals, a tea set and other things Cian saw were for a little girl. On top of the dresser was a large wooden backed hairbrush that didn’t seem girly at all. Beside it there was a smaller pink brush and comb set that was as girly as can be. Cian remembered seeing a similar hairbrush on the dresser in Emily’s room. That realization made him shudder.
Mrs. Kerry let the bewildered boy look around the room for a few minutes before she opened the top drawer in the white dresser.
“Place Rosemary’s panties in here.”
As Cian put the panties in the drawer Mrs. Kerry started to talk.
“Do you like this room, Cian?”
“It’s okay, I guess.”
“Well, you’ll have a chance to really get to know it since this is your room for the weekend.”
“Isn’t there another room I could use, ma’am? This is is so so…”
“Yes, ma’am. That’s the word.”
“That’s the word all right and it’s perfect for you. Now we need to get things started.”
“Started, ma’am? Isn’t the laundry done now?”
“Yes, the laundry is done and thank you for your help. I can’t help but notice that handling all of those panties has made your little peeny stand up again.”
Cian blushed deeply again and even moaned a little.
“I’m going to leave this laundry hamper here for you while I run the bath. You are to take off all of your clothes and put them into the basket.”
Cian stood stunned for a minute. Mrs. Kerry crossed her arms and waited.
“But, ma’am…”
“But nothing, young man. When I told you to dump out the hamper you didn’t obey me right away and I warned you about obedience. This is the second time you didn’t obey. You will obey me without argument, instantly and without question. Do you understand?”
“Yes, ma’am. I will. I’m sorry.”
“Not half as sorry as you will be. You just earned a spanking. I will be obeyed.”
Cian slumped as he stood and said, “Yes, ma’am.” He knew it was too late and arguing would only make it worse.
“Good. Now clothes off and in the basket. I’ll come to get you when your bath is ready.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Mrs. Kerry left the room. Cian looked around. He didn’t want to sit on the bed with it’s pink frilly quilt and pile of stuffed animals and he didn’t want to sit in the pink desk chair either so he chose the stool in the corner. He sat down and untied his shoes. He pulled them off and then his socks. He tossed the socks into the basket. He unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it in too. He unbuckled his belt and removed it from his pants. He put it on the dresser followed by the contents of his pockets. He took off his pants and undershirt and dropped them in the basket. All he had left was his tighty whities and today he certainly noticed the tighty part. He lifted them over his tiny erection and slid them down his skinny legs. He didn’t want Mrs. Kerry to see him naked. He really didn’t want her to see his erection. He wondered if he could jerk off before she got back. He’d only recently started doing that and as much as he liked it, it also made him feel so guilty and scared. He didn’t know what to do and then he heard footsteps in the hall. It was too late anyway. He dropped his underpants into the basket and put his hands over his little erection as Mrs. Kerry returned.
As Cian stood there Mrs. Kerry looked him over from head to toe.
“Put your hands on top of your head.”
In shock, Cian hesitated. He barely knew this woman and she wanted to see him there.
“That just added to your spanking. Now before you change extra on one spanking to two separate spankings move those hands now.”
Once again Cian started to cry softly in embarrassment as he moved his hands to his head and interlocked his fingers.
“Tsk. Tsk. So much fuss over something so small.”
Cian cringed.
Mrs. Kerry took Cian by the hand and led him into the bathroom. He noticed the smell of lilacs and saw that the tub was full of bubbles. He hadn’t had a bubble bath for years and certainly didn’t want one that smelled of lilacs.
“Okay, Cian. Get in.”
Cian had learned not to hesitate so he just stepped into the tub and sat down. At least that hid his erection. Mrs. Kerry rolled up her sleeves and picked up a bottle of shampoo.
“I can do my own bath, ma’am.”
“Not in this house you won’t. Sit quietly while I wash your hair.”
Cian started to sniffle again as Mrs. Kerry shampooed him. She used a large plastic cup to rinse out his hair.
“Well, young man, that’s a lot easier than it is with the girls.”
Cian sat in silence resenting every minute of this humiliating bath. He cried almost continuously.
Mrs. Kerry soaped up a wash cloth and said, “Close your eyes.” Cian closed his eyes and sat patiently while she washed his face, ears and neck. She rinsed him off. “Okay. You can open your eyes again.” He did and watched as Mrs. Kerry washed his arms, chest and back. “Now, kneel up nice and straight.” Cian was numb with the humiliation but knelt up. Mrs. Kerry used the washcloth to thoroughly wash his bum getting deep in between the cheeks. She put one hand in the small of his back as she reached down to wash his peeny. Cian automatically flinched but the hand held him in place as she washed his private parts. “Now, stand up.” Cian stood while Mrs. Kerry washed his legs and feet. Once she was done Cian took a step to get out.
“Stop. We’re not done. I have two more things to do before you get out of the tub.”
Cian stepped back in and stood still.
Mrs. Kerry eyed his pubic area. “I see you only have a few very fine hairs down there. You can barely see them, but they still have to go.” She opened a tube of depilatory crème. “This is used for ladies’ legs but it will work just fine on your big boy hairs.” She put a dollop of the crème on the tips of her fingers and rubbed it into the almost invisible pubic hair. “That has to work for five minutes. I have some things to get ready and I’ll be back by then. You are not to move until I get back. In fact, put your hands on your head and leave them there.” Cian raised his hands and put them on top of his head.
To his horror Cian realized that Mrs. Kerry’s application of the crème had renewed his little erection. He was now so sore he needed relief. He’d been erect for hours.
Mrs. Kerry was back quickly and rinsed off the crème. The pubic hair went with it and Cian was as smooth as a baby.
“That’s better. Now, keep your hands where they are and I’ll see if we cant make you feel a little better.” Mrs. Kerry soaped up her hands and Cian wondered what she was doing. He almost passed out when her fingers fondled his aching erection. She started to slowly slide her fingers up and down the shaft while holding her other hand over the end like a cup. It only took a matter of seconds before he spurted the tiny load his adolescent body had stored since the last time. “Well, that was fast.”
Cian was so relieved that he didn’t care what Mrs. Kerry said. He felt so much better now. He’d never been that desperate before.
Mrs. Kerry wiped Cian off with the washcloth and then washed her hands in the bathwater. She dried her hands on a towel and then held up a large bath towel. “Out you get, Cian.”
Cian stepped out of the tub a thoroughly humiliated little boy. She wrapped him in the towel and rubbed his skin dry. She left him wrapped in the bath towel and used a second towel to dry his hair. “It’s so much easier to dry your hair than the girls. Their hair takes hours. I suppose if you didn’t cut yours it would grow out the same.”
Once he was dry Mrs. Kerry hung up the wet towels and handed Cian his toothbrush. “Your mommy dropped this off for you. Brush your teeth. It’s almost bedtime.”
Cian knew it was still very early but he just accepted it without comment. He was exhausted after the emotional day of highs and lows anyway. He brushed his teeth and put the toothbrush into a rack by the sink.
Mrs. Kerry led the naked little boy back to Rosemary’s room. On the bed were the pink nylon panties that had sealed his fate and a short pink cotton little girl’s baby doll nightie that looked more like a shirt to Cian.
“It’s a good thing you’re close enough to Rosemary’s size that you can wear her clothes.”
“Her clothes? Didn’t mommy drop off pajamas for me?”
“No, Cian, the only thing your mommy dropped off was your toothbrush. I have everything else you’re going to need.”
Mrs. Kerry picked up the pink nylon panties and held them open at Cian’s knee height. “Step in.” She looked him right in the eyes.
Cian knew that he should not do it. Boys didn’t wear girls’ clothes. Boys were tough and wouldn’t be caught dead in panties, especially pink panties. It was so wrong. He couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t. He should fight this as hard as he could. No way was he going to allow himself to be put into pink panties! No way!
Cian meekly stepped into the panties and as he did he felt a shiver run the length of his body. Despite the recent relief his little peeny immediately started to rise as Mrs. Kerry slid the silky smooth panties up his slender legs. By the time she ran her fingers around the inside to adjust the waistband he was fully erect. The nylon panties did nothing to hide his shame.
“Well, Cian when you put a little boy into panties he either loves them or hates them. It doesn’t matter either way. We can make you do anything we want no matter how you feel about them. You see, little boys that hate them are ashamed to be made to wear them and little boys that love them are even more ashamed they love them. So you see, Cian, you’re trapped and you’ll do as you’re told the rest of your life because of the power of panties.”
Cian looked confused and just stared at the floor and cried.
“I know that you don’t understand that, Cian, but someday you will. I hope that one day you’ll be grateful we did this. Anyway, now we have to get your nightie on.”
Mrs. Kerry picked up the nightie. “Arms up.” Cian slowly raised his arms over his head and Mrs. Kerry slipped on the pretty pink nightie and let it fall into place. It only reached halfway down the panties.
Mrs. Kerry turned Cian so that he was facing the mirror. He looked up and was stunned. He was so overwhelmed with the mixed feelings running through him that he didn’t react or say anything. Mrs. Kerry saw that Cian was now a thoroughly subdued little boy. It wouldn’t last all weekend but it would tonight.
Mrs. Kerry picked up the big wooden hairbrush from the dresser, turned around the pink desk chair and sat down. She slapped the heavy brush into the palm of her left hand. Cian looked up at the sound. He started crying louder.
“Come here, Cian. It’s time you learned to be obedient, instantly, completely and without an argument.”
Cian slowly walked over to Mrs. Kerry’s right side. As she pulled him over her knees, he wondered how he’d arrived at this. Yesterday he’d never heard of Mrs. Kerry and now she was going to spank him.
“I know that your mommy spanks you and I bet you think she spanks you hard. Well I know your mommy and when it comes to spanking, your mommy needs to learn what kind of a spanking a little pantywaist like you really needs. I’m going to give you what will be the hardest spanking of your life, but I want you to keep in mind that this is the hardest spanking you’ve ever had but it’s not even close to the hardest spanking I ever gave. A naughty little pantywaist like you should be spanked several times a week and if I had my way, I’d teach you to mind your manners. Your little bum would be red and sore everyday and even more red and sore on the days you got spanked. Sitting in comfort would soon be a forgotten memory. I’ll have to talk to your mommy about having you spend your holidays with me. Now, reach back with your right hand.”
Cian listened in fear to Mrs. Kerry. He felt like he might pee himself he was so scared. He couldn’t say a word. He reached back with his right hand. Mrs. Kerry took his wrist and pinned it into the small of his back just above the panties.
“You may kick and wriggle but if you somehow get off my lap before I’m finished the spanking we will start over again and you’ll get another one tomorrow. Do you understand?”
Cian managed to whimper out a quiet, “Yes, ma’am” before the start of the spanking.
Mrs. Kerry raised the heavy hairbrush and brought it down hard with a snap of her wrist as it landed on his bum. Cian was paralyzed by the pain. He couldn’t even scream. He finally managed to gasp for a breath and Mrs. Kerry landed the second swat. This time Cian let out a horrible scream and his tears instantly turned into all out sobbing.
“See, Cian, and that’s with your little panties still up. And that is only two, there is a lot more to come and it gets worse.”
Mrs. Kerry spanked on. Her swats were by far the most painful thing Cian had ever felt. He sobbed and squealed like a little girl. That sound was music to Mrs. Kerry’s ears. She knew that he couldn’t hear anything she could say now so she didn’t even bother to scold him as she spanked.
Cian kicked his feet and waved his left arm around but he couldn’t get free or even slow down the spanking. His eyes were pouring tears and his nose was running like a tap. There was a puddle forming on the floor beneath his face.
Cian was in so much pain that his world was reduced to the hairbrush and his bum. Nothing else existed or mattered. The swats continued to the point that Cian stopped struggling. He just hung limply and sobbed and screamed constantly. Shortly after that, Mrs. Kerry stopped the spanking but held him in place over her knees.
It took a long time for Cian to realize that the spanking was over and longer to start to regain his composure. When he got to the stage that Mrs. Kerry knew he could hear what she said again she spoke.
“That was just a panty warming, not a real spanking.”
Cian couldn’t believe his ears. Not a real spanking? How could it be worse?
“If you had not hesitated a third time we would be finished. I’m sure that you remember that I said I’d add to the spanking. You’re lucky that I decided not to give you a second spanking tomorrow for disobedience, but I think this will drive the lesson home.”
Mrs. Kerry set the hairbrush down on the desk and used her free hand to pull down Cian’s panties to his knees. She reached back and picked up the hairbrush.
“Now you can find out what a real bare bottom spanking feels like.”
Cian moaned as she raised the hairbrush. She brought it down right at the base of Cian’s right cheek. His bum leapt as the brush landed and injected its pain. Cian had thought the first part of the spanking was horrible, but this was much worse. The thin nylon panties didn’t protect very much but the loss of even that tiny protection seemed to increase the blinding pain of the hairbrush to a new untold level.
All Cian could do was scream and cry as Mrs. Kerry spanked his bottom into a fiery ball of unendurable pain. She didn’t spank as long as she had for the first part of his spanking. She didn’t need to. When she finally stopped Cian was a thoroughly spanked little boy and had learned a new level of obedience. He’d never hesitate to follow one of her orders again. Nothing was worth this.
She let go of his right wrist and his arm flopped down by his head. She rubbed his back as he slowly regained some composure. Once she decided that he could stand on his own she stood him up.
Cian’s hands immediately went back to try and soothe his sore bottom.
“Stop! Take your hands away.”
Cian had learned obedience and instantly removed his hands from his flaming bottom. He held them out away from his body and just kept crying.
“See, Cian. You have learned to obey me. You will disobey me again eventually but know you know what to expect. Now, you may rub.”
Cian tried to soothe away the pain but it was hopeless. Only time would make his bum feel better. He knew that sitting down would be awful all weekend and almost impossible tomorrow.
“Normally, Cian, a spanking is followed by an hour with your nose in the corner, often sitting on that stool. As you can imagine, that’s really unpleasant as you’ll find out. But tonight I think you’ve had enough for the first day. I won’t be this lenient in the future.”
Cian could hardly believe his ears and it must have shown.
“Oh yes, Cian, it can be much worse. Why do you think there is this kind of hairbrush and a stool in each bedroom? You’re not the first one to learn a lesson at my hands.”
Mrs. Kerry waited patiently while Cian got himself under control. When he was finally able to take his hands away from his bum she spoke again.”
“Alright, Cian, pull up your panties it’s the bathroom next.” Cian slowly eased up the panties. Even their light touch hurt. Once they were in place Mrs. Kerry led him by the hand back to the bathroom. “Go ahead.” Cian didn’t even react as he realized that it was her intention to stay and watch him pee. He stepped to the front of the toilet and started to reach for his crotch. He had lost his erection during the horrific spanking so at least he knew he could pee.
“Stop!” Cian looked around at Mrs. Kerry puzzled.
“Cian, you are wearing panties aren’t you?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Little girls always sit to pee and when you’re in panties you’re a little girl and you will always sit to pee too.”
Mrs. Kerry gave him a second to absorb that.
“Okay, young lady, panties to your knees then sit and pee. Put your hand down between your legs and hold your little peeny so it points back enough to make sure you pee directly into the water.”
Cian obeyed her as quickly as he could. He was moving slowly but started right away without protest so Mrs. Kerry let him take his time without further words.
He slipped down the panties and eased himself down onto the toilet seat as slowly and carefully as he could. Even though he didn’t put his full weight on it he still squealed as his bum landed on the seat. Mrs. Kerry knew what he was doing but decided to let it go this time. He’d learn about sitting down fully after his next spanking. He reached down between his legs and they both heard his pee hit the water. It was surprisingly loud.
Once he was finished he was about to get up.
“Paper, Cian.”
“I don’t understand, ma’am.”
“Little girls have to wipe after they pee so you do too.”
“Yes, ma’am.” He took a couple of squares of paper and wiped off the last dribble. He stood up and pulled up his panties. The nylon felt cool against his sore bum for a second. He washed his hands and waited.
Mrs. Kerry took him by the hand again and led him back to Rosemary’s bedroom. She moved the stuffed animals from the bed and pulled back the quilt.
“In you get.”
Cian started to climb into bed face down.
“Stop. Face up and hands outside the quilt.”
Cian whimpered but rolled over onto his back. He could hear an odd crackling sound and wondered what it was.
He moaned as his sore bum bore some of his weight. At least it was a soft bed and not all of his body weight, but it still hurt as he settled into the bed. Mrs. Kerry tucked him in with his arms outside the quilt. She reached into a desk drawer and took out two things that looked like small belts. She buckled one around each of Cian’s wrists and then buckled them to the headboard so his arms were well spread out.
“I know that your little peeny was soft as a marshmallow when you peed but I think once it discovers those cute little panties again it will become hard and you might be tempted to rub it yourself. That’s not permitted and if you get caught doing it you’ll get a punishment that will have you begging to be spanked instead. Tonight I’m making sure by strapping down your wrists.”
Cian didn’t really know what to say. He finally said, “Thank you.” It seemed kind of a dumb thing to say but he knew it couldn’t hurt.
“You’re welcome, Cian.”
“Ma’am, may I ask you a question?”
“Yes, Cian.”
“If I can’t get out of bed what do I do if I have to go to the bathroom?”
“Well, Cian. You just peed and you haven’t had anything to drink since dinner so you shouldn’t need to pee again overnight. You’re not getting out of bed until I release you in the morning. If you wet the bed, don’t worry. I’ve taken precautions.”
Cian suddenly understood. That crinkling sound as he got into bed was a plastic bed wetter sheet. He blushed a deep red.
“Of course if you wet the bed then tomorrow night we’ll take extra precautions.”
“Now, it’s lights out, Cian. Sleep well.”
“Goodnight, ma’am.”
Mrs. Kerry started to leave the room but stopped in the doorway and turned back.
“I don’t think it makes any sense for you to have a boy’s name like Cian when you’re wearing panties.” She paused for thought and then looked up with a smile. “I know. It’s the perfect name for you and it’s even pretty close to Cian. From now on your name is Cindy.”
“Goodnight, Cindy. Don’t wet your panties and I’ll see you in the morning.”
Mrs. Kerry turned out the light and closed the door. Cindy just cried herself to sleep.
What a superb story, Cindy!  And so nicely written, as well!  It was a pleasure to read it.  You're a fantastic writer!  I'm avidly looking forward to Part 2.  

Thanks again!  
Thank you so much. I kind of got wrapped up in the idea so I wrote that yesterday. I think I'll start part two today.
(10-15-2020, 04:29 PM)Cindy Wrote: Thank you so much. I kind of got wrapped up in the idea so I wrote that yesterday. I think I'll start part two today.


You really write well!  I really admire your EXCELLENT use of style -- very professional!   It's as if you've memorized The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage.   It's a real pleasure to read your work.  

Thanks again! 
What a brilliant opener, Cindy. You seem to be all done in already and the ‘weekend proper’ hasn’t even started yet.  Big Grin
Cindy, that story is an absolute pleasure to read. All emotions covered, the highs and lows. Judging by the stylish panties and nightdress her clothes for the weekend seem very promising. Hopefully not too much spanking. Mom sure is in for a big surprise afterward.
Thank you all so much. I'm flattered and like Cian, blushing. I really enjoyed writing it so much that I found I'd written the first quarter of a novel before I stopped for breath.

I'm glad you liked the emotional turmoil. I tried to put myself back into how I felt at that age and how I might have reacted if it had actually happened. I suppose mentally it's how I feel even today in some way too. I like the the idea of petticoating being strictly imposed for discipline or punishment rather than the nurturing style where the boy wants to be petticoated. But even in the strict punishment petticoating there is the "secret" that the boy actually craves all of it.

It's kind of like looking at one of Bobby1111's punishment pictures. "That's horrible! How could anyone do that to someone? He must be in agony! It's terrible. I wish it was me!"
The creative effort that goes into writing a coherent and detailed story like you've written is a LOT of work.  It can be very draining and exhausting, as well.  All of which makes me appreciate it all the more.  

We all hope your creative juices are reinvigorated so that you can whip out Chapter 2 in the very near future.  

Thanks again for this masterpiece! 
Egads - Put some protective gear on (diapers) and delay the potty breaks get the show (story part 2) on the road !
Me has to have my fix of stories or I'll throw a fizzy hizzy tantrum - Oh and my diaper can wait to change later !
I'm up to lunch time on Saturday....

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