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Just an observation
Big Grin 
I've heard and read several women expressing the joy of getting home at the end of the day, taking off their Bra and maybe putting on PJ's.
Tonight on the way home from work I called into ASDA (walmart) as I heard they had a sale on,  I bought a matching Bra and pantie set, an almost lilac colour. The panties feel particuarly smooth. I didnt need another set I just like buying them.
This is totally opposite to some women. I couldnt wait to get home and put on my new Bra, panties, with a nice pink short skater dress.
Sometimes I love being a sissy but it is a funny old world! Wink
Longing to serve women
Try wearing a bra with breast forms for twelve hours and you might understand. Many Female Masters wear ill fitting and incorrect sized bras which makes the wearing painful. 

Heart Heart Heart
it wasn't a criticism of my superiors just an observation of how they relax at the end of the day and how i and probably a few other sissies choose to.
Longing to serve women
Remember that these days, so many women want to wear male clothes during the day: they wear jeans, slacks, flat shoes, and work shirts. Even the normal casual outfit includes jeans rather than skirts and dresses. We sissies have to preserve the use of those ultra feminine garments that are otherwise falling into disuse.

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