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More Mothers Today
I just adore how her son is happy and being himself in dresses. Nothing wrong with that. Need more boys in skirts and dresses.
Like a queen
It is something that he will get used to and finally enjoy.  He will have girls for friends versus boys and learn to be a better fem.
Daughter in ice hockey gear

Son in a beautiful dress
Like mother, like son
A thoroughly modern mother and son
(04-06-2019, 05:03 PM)Lssy Wrote: A thoroughly modern mother and son

A pretty cool young man, with a pretty cool mother, who is supporting him lovingly as he explores the things that HE likes.  I really like his dress -- ultimately cool!  
Amazing this reminds me of the gender creative mothers I have been talking to over the last year. They really "get it" and boys need to be feminine. Once you take away all the macho toxic masclinity brats true feminine nature come roaring out.

Mommy and me
"My son and his dresses, long hair and painted nails triggers people often and they do things like yell “you can’t go in there!” (When he walks in the boy’s room and they think he’s a girl) Or demand he pulls his pants down to “prove” he’s a boy. (This happened at the playground once) Or when people I love accuse me of abuse because they think I am “forcing” him to “be a girl.” (As of now, he’s a boy who loves dresses. I know because he told me.) Some people accuse me of talking about this too much and that it seems forced (there’s that word again) but I promise you I only do it for my son and for other kids like him."

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