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An academic reflection on petticoating
Some interesting ideas there, Emily and definitely ones that I could get on board with.
Indeed yes great ideas and this is turning out to be a great thread for positive societal change.
(09-23-2020, 07:05 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: I recall coming up with an idea for Society Modification back in my very first post in February. While it is somewhat more extreme than what I tend to refer to as a Gender Studies policy, it might go some way to explaining my own ideas on this front. 

My basic premise is as follows...
And posted elsewhere
(05-28-2020, 10:24 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: Absolutely, unfortunately the precedent against boys doing this at present is quite strong - I almost think you would need to introduce it almost as a subject, just to prove that it is acceptable and to ensure all boys have the ‘informed consent’ to either adopt female roles or not.

9:00 - 10:00 woodwork
10:00-11:00 football practice
13:00-14:00 makeup and fashion
14:00-15:00 cheerleading practice

The above would allow females to discover the joys of manufacture and kicking a ball about which they could either take on to later life or choose not to and the boys would learn how to apply makeup and dance around in skirts which they could choose to take on to later life or not.

The benefit of this for the boy would be a) they would get to experience it in a controlled environment where they may otherwise not dare try it and b) it reduces the risk of embarrassment as the other boys will also be wearing cheerleading skirts and makeup.

I'm coming at this excellent idea from the perspective of a Trans Female who has studied business and economics all my life. I do NOT consider 'trickle down' economics to be economics at all and Ayn Rand's book Atlas Shrugged should be classed as the Children's Fantasy item it obviously is. That stated; to be acceptable to the population widely this would need to be done on the basis of equality and fairness, replacing male abuse of power with female abuse of power or degrading people publicly shouldn't be acceptable. Opponents would rightly state that such a position would mean those of African descent should be in power to make up for the time they had no power at all.

Using the original post as a base -

My basic premise is as follows: Petticoating should be introduced for everyone and operated on several levels, mastering each level means an additional range is available to an individual. Think of this like letting a baby wear pants before they had managed to control their nappies.
All items would be unisex and sized for different body types, materials used would allow the garment to stretch a little where needed. Style, opacity and school colours for ALL pupils to be specified. All activities and classes to be taken by everybody. Hair control items' style specified. Carriers for academic and activities specified.

Basics: Underwear - Normal or stronger control type versions would be inconspicuous. One piece swim outfits. PE kit to be T-shirt, shorts, leggings, light sweatshirt, appropriate footwear for the activity.

Dress: Everyone will start by wearing dresses. Social Skills classes mandatory to establish good conduct, discipline, basic make-up, hygiene, cleanliness, individual responsibility etc. Each module would be tested and when passed the student would get a badge for their school bag. At a specified point there would be an exam both written and practical, It could be a written test, simple meal preparation, and an exercise test showing skills have been mastered; sitting correctly, picking something from the floor, getting in and out of a car and so on. When passed you may wear the next level three weeks out of four.

Skirt: Social Skills extended to wearing different footwear such as high heels, advanced make-up, sex education, doing social work, advanced cooking (including shifts cooking the school meals), social responsibility, hair-dressing, metalwork, woodwork, art, and so on. As each module is passed another badge for your bag until the next exam. A longer written test covering ALL modules taken. Exercise test of the ability to walk 10000 steps in high heels, applying and maintaining makeup for a week, assembling a machine to perform a specified task, complete a week as a teaching assistant in junior classes with one day in the school canteen. Completing a week of useful social work - this could be done at an earlier point in the course and staggered so there is a steady flow of students. Upon passing you may wear the next item 1 week out of four.

Shorts (all year) and trousers (winter only [Shorts to be quite short mid-thigh or higher]: Social Skills now about your part in society, acknowledging different beliefs and lifestyles, menu planning, healthy eating, money management, etc. Practical skills training make something combining several skills, learn basic motor vehicle skills, plan, organise and manage a trip for a specified group. Inappropriate behaviour, how to recognise it, report or confront it. This exam will be a much longer written test of everything to date. Spread through this stage would be shifts in the canteen, a week of useful social work, a week as a class assistant, a test to ride a moped. These would be the practical test and an element based on presentation, heels, attendance would also count. Passing this level allows you to wear casual clothes following the types already established. A school jacket must be worn when travelling to and from school and uniform worn when doing out of school activities.

Were it to become apparent later that a ‘trouser graduate’ was not mature enough - they had broken the rules, they should be relegated back into skirts and/or dresses for a period of time.

If a casual day is incorporated in-school throughout attendance then people will get used to wearing different types of casual clothes and be much more likely to continue after they leave school.
I had to check twice to make sure I wasn’t reading my own post there, Natasha.  Big Grin I love your thoughts on the subject and think that is a concept that would greatly improve interpersonal relationships.
Hi Girlygirl
I'm a very relieved person right now. Thank You for realising that it was my intention to enhance your idea and using your arrangement worked really well. Now we need to get one of us into the Prime Minister's job. Wink

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