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I’ve always said that we are all products of our separate upbringings and the contents thereof and whilst nappies are something that have been forced onto me in the past, they have clearly been a long held interest of your’s, Babybunnikins. 

Whilst I would hesitate to say I love them, I do still wear them for practical purposes and recognise the countless benefits that be gained by adopting them.
(08-10-2020, 11:49 PM)rubberpinafore Wrote: I am aware some of you wear both a nappy and a plastic cover over it, but I am curious which of the two items has the stronger attraction?  Or are they both equally necessary /compelling and can't be separated?  Is it the act of soiling yourself while in your protective nappy that is key?  And what do you call these items?  Are they both a nappy or is one the nappy and the other, as I have suggested, the cover?

I am interested as I only wear the plastic/PVC nappy and it is the material that holds the fascination, along with the acute humiliation of regression and being made to wear this on direct command from my wife.
For me its the terry nappy first and the plastic pants for protection when wetting. I love the feeling of the bulky nappies between my legs wrapping my pee pee up so it can do nothing but wet the nappy being forced to point down so it is even hard to get to with my hands. My mummy is very clever with putting my nappy on.
For me the plastic pants are an extra layer of embarrassment. Even if my nappies could be passed off as very bulky undies, which isn't very likely, especially with the cloth ones I wear mostly, the plastic pants are a complete giveaway that I am a pantswetter. Plus they crinkle even more than the disposable nappies do and they are much easier to see when you have shorts or shortalls on.

Plus some of my plastic pants have very babyish patterns on them, so its very obvious that I am just a toddler. Sometimes Daddy will actually put an extra pair on over the top of a onesie and cotton tights just to add an extra touch of embarrassment. It's bad enough that I'm locked in my nub cage and powdered and thickly nappied, but then plastic pants, tights, a onesie and another pair of pants!

So not only is it completely impossible for my hands to get anywhere near to inside my nappies, even though I know I'd get an awful spanking, every time I move I can hear the crinkle and when I'm in my nursery with the mirrors on the wall, all I can see is a completely babied toddler.
Yes there is something about mummy parading me in front of the mirror and fussing with my attire before taking me somewhere making sure I am fitted out like areal baby.
Some really interesting messages here. I have always loved being in nappies and plastic pants or 'Rubbers' as my mum always called them. I was born back in the early 1970s here in UK with Spina-Bifida and so because of it i have always been incontinent both as a child, teenager and now an adult back in the early 70s terry nappies wear the norm here and that is what i always worn though out my childhoood although mum had to find bigger nappies for me the older i got which wasn't easily back in the 1980s before the internet so she use to order them from mail order catalogues for me. Eventuly when the internet came along my mum bought me my nappies from the website Drylife in the 1990s in adult sizes along with there plastic pants. I should say my mum loved treating me as a baby and she liked keeping me nappied 24/7 which i did not mind as i've always had babyish tendersees, along with my nappies as a child, teenager and an adult i not only loved and still love my nappies here both cloth and disposable, but drinking from baby bottles and sucking babies dummies which ive loved forever they both give me so much comfoft. My mum or mummy as i always called her did not mind me drinking from my babies bottles around her at home and sucking on my dummies around her too. My mummy always use to do me a milky bottle of tea as well. So nappies are just and parcel of my normal life here along with bottles and dummies too and i guess some of you guys here on this message board are exactly the same.
Love to you all here Baby Dean X.
When I was being put in a nappy growing up, I always found it very embarrassing but rousing, I got an erection, I am not sure if it was lying there naked that I found thrilling, or the act of the cloth nappy being slipped under my bottom, I always looked down and watched her hands pinning me into the nappy sometimes accidently touching my little erection and then looking at me smiling, I would look back at her my eyes brimming with tears of shame, even at the age 10/11 I felt a lot younger. Or was it the fact that she knew I was a bed wetter that was humiliating.
It's neither the nappy, nor the plastic pants that are important to me, but the submission that wearing them represents. My mistress makes me wear them as part of my uniform in order that I'm always available to serve and carry out my duties and I see it as part of my uniform and the way I'm controlled and reminded of that control, even when I'm engaged in other activities.
They’re certainly effective from a control point of view (particularly if as was the case with my petticoating, the amount of time spent wearing used nappies forms part of it). What does the rest of your uniform consist of, though?

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