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Does anyone else here have sissy dreams?
Since I've mentally and emotionally accepted myself as a sissy for the past many years, I sometimes awaken recalling a dream where I am living and being treated in my dream as the sissy I am.  I am not discussing daydreams, but full nighttime dreams.

I had one recently, I was among a group of women, larger than myself, I was dressed in a frilly little girl dress, in pink with petticoats, I was seated in a dom woman's lap, she was fondling me and getting me to confess who I was to the ladies present, as they laughed at my admissions about myself, as I renounced my past silly attempts at fake maleness, how I belonged in my current place. It was a sort of a training group of the rest of the ladies on how to take a male in hand to feminize and recondition. 

I've never heard of anyone here discuss dreams like this but I'm sure others here may off had such dreams, 

Please share if you have, it should make for a good discussion.
I am a sissy, I serve Women, renounce my silly attempts at false maleness, and surrender to my sissyhood as who I am best to be.
Hi cindyllynn.yes I too have many such dreams.but often after you have fully woken up it’s difficult to remember them
I used to write them down until I started to naturally remember them.
It's funny how more deeply sissy my dreams are, much more feminized and sissy than I can be in real life.
I am a sissy, I serve Women, renounce my silly attempts at false maleness, and surrender to my sissyhood as who I am best to be.
I often have sissy dreams.

I think it may be a result of what you're thinking about as you go to sleep. Last weekend I'd worn my schoolgirl uniform all evening, and that night I had the most vivid dream about being in a class of girls and having to be spanked in front of them all.

I too have sissy dreams on occasions. I have never been fully sissified but did crossdress in my youth. I have a sissy dream maybe once a month and rather embarrassingly always is a wet dream.
I often do.

Recollection is sketchy at best, but regularly I dream that I've decided, quite legitimately to wear a skirt. No forcing or anything. I'm probably in my teens or thereabouts, and have decided that enough's enough - I want to wear girls' clothes so I'm going to.

I have a skirt on (no idea where it came from, how I got it, or when I put it on), but there I am, usually indoors at home, although like most dreams it's not my actual home, but apparently this is where I live now, standing there in my skirt, knickers on underneath of course, about to go outside. Sometimes it's outside to the garden where family are, sometimes it's just 'out the back' where some of my friends are waiting for me.

Now here's where the dream does what dreams do best:
Up until this point, I've decided to wear a skirt. Bizarrely not completely dress as a girl, but just wear a skirt (and knickers). Everyone knows this is what I've decided to do, and I know that they know, so it's all fine.

Then, just at the point where I step outside, I think to myself "F***! I'm wearing a skirt! What the hell am I doing?" and suddenly nobody knows that this is what I've decided to wear. It's as though I'm dressing as I might when nobody's home, and then getting caught by my mum, or have then accidentally wandered outside only for everyone to see me.

It's exquisitely humiliating as everyone turns to look, or a friend will ask in a shocked voice "Are...are you wearing...a...skirt?" and I realise it's too late and everyone's now seen me and knows.

It's at this point I always wake up.

I really need to teach myself the art of lucid dreaming!

Thanks for sharing your stories.
My dreams usually involve my being deeper sissified and more deeply trained to serve women.
As I have come to better accept my sissy self, it's much less about being forced, just to accept and deepen.
I also have had very lucid dreams of awakening as a true female, seeing myself in a real female body, those dreams are very real and a bit upsetting when I actually do awaken to find nothing has actually changed.
I am a sissy, I serve Women, renounce my silly attempts at false maleness, and surrender to my sissyhood as who I am best to be.

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