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The exquisite humiliation of working from home
Your wife runs a successful business, and has demanded that you be her secretary, doing all the admin and making her appointments for her.

Since you lost your last job, and have no money, you have no choice but to agree.

You protested when she insisted that you wear girly clothes to fulfil your duties, but after being taken across her lap and given a very sound spanking you meekly submit.

So you dress each morning in knickers and a smart skirt, a little lacy bra and a sheer white blouse.

Today she tells you that she has a business colleague coming to visit, and that you are to bring them coffee and take notes from their meeting.

What you weren't expecting was how close they were. You have no choice but to sit and watch as your wife and her friend go from business talk to this. You can only sit and watch, dressed in your sissyish outfit.

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Ali, what a delightful scenario. There's something about a smart ladies' business suit that really does it for me, both to wear and to admire. I do enjoy working in a formal office. I suppose it's a bit like a sort of grown-up school uniform. The idea of being made to wear a tight pencil skirt suit (and lacy panties, sheer tights, satin blouse and high heels to complete the outfit) while my wife and a colleague, similarly dressed, enjoy themselves and each other while I can only watch... oh, how wonderfully frustrating! Possibly even more exciting for me would be if they were wearing trouser suits - still beautifully and elegantly feminine, but leaving me the only one in a skirt.
I'm not sure there's anything more exquisitely humiliating than being dressed in a sissyish outfit, whether that be a slutty secretary's attire, or a schoolgirl uniform, or even a little girl-style dress in the presence of confident females.

When I was a child I was often punished by being made to dress as a girl, and frequently this would be in a style younger than my little sister. When Lucy and her friends were wearing jeans or shorts, and I was in a little frilly dress, it was incredibly humiliating.

As I got older and was allowed to 'choose' my own outfits it still sent a tingle through me to be made to wear a smart skirt and blouse, of course with knickers and maybe stockings and suspenders, while the girls were in trousers.
My long-standing favourite fantasy is being a boy at school, overpowered by a group of confident girls and forced to wear a girl’s school uniform. When I first had this fantasy (aged 12), I imagined the girls all wearing school uniform too, so that I would be just one of the girls. It didn’t take me long to realise, though, that it would be so much more humiliating if the girls were all casually and comfortably dressed in jeans, while I was forced to wear the strictest of school uniform, including regulation school uniform knickers. I imagined them teasing me about how comfortable they were in their jeans and how uncomfortable I must feel dressed as a junior girl, the only one in a skirt.

While I still love to wear my girl’s school uniform, my update on this fantasy, now that I am a middle-aged accountant, is to be forced by a group of confident business ladies to dress as a secretary in a tight skirt suit while they all wear either elegant trouser suits or (on dress-down Fridays) jeans. I imagine having to take dictation, or serve them coffee, or worship their shoes and boots, while they tease me about how it feels to be the only one in a skirt.
A little while ago I was lucky enough to work in an office which was wonderfully liberal, and I was able to go to work dressed en femme.

Although I dress most of the time (although sadly not at my current work), it still gave me a great thrill to actually go to work in women's clothes. Most of my co-workers were pretty casually dressed, but I loved to wear a smart skirt and blouse, with stockings and high heels.

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