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Please punishment ideas!
My mom had a paddle with my name on it and hung it in the kitchen for anyone to see
Have your sissy, go out to an upscale dept. store dressed androgynous, but more on the femme side, wearing casual women’s jeans and top that is a feminine color but ambiguous as to being men’s or women’s. Sissy will peruse the makeup kiosks for enough time to draw attention, then go about searching for a bold lipstick color to be purchase for Mistress to wear, when in public, sissy will be subjected To public feminization and humiliation as means of demonstrating complete obedience to Mistress’ every whim. Mistress will specify the color, but not the brand, forcing sissy to visit  as many kiosks as possible, exposing sissy to as much embarrassment and humiliation as possible. During the purchase process, sissy must reveal how women wearing bold red lipstick are beautiful and deserving adoration and obedience. After the purchase is complete, sissy must tell the sales ladies, that women and girls are so lucky getting to wear lipstick, and how he wishes he could buy some too. If offered the  opportunity to try-on and purchase, sissy must ask the staff for a suggestion and buy it, apply it and wear it to show Mistress, who is waiting in a nearby coffee shop.
(06-29-2018, 07:04 PM)Lacey dawn Wrote: What’s everyone’s most embarrassing punishment/ideas.  I mentioned in a earlier post having to carry my own purse in public for and example.  Somtimes maybe wear light lipstick out in public.  We have all sorts of fun little things to do! Wondering what is some of your favorites!!

At first, it was purse carrying, then having panties and dresses held-up to see if they would fit, but only if there was a likelihood of being noticed. The most embarrassing, was having removed my shoes to try on some new shoes while she was supposedly providing cover, but as soon as I took me on shoes off (I was as in male mode) she disappeared with them, and I was left standing a pair of Mary Janes, and my toe nails were painted bright red. I was forced to be seen wearing women’s shoes and then chose to either walk out with my painted toes showing or purchase the shoes. I opted to walk out with my toes showing. Into the open mall area, being seen by many. My wife was thrilled at my humiliation.
Lovely tale, Sara Lynn, I bet you remember that episode in the shoe shop with tingles of pleasure, and really you’d love to have your Mistress do something like that to you again, Albert next time make you buy the shoes and wear them out of the store! You’d cringe with the humiliation at the time, I’m sure, but I suspect that you fantasize at the thought of it, and would just love the memory of it afterwards. I find that I like to recall my inner feelings as it was happening: it is sensations like no other, and frankly I crave it!
Had one of my more embarrassing weekends recently. I was in lane Bryant with me wife and she had me trying on sparkly butt jeans.  The sales girl had to unlock a he door for me and since it’s an all female store it was super embarrassing and thrilling! She said more guys buy these than you think.  Although not many try them on in store!  It was wonderful I could barely get them on over top of my raging hard on I had, my panties wasn’t doing much to keep it held down! Lol
Hi All

As so many others have described in this thread, being taken or sent out  wearing feminine clothes, make up etc is humiliating but usually, if we are honest, thrilling too.
Mistress and I love to dance, for many years we went clubbing regularly, House and Trance music mostly, of course I was always in some form of female attire, depending on where we were dictated how overt Mistress would be.
One of Her favourite games is called, Virtual Bondage.
Basically, She would make a crossed hands sign, while we were dancing, this meant that I was to cross my hands behind my back as f I was tied. If I disobeyed or by accident moved my hands apart, She would tie me for real.
The next stage was virtual gagging. Again at Her signal I would act as if gagged. Not allowed to talk, drink or use my mouth in any way.
Very difficult.
Last and by far the hardest. Virtual blindfold. She would pass her hand across her eyes and then I would have to close mine and again, if i disobeyed or accidentally opened them I would be blindfolded for real.

This last one leaves you totally at her mercy as only physical contact and a verbal command can release me.
I have also been required to kneel in the middle of a crowded nightclub and lovingly kiss her feet, been made to kneel and beg to have my face slapped, by Her and Her lovers. I have been ordered to relate to other ladies what I am wearing, from my panties to my corset or bra, my genital restraints and even my nail polish. As you can imagine, verbal description was never enough, I would be commanded to show and tell. Sooo humiliating, even in a darkened nightclub.
I also spent the whole of our long weekend at Glastonbury Festival on a collar and lead, whilst in feminine clothes

Being sent out in public wearing an apron or tabard. Worse, both.
Always in strict uniform
Sissies should be taken out in public and required to watch as Mistress applies her lipstick in a crowded bistro. After Mistress is finished with having sissy admire her beauty, sissy must sit a Mistress applies bold red lipstick to Sissy’s lips, and sissy will be required to show her pretty lips to all the women there for humiliation.
Feminized and serving my Mistress.
The thought of being in "male mode" and having lipstick applied in public and then subsequently being seen while "out and about" is positively frightening! The stuff of "showing up naked for the exam you didn't study for" dreams/nightmares. But what's a sissy to do if that is what Mistress wants?
(12-10-2020, 06:20 PM)GinaV Wrote: The thought of being in "male mode" and having lipstick applied in public and then subsequently being seen while "out and about" is positively frightening! The stuff of "showing up naked for the exam you didn't study for" dreams/nightmares. But what's a sissy to do if that is what Mistress wants?

Public lipstick humiliation, is so scary, but yet such an exciting experience.
Feminized and serving my Mistress.

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