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Tea Tree Oil
If you don't mind me asking Michelle TV, but what age was you when you first starting to use the Tea Tree Oil ?
The tea tree oil has been two years of use. 

So best you begin using it fairly soon. 

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Hi Michelle!

I've been using fairly large doses of fenugreek to start my journey towards my own feminine breasts... I've seen pretty decent results and I'm curious what you've been taking along with the tea tree oil.

You're welcome to message me to discuss it further if that is better for you.

Your journey and this thread has helped me make the decision to keep progressing and I just wanted to THANKYOU for that ???
Glad I have inspired someone to become more feminine. My own journey continues as I strive for that hour glass figure. 

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I used herbal supplements to assist in breast growth for a couple of years along with massage and exercise. I believe I experienced some modest results and my breasts are a natural 38B today...i finally stopped the herbal regime because i felt like it was souring my's what i used...

-(3) Fenugreek (610 mg) capsules (taken 1 capsule 3 times per day)

-(4) Saw Palmetto (450 mg) capsules (take 2 capsules, twice daily)

-Daily multivitamin and fish oil supplement (neither of which are likely to have any impact on my ‚Äúbreast growth‚ÄĚ regime)

-Daily breast massage (at least one, 5 minute session per day) using coconut oil

-Continue with my normal gym routine (30 min cardio per day and weight work)
Well it is about time I posted some more developments  Smile

Thought a bit rauncher this time.

For my forum friends In no order Malery888 Jessielinton and Heidi's Boi

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Great pics/progress MichelleTV!
Beautiful feminine breasts and your skin looks so much nicer perfectly smooth and fair without Any blemishes
(10-21-2019, 08:24 PM)Susan stewart uk Wrote: Beautiful feminine breasts and your skin looks so much nicer perfectly smooth and fair without Any blemishes

Thank you

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Your breasts are certainly developing nicely!

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